Wednesday, November 26, 2008

R.I.P. na

my Grandmother passed away last night at 9.30ish pm
May she rest in Peace, she deserves it.
Funeral tomorrow the 27th at Paola parish church at 8.30am...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

past and comings up

Yo People.
It has been a while
last weekend was fun...I mean i enjoyed it like know....
friday community as usual..but I'm happy I got a bunch of YOU to pay up for the ordered DVD's...I'll be coming round again this Friday.
The DVD's are progressing nicely...Dugi and G are doing a great job on the weekend...with of course a little help here, and little guidance there...and a lot of nudging all round.
The outreach DVD is as most of you know ready...just burning them now :)
EFL exam in the morning...b@$7urd$ didn't include a narrative title in the essays...but i should have done well....hope i passed...not an easy passmark (75%)
in the evening went to y4j...shout out to all the people I know over there!....and really enjoyed it...(pete, your drumming rocks)
right then gave a lift to 4 lovely little lady's and drove off to uni for mass at 9 in the chapel..
which was nice.
following that spent the evening relaxed at Dubliners. all...fantastic.
Oh...a get well soon to Matt who is sick. I hope I don't catch it off you after yesterday dude....;)
*people reading this blog all round the world frown and wonder*
I'm at the moment at the library, and have another 1hr15minutes free...some work to do but generally if anyone reads this between now and 11am on the 25th of November...:)...gimme a call.
1month to Christmas btw...I should really start Christmas shopping...
Camping coming up in 2weeks...and really looking forward to that...anyone interested email or call Jonathan Grech.
Well I best continue working...*frown*


Monday, November 17, 2008

Is it me..?

Is it me or is everything much nicer after it has rained...
all bright, and nice, and fresh

thats all i really wanted to say...
I like the rain...

Monday, November 10, 2008


Hey People!

Well, SCREAM is over.
(the youth weekend)
It was great.

Backdrop and the designers

The whole thing was planned out really well, and I'de like to thank everyone involved, from the organization to the worchipteam. (who played fantastically)
The praise was just great.

The T-shirt design

The talks were just great too, each speaker bringing in new points to think about and hints on how to trully live our lives in the Glory of God. So a big thank you to all of them too.

The Tags: designed by Brian

I'm really at a loss on how to explain how much this weekend helped and came at the right time.
One thing I'de like to say is that Prayer is just the best way to prepare for any difficult upcoming event:)

Oh! Really enjoyed drumming...not during praise and so on...Thats Mig's place and I dont wanna take it...but for fun in between, matt, mike and paul all drumming together...with Ian on bass....funness all round.

Also for more photos...of actual people this time...I'm putting them up on facebook...

Lara already put hers up :)


Friday, November 07, 2008


Hey people:)
Well it's been a while...but been rather busy with preparing designs and packing the van and setting up for the weekend, which begins later today :)
looking forward to it.
I'm not gonna post pics of the backdrop yet, as, obviously only the select few have seen it till now, and i dont wanna spoil the surprise for the others.
but I promise to post photos of the whole set up after.
Well yesterday went to set up and had a bit of a discussion about how to do that, but eventually matt and I won, as it was our thingy anyway.
then the Frangiskani having a retreat there invited us for supper with them :), they are a really fun bunch of people. the soup was good.
Tonight, gonna be there early to finalize a few things.
I go to lecture now...*frown*