Monday, March 24, 2008

Post-Easter Post

Hey good people!

A good Easter on the whole!

woke up at a very respectable hour of 11, since had gone to mass for the vigil service (which is always a beautiful experiance). and dutifully and keeping tradition watched the banda and 'Irxoxt' pass by under our balcony.
Lunch with the family was very nice too, ate to much,
and then a bit of relaxedness at home.
In the evening went out with a nice group of people. The band couldnt make it as they are very busy atm...(Praying for you Brothers)

Well as some people where the hungry we went to fluid for a bit, then after a long wait for crepes it was obviously off to Fuego....

NOt much people but some of us still managed to get our groove on. I actually enjoyed dancing...impressive huh?
Well...eventually it was time to leave :( anyway...walked home with my sister...walked slowly and carried her half the way while talking and talking and be hionest I think it was the high light of my evening.
But something i want to say: Has anyone ever seen someone flag down a taxi? In malta? I did last night...its know in films...there are somethings which happen only in films....
Well last night, walking along Sliema front, just me and my sister, alone in the road and it's dark, sudenly the Ballutta Church start ringing..*dong dong dong* at the same time the wind picks up and a flag nearly or gate or something start swinging and squeking...proper horror film...but it was so filmesque, so fake, it lost was like like looking at a sunrise so filled with colour that it looks like an over enthusiastic amature artist painted it...u know....too fake...anyway....
Bit of things to do this morning...mostly drawing and designs...duh...but still...

Gbu all

Have a great week in the Lord


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Saturday, March 22, 2008


I woke up thinking bout this this morning....

I was trying to really figure out how to live life continously in His presence, cause I've kind of drifted off a bit lately...:S

Anyway, and I think I finally got it...
I figured, I suppose with some help, that If I consiously keep in mind that everything I'm doing, I'm doing it for Him, literally, if i walk from my bedroom to the kitchen, it's for Him, and also keep in mind that I wouldn't be able to make even one step without Him and His magnificent planning (refaring to how the whole body works as one) Then it's easy to just thank HIm continuously and more difficult to sin, can you sin for follow...

it makes sense in my head....

anyway...Thanks to Dezz for her hospitality last night, and Happy Easter to all of you, as I doubt ill be online tomorrow



Monday, March 17, 2008

the sunday

Yo people!

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

But no one going out :( and i have web team meeting

well yesterday was fun....
we went to the Alive on Sunday mass at uni in the late morning which was very nice, got a lift home with Mig and had lunch.
late afternoon decided to go up to Naxxar for a nice walk along the cliffs there. (mike didnt come cause there was walking involved :P ) it was fun and relaxing in the beautiful weather we had yesterday.

Then to Dezz's house where her mother had prepared us a nice snack (vry sweet of her) and we enjoyed that while the conversations went from freaky to plaine disgusting. then while others did some work....the rest of us spent the time just lazing about on the sofa/carpet.
nice sunday on the whole
hope dezz is feeling better this morning...
um....havent heard anything from keep praying people


New favourite photo up
(to the right if ou havent figured it out)

and cause of this special day
here's some irish stand up comedy:

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hey people just finished a picture ive been working on all day,
started and finished on photoshop using the graphic tablet :)
tell me what u think:



....nothing much really

yo ppl
been a while hasnt it?

well election time is over...
Yesterday I finally sent off my portfolio to Denmark, praying like anything. team tonight...

Oh, getting gd at Cluedo :) my 'method' keeps growing and growing...more complex and complex.

uff, ide like to write a nice deep blog on whats been on my mind lately but cant really find the words to use...or cant even get my thoughts straight....

let's try sum it up: Everyone is involved is something or other, everyone is busy, everyone has someone or something keeping him ocupied...and i dnt...thats basically the start and end of it.
I mean everyone has people to meet, people who enjoy doing what they enjoy doing and therefore have someone to do it with. brilliant to them of course, i just wish i had the same....I know i must sound like a real loser and all but scew that.
I found myself thinking...when (if) i go abroad in September, the only difference will be the country, and living with family.

yeah i now go do cool pictures on photoshop while toystory is on, while eating pizza.

hugs all round


Sunday, March 09, 2008


Hey people..
the counting of the votes going on atm...tention is high,
through all this, my mind is occupied with another big thing...
...who knows knows, who doesnt know, you dont need to.....
just know, im not in the happiest mood.
erm...finished scanning my portfolio, and now waiting for the printing to send asap.
enjoying myself on photoshop lately, getting better at it.
gbu all


new favourite current photo up atm, was taken at the swings before the last mass meeting

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I am happy-er

Hey people,

OK, the interview didnt go well, they need someone for a long term employment...

anyway, in Valletta my portfolio is being scaned and printed :) time is running short now...

while there...with nothing to do i happened to drift into exotique...and something caught my eye...i couldnt let go, i tried, to put it back on the shelf but i seriously couldn't. My excuse, I'm different, wierd and strange, and because I'm different, wierd and strange I bought myself a presant:

it's the 4 disc collector's set of toy story (10th Anniversity) and toy story 2.
i'm a freak.

latr went for lunch with Ang..Jubilee have gd was fun.

hope u having a good day people.


Monday, March 03, 2008


I dunno why, whatever...
have a job interview tomorrow...happened rather quickly,
erm...need volunteers, gotta draw a bunch of you by the end of the week.


ps: am i blogging too quickly?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

not so good

I had a not so good weekend.
Friday Healing Service, was very nice, and was a small one, so we didnt get too tired, so thats ok.
Saturday went to the y4j mass, which they closed off the lenten talks with. Was a very nice. Then we went to John's house to talk....on a bloody Sat evening...yey...exactly what i wanted to be doing.
Finished too late to meet anyone.... one except Ang, Lara and Sarah wanted to do anything during the day...lazy ass people the rest of you. So we went to the mass meeting...was different, i actually heard a full politican speech...and we bounced like cray at the neck....*cough*
anyway, sunday evening, back inside...gah
watching 'National Treasure' enjoying it.
guys lets start going out Sunday during the day please


PS: A big thank you to Angie and Kai, two people who are always ready to listen, or read my text on msn, to me moaning and complaining.
And to Sarah G. I would have gone insane without her company.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

re: comments: on music

Hey people, first thanks to all our concern filled comments.

A big thanks to Mark who showed me something I had not seen before. I'm talking about the thing of working for God through how i act at work and so on...very very very true. God bless you dude. We're missing you.
also, I dont feel pressurised, I really want to plat an instrument cause i love making music, or think ide love it, seeing as i dont actually make music now, but i love the capability of working with other people to create a sound which can portray a feeling, thought, or story. Its like a picture really, but a sound instead...

to whoever :) is, i know as a human being i cant make the time or money for an instrument, but my God can do anything, finding me a teacher, time and money is nothing.

ONE IMPORTANT THING: I have no confirmation of acceptance yet, I speak about going to school with such certainty cause i know He wants me there. But still, pray for me.
God bless u all


PS: This is so true: