Thursday, December 31, 2009


May you all have someone special by your side as we go forth into the next year.
and with any luck and God's help,
they'll still be by our side by the end of it.
Love you all
and whatever her name is
(names for female Bunny in comments)

2009 evaluation

well, hello readers,
this is the traditional end of year blog, the summary basically.
These events are not going to happen in any particular order, but more as they come to me.

  • my 2009 birthday, in which i turned 21. for the first time i took on the attitude of not expecting anything special for a day which i always held as special, and i was surprised. I would like to thank everyone who had remembered and made it really one of the best birthdays. Thanks. special thanks to Martine for the photoshop book...totally unexpected and a surprise.
  • the community weekend, more specifically the talent show video I had made called 'Faces'. was very happy with the finished result and with the reaction of all of those present in the room at its first showing. Thanks to Matt for the script, and sarah and pete for their help during filming
  • The beginning of a tradition: that of going for a swim (not in a pool) in the first week of February. last year it was matt, martine and i, lets hope the number grows this year.
  • the surprise visit of Krissie in Easter :) i was the inside man, joined to this, the late birthday pressie from Krissie, "where's my cow?" ^^
  • a sad note: angie and i broke up around easter time...
  • finished my first first year and passed to second year!
  • i got eve, my beautiful gorgeous mac book pro,
  • i got kelly my beautiful bass
  • i started filming weddings
  • i went to barcelona for a week with Angie, Bernice, Sarah and Van, lol... i survived.
  • i reached my 300th blog
  • obviously got to know more people and got closer to a lot of the people i knew already :) special mentions: matt, kai, bernice, charlene, ian, christabel, mike, luca ... LUCA!! mina, zoe...and many more which i forgot right now but im sure will be offended in the comments later :P
  • the boat party of youthful worship, thanks to ian d.
  • the outreach in valletta recently.... very good idea, and a fantastic new approach to outreaching in general, again thankyou Ian.
  • i started second year at uni!!!!! woooo!
  • i entered two competitions with videos, didn't win either.
  • won a cartoon competition of the FDAD (for diversity against discrimination)
  • Great youth weekend and worship team weekend...
  • oh oh oh how could i almost forget dislocated my shoulder for the second time and freaked Jeremy out :) but got a photo.
  • started a it was part of NaNoWriMo but i failed, but i plan to continue it.
  • oh shit, also at about the time of the the community weekend and the first swim, i smashed my fiat poor poor sweet car....
  • i got my first i pod :) seth
  • turned into a puma
  • got my art on the cover of a book, shout out to Chiara who wrote it, and a big thankyou for her trust in me. through this of course got a chance to work along side with an amazing woman, her vitality and energy inspired me to really begin using my talents and trying. she will be greatly missed.
over all good year, i grew, i met more people, i got close to a lot of others, and i am ready to go into 2010 with these new companions on life's journey, and the new knowledge from past experiences to help through the new obstacles to come.
im looking forward to new challenges, new relationships, new experiments and chances to grow and chances to work for God.
so with a bow i say good bye and thank you to 2009, and thank it for all its brought along, and with open arms accept 2010, and shout "bring it on!!!"


Sunday, December 27, 2009

now we know

Surrey Puma

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Surrey Puma was one or more phantom cats, supposedly black pumas, seen around south western Surrey from the 1960s onwards.

The first possible sightings were recorded in 1959, when police received a number of reports of big cats in the Farnham area, near the Surrey/Hampshire border.[1] Two further sightings were recorded in 1962 bywater board personnel in Hampshire, while in the winter of 1962-3, a "cat-like beast" was seen at Bushylease Farm, near Crondall in Hampshire. When a police officer sighted the supposed Shooters Hill Cheetah in 1963, media interest turned to other big cat sightings.[2]

In August 1964, a bullock at Bushylease was found, severely lacerated. Following press coverage, numerous other reports of contact with the animal, dubbed the "Surrey Puma", came in, ranging from the fanciful to some taken seriously by the police.[3] At Godalming Police Station alone, 362 reports were received in a two year period.[2] The station also kept a cast of a massive paw print on display, identified as that of a puma by London Zoo, although several reports noted that its size implied an extremely large specimen and that there were distinct differences between it and the prints of other pumas.[4] The investigation was not closed until the summer of 1967.[2]

In August 1966, a former police photographer took a grainy shot which he claimed showed the Surrey Puma in Worplesdon.[5] In 1968, a farmer claimed to have shot a puma, but could not provide any evidence. Sightings gradually tailed off, although paw prints found in the snow in 1970 generated a flurry of further reports.[1] In 1984, hair samples taken at Peaslake were identified as puma.[2]

In 1983, an alien big cat featured in The Archers, and the Beast of Exmoor entered the news. Sightings of the Surrey Puma were again recorded,[2] and have continued to the present day.[6][7]

Friday, December 25, 2009

mummy power fail

its ended,
and although on the last day she knew which room it was in,
and she had time alone in the house,
and she actually looked in the hiding place itself
she did not find the santa letter taped to the back of a picture frame hanging on the wall in our living room :)
sorry to all those who believed in mummy power, and high five to everyone who knew the truth.
merry christmas to all of you!


and i have an ipod :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the 24th

just a quick update:
tomorrow the 24th, last day of the search, i had told my other i would tell her which room the letter is hidden in....
so,.... it comes down to the last day,
im risking by telling her
but im pretty confident she wont manage anyway.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Last Lectures b4 Christmas

The 17th of December, so 17 days into the letter finding challenge, and my mum is still not as efficient as Santa used to be. And i must say, she seems to be accepting the fact that she will not be able to find it before Christmas.
So for all you out there believing in the all awesome Mummy Power, HA!
That being said, there still are 8 days. She might get lucky.

Anyway... Christmas is flying at us. i mean, it's coming closer so fast. it could be because a lot is going on and therefore i have no time to just sit and think about it. Love this season!

Worship team weekend starts tomorrow. Looking forward to that too. Kelly is all ready and eager.

My lips are chafing like crazy, I mean full out splitting and bleeding here, sigh, i need a girl to kiss who puts on lip balm, cause i can't be bothered... any volunteers? ;)


ah shopping....

at the moment I'm sitting in a lecture, next to Mark (shout out to him) listening to this funny looking priest ramble on about... the anointing of the sick... sorry, i forgot for a second there :P
it's my only lecture which is wifi friendly all week, so i get excited,
shout out to Nicole and Bettina who i skyped with earlier.
oh and video chatting with someone in the same lecture gives lols.

after this lecture, just one more hour of lectures before Christmas Holidays :)
:) :)


Thursday, December 10, 2009

T’is the season

Yep, it’s that season, how does the song go? Makes children laugh and old people cry… something of the sorts… don’t see why old people should be crying at Christmas but *shrug*

Indeed, the lights are on in the street, the carols are playing from ‘subtly’ placed speakers, the coca cola advert is playing on television stations, and thousands of mini Santa’s are breaking into balconies all over the island.


I love it.

Yesterday had my fist shopping trip with Matt and Kai (dumdumdumdum da da dumdumdumdumdumdumdum dumdumdumdum da da, da da) and it’s something special seeing Matt loose all his maturity at a specific Christmas Carol (Can’t remember what it was).

Lol: check your balance Matt … fail.

I must say though, as a shopping expedition, if f-f-failed FAILED! Meaning no Christmas present was bought. I did buy Matt’s Birthday ’09 present though ^^ late, obviously, but it’s part of an agreement so, in the words of Charlene: “hush!”

An addition to my Christmas rituals, this year, is me looking up bass tabs for Christmas carols :) The repertoire so far include: Little drummer boy, jingle bells, silent night, and Auld Lang Sang. And Matt agreed to cover the Little Drummer boy, we might have to tackle Luca to stop him playing, but it should be fun.

Something I am honestly missing this year, it the frantic, insecure shopping for the present for the girlfriend. It is always a hassle, the worrying to find the right gift, and is it meaningful enough? Is it too cheesy? But it was fun in an exciting way, and a big part of the Christmas atmosphere. I miss it. Ah well. It’s ok though, I’m not letting this thing ruin my Christmas spirit.


The Santa Letter Hunt still goes on. For those of you who have not read my last blog, my mum said that she will still be able to find a hidden Santa letter if I had to hide one today, like she used to do when I was younger. Well, I took on the challenge, and wrote a Santa Letter, and hid it. The rules where, the letter could not be hidden among books, notes, or other papers. Fair enough. Many females, where sure that mummy power will help her find it. I on the other hand am sure she won’t.

In fact, today, 14 days from the end of the hunt, my mum came up to me and admitted that she tried to look for it and has no idea where it is. She asked for a hint. HA! Santa never got any hints!

Oh, I think I’m going to be kind and make the ending time and date for the hunt midnight on the 24th of December. So she still has a while to look around.

I think I’m going to write another Christmas list because leaving it to my mum finding the letter is going to leave me without my preferred pressies :S

So comments: other songs I need to know for your entertainment, and if my mother will find the Santa letter on time.



Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Santa Letter Hunt

ok it on:

my mum and I where talking about how i used to write letters to Santa and hide them when I was young, and how she always managed to find them. Now i remember hiding some of those letters pretty damn well for my age.
Anyway, i told her that it's because i was young, that if I wrote Santa a letter this year and hid it, she wouldn't manage to find it.
she took up the challenge.
the rules: i could not hide it in my papers of files, notes or books. fair enough.
now some people think that being a mother and all that she'll manage to find it, using her super mother powers.
some i hope have a bit more faith in me.
comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment
comment comment comment comment comment comment on who you think is going to win the challenge.


Saturday, October 31, 2009

the Artist and Mechanic

In sixth from for systems of knowledge I had read a book called ‘Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance’. I’m sure many of you had read it. Besides narrating the story of a journey and some psychological journey as well, it discusses the dichotomy of technology versus aesthetics. At least it does, if I remember correctly and understood well.

Basically, for those who didn’t study this yet, or couldn’t be bothered during their years of studies, it’s the problem with technology that a person can usually either understand how a machine works, or appreciate the aesthetic beauty of it. In other words, someone is either and artist (or designer) or and engineer.

That is not to say that there is nothing beautiful about a machine working perfectly, and that there is nothing at least mathematical about aesthetic design.

If I remember well, the conclusion of the author is that there are people who can both understand a machine and appreciate the external beauty of it, but will be inclined one way more than the other. So, I can see a car has nice curves and the design is sleek and elegant and so on, and I know a bit about how it works. Or I can dismantle an engine and put it back together in minutes and look at the body work as a nice way to cover it up.

I am not going to discuss how true or false this is in humans, my thoughts are on how it’s definitely not true for our Engineer (as mentioned in the last blog).

So, God is the creator of all. Yes? Yes.

Moving on from there:

Now let’s look around, what do we see?

Well, I’m seeing my kitchen, so hold on…

Up on the roof…well, fine, the roof doesn’t help as all I can see is buildings any way. Hmmm…

Let’s imagine we’re in the country side :)

What we see is beauty. The sky, the clouds, the rain, the sun the rainbow, the stars and all the stuff out there in space. Trees, grass, rocks, plants, all beautiful, and then of course we, ourselves, yes, I don’t care what inferiority complex you have, YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL.

Right, so we have to say that God is an amazing artist, and knows how to make things aesthetically brilliant. I mean seriously, from the totally unbelievable pinks, oranges and purples of a sunset to the beautiful grays, blues, and indeed purples of a storm cloud. From how the light shines through clouds, to how it reflects off drops of water on leaves after a rain.

He’s an artist, a brilliant one, and please let’s not forget, he works in 3D and is changing his masterpiece constantly.

Right, and we know that He knows how things work. Please refer to my last blog. But besides what I said then, I want to mention a few other little things.

Lol…little things… you’ll get it in a bit.

Now, I know that all of you know what I’m about to talk about, but think about it in this point of view, and it’s more amazing.

Everything is made up of atoms! No, seriously, everything from the nail on your little toe to the island we’re standing on (I live in Malta for any random reader) is made up of little tiny particles, which in turn are made up of even smaller things grouped together or spinning around sharing stuff and so on… simply put. But! The point is they’re there, and they work, and they’re still spinning or vibrating or whatever, and they hold together. They’re a googolplex googolplexes of little tiny universes right next to each other forming, technically, the universe we live in.

Universes inside universes, as Stephen King explains in one of the Dark Tower books.

Lets go a bit bigger, the human body. THE HUMAN BODY! Yes, you are one of those universes. A universe made up of organs and cells moving around one another, interacting, and, most of the time, working wonderfully. And please remember, everything in you is also made up of those tiny other universes mentioned earlier.

Ignoring all the other living things on our dear little green, blue and sometimes grey planet, lets go bigger to our actual universe. Meaning all those big balls of gas, fire, rock, metal and all that spinning around in an amazing intricate dance choreographed by physics and gravity. And it works!

It’s beautiful and it works.

The moon, a piece of rock that inspired so much science fiction, poetry and myths, is undoubtedly beautiful, both when it’s a nice orange or when it’s a cold mysterious silver. But there’s a lot of physics and science keeping it from crashing into all those poets. And the Creator made it beautiful, and knows how it works.

I'm not going to try go into all the galaxies and stars and other stuff out there. but just think, it's pretty and complicated.

For all the physics students out there. We say Newton or whoever discovered the laws of motion (inexact as they may be) but who wrote them? Who actually installed all the laws we take for granted, that make everything spin and dance wonderfully? HE DID! Indeed, our Engineer, our Artist, our Mechanic, our God.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

the human machine

I typed this out during my lectures this morning, was fun:

The human body is a machine. Think about it. We are a wonderfully constructed, multi-purpose machine. We travel, fast or slow, we lift, we think, we do delicate work, we write, produce art, we can do practically anything. It’s amazing how many things any one can do.

Something even more amazing, is how one person can then turn the machine into a more specific one.

There are people who become faster than others, and I mean fast! There are those that can jump more than 9m in length. Do you know how long 9m is? Take a three story modern building and flip it on its side: that’s 9m. There are people that can pull another machine apart, and put it back together in a few minutes, there are people that can keep ten or more objects flying through the air in a dance against gravity. How can a brain cope with that amount of information? How can a body produce such forces?

I mean think about it, anyone can train their body to become better at anything. ANYTHING!

Besides the fact that each person, each machine, can be trained to make itself more efficient as some things, it does not loose it’s initial basic functions, keeping it a multi-purpose machine.

Fair enough, these people spend most of their time training in the chosen activity, so in a way, it’s less surprising how they manage to do this things. (Although they still are incredible, I mean 9m!). So, let’s move away from the extraordinary.

Our bodies, these machines, and more importantly, our brains, the computer running our machines, perform amazing actions everyday. Let’s ignore the functions of the body such as breathing, and blood circulation, and digestion and so on I might talk about that another time, and lets leave aside the whole wonderful process of learning.

I’m talking about the simple tasks we do everyday, and do not even think about. Writing, for example is simply amazing. We think up something in our heads, and produce is on paper for others to read. In the process, we’re holding a pen or pencil and moving that around on a piece of paper.

Let’s go bigger. Catch a ball. The amount of maths and physics going on in that simple movement would take me the best part of an hour to calculate on paper, and our brains, our computers, do it in split seconds. It tells us where to put our hand, how fast we have to do it, we usually won’t be looking at the point of contact when we actually catch the ball, think about it, and it even tells us if we have to jump. That’s all that calculation, followed by the control of practically the whole body. In less than a second! And we don’t even do it consciously!

For those of you who drive: you control a fraking vehicle, using… wait for it, all four limbs in synchronization with your eyes and ears, AT THE SAME TIME! I’m getting excited! While driving you’re seeing the road in front of you, using your hands and arms to direct the vehicle, pressing the gas and brake when needed with one foot, the clutch with the other, while at the same time changing gear. All this is being processed by your computer, which is also, processing the route where you are going, spatial awareness of the rest of the vehicle, the mental image of the other vehicles on the road and if you’re having a conversation, it’s processing the communication! ARE YOU AWARE?

Many of the examples are obviously learnt, and like I said earlier that’s another amazing thing we manage to do, but something I’ll leave alone for now.

What’s my point? Well, if we’re machines and our brains are computers, we have one amazing programmer and engineer. Do we not?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

full stop

that just about sums up right now.

Friday, October 16, 2009


i have begun buying books and stuffs ....
and have a metronome
and a new book
and two ordered ones

i'm in 106 for a change while matt and some other people rehearse for some mass,
pretty music
a violin man!!! there's a violin!

in other news, i'm really enjoying wearing shorts and long sleeves

need to get my ass down to filming office now
and have a bloody busy weekend and next weekend.

i know
very haphazard blog

met a friend :)
random and interesting meeting. and gave notes out


Monday, October 12, 2009

more trees

And I think i'm into winter mode.
Well, blogging is back into my schedule :)
I hope people get it back into their system to read and comment on them.
well today i went to my first Introduction to Drawing lecture.... well.... lecture... we sat in a field drawing stuff, in my case a tree, and will be drawing that tree till January, unless it's pouring.
other than that life is pretty much fantastically pleasant.
i just got a call cause two people are 'fighting' to give me a lift to my contact hour with Joe Maggi... and what a man he is! LOVE YOU JOE.
The unseen academicals is out and i can't wait to get my hands on it.....
freaking out sometimes....
gonna wait for it to come to Malta first....maybe someone surprises me with it (hardback, just in case)
tomorrow first bass lesson :)


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Anything we should know?

i still haven't gotten into my winter blogging mode...
but hopefully it's just until i get started.

i have started my first second year, finally, and really love it...
i have one of the most relaxed timetables i know of, and spending all the rest of my time in room 101, feels good, people coming in and having a look around. :)

next tuesday i'm going to start bass lessons :) yey... really looking forward to it :)

now...last night...
oh my last night
well, we'll begin with me praying for my life as Ang came for us late to go to mass....and it's not that I'm uncomfortable with speed, anyone who ever got in a car when i'm driving would know that, it's the lack of control she has when she's in a rush.
so praying worked and we got to mass,

the evening looked ready to go sour, when i started getting irritated at any little thing, and the anger rose and bubbled inside me.
thats when steve called and invited me to the sling shot.... those who've been to pv in the last months must have noticed the pink and yellow thing rising into the sky next to bay street...that :)
fantastic, but i must say, i was not afraid at all, and i think that takes some of the fun out of it....sigh.....but the acceleration as you rise and the being upside down and the looking at the ground as you fall.... great experience.

then off to bar native, where, the dancing began.....
now the dj, for some glorious reason, decided to go through the history of rock and roll... and i loved every minute of it... it was that atmosphere, the one where you dance like crazy and scream the words of the song as they pass by your ear.... and then the girls and drew got tired, so reluctantly we had to leave ...
out of the whole evening....i got, obviously wonderful memories but also a wierdly hurting shoulder.....
indeed... how can simon enjoy himself without getting at least a little injured.... well....
the right shoulder (the one i never dislocated) is hurting like a mother - .... and i'm slightly annoyed cause it feels like a join pain and not a muscle one....
ah well....
pain is weakness leaving the body.... so :)

in other news:
my photoshop work....some of it...i left out the posters for events, and work done for peoples business classes *coughstevecough* and some other stuff like the chap bookmarks and stuff....
but the others are all there.... except some of the old ones which are on a dvd somewhere....
only my friends can see them to try and avoid f*cjers using my art for their own pleasure, and well, if i see my friends with a printing of mine on their t-shirt, without asking me ...well.....just don't.
anyway... album is here
if any one wants something done for them in any one of the styles seen....let me know....
for a small fee of course :)

shout outs:
Bernice... since Barcelona, we really are getting to know each other well and i love it
Martina... yesterday i saw you move more than i've seen u move since i've known you
steve... that ball, your screams.... lol
G... relax girl... take it with a smile....
Angie... she lets me drive :)
Kai... always there wen i'm down.... which is kind of suspicious thinking about it
Ian... missing you pupu, we would have danced the night away you and i.
drew... how sweet he wanted to stay out and walk home
charlene... stand as long as you can girl :P
matt... you're getting old man
Mike... where were u last night bubu?
sister... lol...i know u don't like me not using your name... let's play music.

if i didnt give anyone a shout out... sry. but, hard to believe, I know, i'm only mortal.


PS: Sarah sat on a slug! Sarah sat on a slug! Sarah sat on a slug! Sarah sat on a slug!...
P.S.S: I removed the turtles to put in a meez :) i think he's cute playing his little white bass....if anyone wants the turtles back...leave a comment and let me know...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i doing this and this...

it's time for a post.
well, like i predicted this week is turning out to be rather hectic.
started work on the walls, and ceiling, of room 101, and just finished the pencil of my part, matt did his and krissie's is left. hopefully today we start painting as well....
I'm rather pleased with how it's turning out... like how it evolved.... hadn't really planned anything.

once this is ready, I REALLY have to start work on the i centre competition... have the idea already for that one at least... just need to get down to filming the shots and go to the office and editing it.

Eve is almost paid for too.... just the last bit to go.... sigh....

we're still in bugibba btw, and this is turning into a problem, as the bus schedule has turned back to winter times, so no late busses from paceville any more, except a few on weekends... and drew and charlene move down from bugibba end of this week...

looking forward to university starting...this is, as most of you know, the fourth year i'm attending uni, but it's my first 2nd year!!
glee.... stipend :)

bass....i'm really enjoying learning... applied for the johann strauss school of music this year, auditions on the 30th.... excited...

also... some of you might remember i entered a cartoon competition recently, the exhibition will open on the 1st of october, and the winners will be announced... the exhibition will remain open for a few days, including the night of notte bianca, so if anyone wants to pop in, feel free.

hmm i think ...thats it.

oh... i started a new story :) lol....i was bored... it might actually finish... who knows.. miracles happen everyday!

Monday, August 31, 2009

end of August

i just had a fantastic 48 hour...

Saturday morning and afternoon was working counting stuff, helping Ang's dad with their stock taking...not the most fun pass time in the world, but it has that mindlessness to it that gives your brain a rest. i fell off a ladder at a point and ended up hanging from my left arm (ouch) but it was fun.
Then a rush for a rest and shower, and a faster rush to Sliema to get on the Atlantis for the "Walk the Plank" boat party.
I really enjoyed it, all of it, the company was good, the band did a great job in leading us into worship out there in the middle of St. Paul's Bay.
on our way back had a great tour of the grand harbour by night....i really want to know more about this great historical area of our island.
to Sunday.
mass in the morning, followed by the usual Sunday Cappuccino and doughnut. then a very nice BBQ at my nannu's flat over looking the sea and St. Paul's islands.
then down to the bognor (i grew up in this place :) ) for a one day billiard tournament, along with a nice amount o' beer. i lost horribly, but it was fun hanging our with my dad and some friends i hadn't seen in a while.
home to change, and back down for a one day dodgeball and the other 5 players on my team met randomly and by total coincidence to play..totally unplanned... and we got to the semi-final... :)
it's a great game, love it, want to keep playing when they organize it.
problem... during the last match took a ball to the finger, and right now, my left index finger is swelled uncomfortably, can't bend it, and can't put any force onto it... hope i'll be able to play bass soon. didn't go check it, i'm assuming it's fine and there's nothing seriously wrong with it.
then a relaxed few hours at steve's house (thanks steve and family) and home to rest my aching body.
woke up this morning with my muscles swearing at me in the own painful language.
should go edit today...and rehersals in the evening...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

don't have much time and soon gotta go...
just wanted to say:
i have turtles: feed them

and do my eyes look scary to you?

thats how i woke up this morning

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 what you get

what you see...
that's it,
no large bank account,
no fancy car or cool bike,
no interesting stories or charming attitude,
just me, plain and simple,
and in a world like today's
i'm screwed

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

from the land of Barca: Part 2

good morning people.
wow, so much has happened, and really, as i try to think of where to begin to explain, or describe what we have seen or done, i realise that there is no way i am going to manage.
today had a nice day out...saw fishes and sharks and funny sea creatures and penguins and stuff, and walked through cittat vella without fearing someone is going to shoot me, rape me, or offer me drugs....
yesterday...oh yesterday...the inevitable happened. someone got on my's basically cause i wanted to walk to a castle a bit far away...we did eventually and i loved it....the payback? three and a half hours in a shopping mall....
sigh...all's good worries...although i found a new way to deal with anger/'s very scary according to angie and sister.
well....tonight van and g should be making omelette...and tonight...depending on the time...mojito bar...or staying in.
i go now
people wanna use computer....
and he looks like he could kill me with a punch :) in a friendly way of course...everyone is friendly here....

except the germans :S

Friday, August 07, 2009

from the land of Barca part 1

from the land of barca...
first of all...and to freak out my mum if she's reading this, my first time on the metro, some idiot tried to pick pocket me...they where not aware of my fast reflexes and sensitive spacial awareness...any way that failed...
moving on!
got to the hostel and at first, i'll admit, got scared, the place does not look appealing from out side, but i'm telling you, i love it. it's super relaxed, and you do what you want...table tennis, wii, scrabble, chess, play giutare, read in a hammock, anything...
anyway...out to lunch and relaxin around, and as we where considering going to bed, we met two people we had met earlier, a south african and a Californian and two other people,, Canadian, who where going out for a why not? and off we went, it's really easy to make friends here, and i'm trying my best to socialize with anyone english speaking...
the five of us are sharing a room with another girl, and a woman and her son (although the mum and son leave tomorrow)
this morning after breakfast we made our was to the centre again, really getting used to the transport system here... they make it easy, it's super efficient.
i survived!
i survived over two hours of shopping in a market! the girls got tired before i gave in!
then it was off to a quick lunch at a random sandwich place and to park de la ciutadelle.... i think, its spelt like that anyway...
it was very nice...a very nice fountain monument thing....with obviously, people swimming in it

whats funny is that whenever you here someone speaking english, it's like a breath of fresh air...we've had conversations, besides with the 4 people mentioned earlier, with some one irish and some one from i dont know where,.....he's a drummer. lol

last things:
bernice to me while traveling on the tram "m'hawnx hafna toqob imma ux"...
"we're on tracks ber"

and sarah is adicted to facebook....she denies it, but we know its true...

later going to shop to cook pasta here...we have the use of a kitchen :)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

see you in a bit

i keep thinking i have to blog i have to blog, but i never find the time to just sit down and type,
so what better time to do it than the chaos that comes over a house just before someone goes abroad?
of course
my sister and i, along with Angie, G, and Bernice, leave for Barcelona this morning, have to be at the airport in an hour.
well the planning of this trip, was a nightmare, so many things went wrong, or where a hassle, but we got through until this wonderful day.
i'de ask you all to pray for my sister who is not in the best of health.

just before we come back, the majority of you leave for SS, and not know if i'll have internet access (eve is staying on the island) i don't know if i'll be able to tell you bon voyage at a later date, so "bon voyage" to all of you, have a great time....

speaking of great times... intercession for uni yesterday was incredible.... loved every moment of it.

i have to go dad is getting a tad hissy.
so see you in a week, or two weeks, depending on who you are.
Xmun's about to hit Barcelona.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

its very simple

it's been a bad day....
Murphy's law proved to be true.


happy birthday to ang, you deserve the greatest day ever....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


it's sad to think that my much awaited for and highly praised 300 video, celebrating my 300th blog, was posted a mere 8 blogs ago, and yet, you all know how long ago that was. it's sad, that blogs take a bit of a rest in summer, but it's understandable. Most of us are busy working and if we're not, we all have things to do outside.
but like i said in the beginning of this season, i try my best to keep it going, even if it's at a much slower pace. hopefully, unlike in the previous years, people will blow the dust of their own blogs and re-start posting.
although we all are very busy, there is not much to talk about, (also, i know that long blogs will discourage readers)
but i must say:
  1. I am now a part of Marana Tha' worship team, playing the bass, and basically a substitute for Ian when he can't. although I must admit, I suspect Joe expects me to start training my voice too :S but i'm very happy and grateful for this opportunity to 1st Praise God in a new way (new for me) and second to learn rmy instrument more.
  2. Work is going well, enjoying teaching. well, not really, but it's a very ok job, and the pay makes it better.
  3. Barcelona in about a week, ish. I have to say I'm looking forward to it greatly...just gimme a camera....although, i'm a bit scared of the four girls and me situation.
  4. Matt and Mike come back soon, gonna be with them for a maximum of five days (including days working and setting up for the healing service) before there's another 2 weeks apart....:(
  5. The Mdina healing service is this Saturday...must say, I'm looking forward to it, i really am.
  6. alot of art work going on at home atm...really very little time for me to do what i want at all...
well, i think thats it....
a quick update and i'm sure i left many things out....
but its nearly 2 am and i have to wake up for a physio appointment tomorrow and a lot of errands in Valletta after....

God bless

i really want to start writing again....

Monday, July 20, 2009

weekend, fun-filled weekend

i'll admit, the blog seems to reduce in frequency of updates when summer is here...
but like i had said, i will try my best to update.
and after a fantastic weekend like the one which has just ended ten hours ago, I must.

friday, wonderful friday!
a hard working week came to end,
after a brief but fun stop at mustard seed,
the night at bernice we did spend.

basically just a group of friends chillaxin' in bernice's garden. the theme was around the world, with ian obviously looking the most unusual. this of course didnt stop him going to buy the pizza. oh and what a pizza, the pizza for God....that thing was massive...mmmmm
thanks Ber....very very very fun relaxed night....and bob, bib, wit, and what...we owned you.

saturday, relaxed saturday,
a day at the beach you did bring,
then was a night at the G's house,
with wine and a murderous thing.

so random meeting at exiles during the day and sarah's house at night, bbq, wine, beer, and of course werewolf. now imagine, semi darkness, me using all the narrative skills i possess, and of course the control needed over the players for the game to work well, and very helpful classical music, that somehow knew all the cues, in the background. epic-ness.
thanks G for the hospitality.
thanks Godwin for the wine and your cooking services.

Sunday, glorious sunday
God's given day of rest,
bass, beer, and lunch with ian all day
and a film that our bladder control did test.

So ian came by late morning and we started on our crash course bass lesson, i mean it, we went through so much stuff, ian is a great teacher and i thank him from here. I'm happy, i really feel i improved, and ian says he say improvement from the morning till the evening. there was a pause for lunch, beer, custard, and a nice chat and the bass continued. while ian went to mass, plans were made, and it was off to the cinema with steve and luca to watch the hangover.
hilarious film...
really funny,
really enjoyed it.
special thanks to ian. love you dude

monday, dreaded monday,
people view you with distaste,
yet i smile as i wake with no work,
but must try hard, my time not to waste.

at nsts in gzira, teachers of the teen students don't work on mondays, which i think is very very brilliant, still got things to do though, a few posters and designs, and a meeting with joe at 8.30...if anyone can offer a lift.... :P
well, i go breakfast.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nothing Special To Say (NSTS)

this week has been blah...but i'm happy to report much less blah than i expected it to be.
i started work this week...and as most of you know, i was really not looking forward to it. but i went, i got into my relaxed attitude towards students and teaching straight away and wasn't so tomorrow morning i test most of them and another lesson and then the weekend, and my last day in Lija (for now at least) because as of next week i'm working in Gzira :)
Bussing to and fro alot, except when we have something of Community, i'm lucky enough to have drew and charlene up here in bugibba too, and people are discovering how nice it is uo here and they are visiting much more often than last year.
yesterday swam properly again...for the first time since i dislocated my free style yet...but swam properly underwater.
had a nice evening as well....
also yesterday...random: walking along, and on the floor a see a whole bunch of cards, someone had dropped thwm and they all landed face down, except one: the ten of spades :) waaaa!
Lanf left to see Matt and Mike in Germany (hey to both of them) and Kirissie is back to Verona to greet her mum and sister (hey to them too)
people start coming back soon...
sigh, i need a car, or a bike, seriously...i need to be free to move around and not depending on bus times....

goodness....started (outline is finished) a picture on my sister's wall, I'm very happy with how it's coming out, the shading will make it of course....

love to all

people still come up to me to tell me prosit for both the 300 and faces video :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

worse blog ever

Thought Photoshop to Krissie's mum
Mtv was fantastic...BEP made the show... especially when they stopped a fight from on stage.
...Lady Gaga rode on stage on a Vespa!

Mustard Seed was fun.
Missing Matt and Mike.
I really have nothing else to say.
wow...this is a pathetic excuse for a blog post.

erm...start work on Monday and I'm not looking forward to that at all...
Sunglasses at night tonight, still need to find sunglasses.

finished Wolves of the Calla yesterday and must say I really enjoyed it.

Shoulder is getting better...just uncomfortable some times and i can't do big fast movements.


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

45 at 11.30ish

hey people,
just wanted to say something.
Something stupid made me happier today, just a bit happier, but happier none the less:
i went to paceville thinking im gonna wait an hour for the bus, but the was one waiting and it left 15 minutes after i sat down on the bus.
so i was home before mid night.

earlier today thought two of the zendrich ladies a photoshop lesson. rather happy with how well they learnt.

another busy day tomorrow.


Saturday, July 04, 2009


(first of all, pls notice the dislocated shoulder in the pic to the right)

well, im tpying from the filming office.
been a long morning. started early to bus it down to g'mangia, met dugi, took some stuff to Lija, to start setting up and planning where everything is going to be, and now I'm back here till 2.30 when a van comes so we load all the heavier stuff into it and off to Lija again to finish setting up, followed by maybe a quick fly to Gzira to shower, and then back up again to direct the filming of the healing service, after which we have to pack everything up, and get them down to the filming office again, while at the same time helping the sound be dismantled and then packing that away and Joe's house. And then seeing how I'm going to get up to Bugibba at God only knows what time, all this on just a bowl of cereal for breakfast.


but thats today.
Yesterday evening was the first Friday free of the summer, and i enjoyed it...most of it.
After helping packing the van, and getting to see Maggi's flat, me and steve went to pv to meet Lanf, Ivan, Luca, Paula, Lara and Kristie, later on of course meeting other people. but starting with 100 minutes which lasted 40 and dancing at Chequers with the candy, and know tiring fun, the photos will be up soon im sure...
but there came a point, like in every good night, when something happens and puts you down...bleh...hate it...and therefore took the chance for a bit of alone walking time by walking Schinas home (see she did me a favour by letting me) and walking back helped i guess...
got back and a drive up to Buggiba thanks to lanf, thanks xbin...appreciate it.
i think my brain just went to sleep...i have an hour and a half and i have some editing to fun fun...


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The beach

The stretch of beach lies silent and cold, the sand a shade of blue-gray reflecting the moonlight, the dunes casting their crescent shapes shadows. The echos of the crowds that had filled the beach a few hours ago have faded to silence leaving the sound of the waves to take over.

A figure walks barefoot across the beach. His bare feet adding to the complex pattern of dunes in the sand as he makes his way towards the shore. His face is concealed by the shadows created by the hood covering his head. As he walks with his hands in the pockets of his hoodie, his shadow dances across the sand.
He reaches the shore and stands looking out at the dark sea, the warm water touching his feet, and the sea breeze rippling his clothes.
He stands still.

And then, slowly, like the collapse of a building giving up under the weight of time, folds down and in coming into a sitting position gently, wrapping his arms around his knees.

And there, he bows his head, a symbol of resignation.
The breeze picks up a bit and sends little streams of sand flowing down the small dunes, creating low whispering sounds.
He screams. The sudden harsh cry of frustration exploding from beneath that deep, dark hood echos across the bay, disturbing once again the peace that had been created by the emptiness of the place.
And as the figure lies back, raising his arms behind his head to form a pillow, and looks up the stary night sky. A sigh escaped his lips. A sound so soft, someone two meters away would not have heard it, and yet, as full of emotion and meaning as the scream which had preceded it.
And as the last faint echos of the strong outburst fade away, at the back of the mind of the figure lying in this night scene, there is the comforting thought. The knowledge that, like all the other times before this one,no matter how hard it might be, he will get through.
He had done it before, he will do it again.
He raises one arm with the index finger extended pointing at the sky.
"With your help of course," he whispered.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

lighting a match

things annoy you but they're little things, so you don't make a fuss and keep them inside.
things, big or small, worry you, but they're personal, and no one you tell can help you anyway, so keep them inside.
an argument with a close friend, well it was my fault, keep it inside.
something disappoints you, but you feel stupid opening up about it to anyone, there is most probably nothing to talk about anyway, so keep it inside.
something makes you angry, I'm most probably over reacting anyway.
a group argument, separation, not my fault, why should i let it effect me, but it does.
and all these things keep building and binding, forming a mass of emotions, like a ball in your system waiting for the fuse to be lit,
and finally, someone acts a little stupid or annoying, and the match is lit, and the feeling inside makes you want to punch faces in.
but i've learnt to keep most of it in, so a brief outburst and I walk away, alone, where i calmly push it back down, this explosive mass, back down where it can't hurt anyone.
i suppress it,
until one day,
I won't.

Friday, June 26, 2009

shoulder and ddr

My shoulder is ok-ish i guess.
I mean its in a bit of pain when i move, and uncomfortable most of the time...
at hospital the doctor said that since at 21 my shoulder popped out twice already for stupid reasons, i might want to look into soon ill start the tests and stuff so they see what's wrong in there and then we'll see...
I am a freak, i'm kinda looking forward to it :)
but we'll see what happens....
until then, my right shoulder needs prayer too as i think it doing all the work is not too good for it :S
yesterday paula, nikki and lara came up to bugibba in the afternoon....God sent angels....and they enjoyed it...spread the word, and we played ddr (the dancing step game) i won...against three girls i won...we played air and la are draw with a game each...and pls note...with my arm in a sling....and nikki and lara rode horses....
then crepes and up to my flat so they draw on my wall... and take photos using eve....
evening i spent inside...relaxed...
surprisingly enough got to bed at like 3 am ....i have no idea where the time went...

Micheal Jackson died...

and thats about it

or not..
parents went to Gozo yesterday morning so I'm alone (with my sister although she's rarely home) until Monday evening...
anyone wants to here...except tomorrow....and sunday evening....but any other time i'm here.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The real 300

I'm gonna talk about last night, but before that....
if you're on a laptop, put in headphones, you must hear the bass.

300 blogs!
I am happy to have got this far in this blog and kept it going.
lately the experience has improved as their are more bloggers so more to read and more comments.
i remember when i started this blog back in 2006 when Saz went to Canada....seems really long ago...
here's to the next 100 blogs
*raises pint*

last night was epically fun and random...
writing down would not do it justice, as it's one of those moments of "you had to be there"
but basically
  • fun relaxed party (thanks Michelle :) hug) including:
  1. Sam ruling the dance floor
  2. Elaine sitting on gum
  3. lots of hat exchange
  4. Żiemel
  5. ring theft
  6. piano cake
  • beer at Time Square
  • weird shot invented by the barman
  • singing along
  • planning mischief
  • Lanf crying
  • Matt dying
  • I love Schinas
  • TP
  • piss stop (jerrie car TP risk)
  • swimming
  • toe incident (hope you ok Mike, you worried me.
basically i got to Gzira at 5 am as the sky was brightening again, slept three hours and its on the bus again to Bugibba.
fun stuff....tonight I'm most probably going to die early though

and i can't wait to get this sling off

out for now....
comment comment comment

Friday, June 19, 2009

"someone take a photo"

first off: i dislocated my shoulder's the same one as two years ago, and it's now in a sling, so appreciate the effort of typing with one hand.
i did it diving into the sea...again...this time normally...nothing fancy.
and this time i got someone to take a photo...they're not on facebook can't show you.
i would like to thank Jeremy and Sam especially for taking me first to the policlinic and then coming with me to hospital....
well not much to say about it really, except that it hurt more than last time...and now it might pop out more frequently as i have damaged the cartilage on both the front and the back of the joint.
the doctor was a bit of an idiot though....
while i'm drugged on pain killers the questions asked went something like this:

"how did you hurt?"
"i dived and landed badly"
"you hit something?"
"in a pool?"
"no, in the sea"
"the pool was empty?"
"....i dived into the sea."
"you hit something?"

gah...i just wanted my shoulder pulled back into place....
one more thing though: the last thing i said before diving into the sea was "what's the worse that could happen?" ....i know....shut up :P
tonight, people, i'm guessing out of pity for me, came up to buggibba, we started off the evening with the most savage savoury crepe we could buy... followed by a stop to mc donalds (of course) were i had ice cream, and brookes bought some 'food', and were we ended up stopping for a chat where we calculated that the approximate amount of possible partners world wide come up to about 600....not a lot considering the worlds pop. is about 6,000,000,000...

well, then it was up to my flat for underworld 3.... which was ok i guess...although the graphics disappointed me a bit.
and now everyone im going to try get myself comfortable in bed and maybe sleep all night....

thanks to Martina for the's still on...

and now seriously:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

shurgs and smiles

summer is brilliant.
I mean with all the business and stuff to do, and the beach and the oh so gorgeous tan, and the getting to know more people, and eve, and reading, and bass how can it not be?
and today i got a call...Fr. Mike gave me another project...woots...I'm asking Matt's help on this one for sure....:)
soon room 101 will begin...the drawing and the blog and looking forward to both of them...
I think I've decided to be myself by the way, I know what i do is in purity with no alternate motives so anyone who thinks other wise can... (Matt skip the next line)
...fuck off.
Like a good friend of mine said...they obviously don't know me well enough...
in other news...was about to install final cut pro onto eve and it told me that it should be installed only on a power i take this warning seriously or not?
erm...shout out to Mike, who got me home twice already this summer :) lol and miskin he was really tired yesterday. Appreciate it dude.

i now be off...
enjoy your holidays people!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not 300!

oh the shame:
after having a look in my blog archive i realized that a number of started blogs which i didnt publish got counted by blogger...
in my opinion these don't really count, so....i deleted them from the list...bringing my blog count to 296....this one being the 297th
so im afraid we'll have to wait until the 300 celebration...a good thing in a way, as i've been wanting to blog and couldn't as what i have been preparing for my 300th blog still isn't ready.

sorry for the false alarm...

just got back from st julians..were after much analyzing from certain people...i am not slightly upset that people are judging me as :
  1. gay (from my actions with matt)
  2. touchy, or needy (because of my like of cuddles and hug)
Now most of you who know me well, know that i usually can't give a monkeys right testicle what people thing about my actions, i do what i feel, i want to go alone for a walk, i leave, i want to hug someone, i long as i know whatever i'm doing is innocent... why not? right?
i dunno
today something made me feel conscious about what was said. I don't like being see as needy, or as i think i'm going to revert back to being my old self...and keep everything inside...i think i'm goign to stop hugging ...

your loss after all :P