Friday, February 29, 2008

on music

Hey people...
i know...blogged yesterday, but y not rght?

Well this is about what I'm going to do....i mean with the rest of my if u cant give a rat's ass, stop reading now.

Most of you, at least those who know me know that I'm going abroad to study animation next september (God willing). Fine. I mean it's what i've always loved, drawing is what i do best and what i like doing the most.
but I got thinking,
when u get down to it, how am i going to use this for Him, yes yes christian cartoons and so on hopefully in the future, but until then (because lets face it, until i am in the right possition to choose the subject of a cartoon im just a guy producing about 16seconds out of a whole film)
So my mind wondered back to music...
And it did this, not because i'm jealous of the band, or because it's cool, it's that lately people have been coming up to me and telling me that either they see me playing something, or that they're surprised I dont play anything yet, and I been wondering, i've got the right mind for the job (someone told me this, i wouldnt say it otherwise)
the problem arises then of course....what am i gonna play, and how am i gonna learn...definitly dont got the money to pay an instructor (what with saving for school abroad and all) let alone buy the instrument...especially if its something expensive....
on that matter..I've been told, either bass, or drums....dunno really, i like them both...kinda lean more to the drums cause well they make more noise :)
so share with me people...
and pray for me pls.

Xmun Out.

ps: two kick ass videos, sure most of you have seen the drum one.
these are solos, the first one is drums, second is bass, by people from Planet Shakers...i know it will take years to reach their level, but one can dream...

pps. it will be nice it i can take part in making the music score for an animation film im working in one day, no? :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Yo people...
Not much to report, but i feel bad after not blogging for a while...
Been going to the Y4J lenten talks the past three days, they are dpoing a fantastic job, proset guys, sorry gonna miss today's and tomorrow's as this evening we got annointing and tomorrow the Healing Service in Qrendi...for those of you who dont know where the place's somewhere far below the line.
(NOTE: Added a link to Martine's blogunderr the friends section...check it out)

What else...oh yes, emailed the school in Denmark and got some good news, there is a Roman Catholic Church in the same village...:) this means I can eat on Saturday and dont have to save up to travel to one. :)

Hmmm...oh yeah, my sis finally managed to connect her new laptop to the wireless, so we look like a couple of geeks working away on the kitchen table :)
I feel proud.

dunno what else to say....
.............._______.. ___________________
__..........___................ ____________

yeah im bored....
its bunny if u didnt realise
anyway im off

speak to me ppl/


lets organize this people:

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ah! What a Weekend!

Hey people
After Community on Friday went to Mc Donalds to check out the new decor....I mean it's nice but its not Mc Donalds anymore...
Saturday met in Paola to watch a Dvd with the youths, was a nice film, a bit of a chick flick...but i mean...i managed to sit through it.
After that me and Lara bullied Matt (joking, love you dude) into taking us to Pv. Poor Matt didnt find a parking place so dropped us off and went home :( leaving me and La alone...went to Koyote to meet her Uni friends...enough said about THAT :P Then met Dezz, Luke, Ang, Sarah and company for a relaxed half an hour before going off home. Oh, met Gareth, who was a close friend of mine all the way through secondary school....havent seen him in two years, and met him twice in one evening gah.
it was an eventfull and fun evening.
mela, Sunday...
Went to mass at Uni for the Alive on Sunday. Was nice.
Mike arrived late cause of the (and i quote here) "fucking marathoners! they closed half Malta!"
After mass, went home for bout an hour, then it was off to Ta' Qali for the day.
Right, first up....Some people have no idea how to give directions, to find where the others where we were told of two landmarks, a billboard and a bouncy castle, these eventually wer on two seperat sides of the field.
Anyway, we found them.

threw the rugby ball around a bit,
then thought the girls how to throw the ball, and did tha for a while...hilarious...especially Angie's bangles jingling at every movement.
after that matt mike and stephan started a bit of a praise session with guitares...
to be honest didnt feel like...

so kinda wondered off with Lara and Ang, and ended up lying down in the middle of the field, not giving a damn about the people round us.

was great, we just lied there chatting and appreciating the grass sky and clouds....sounds cheesy, but its bugger off.

then a bit more rugby ball kicking and throwing while the other people where roller blading, and eating.

Not really a blader myself, but i suppose it could be fun...i know it makes stupid photos :P

This next photo deserves an explanation...Matt wanted to blade using the ones Lara was using, but she didnt have her shoes close by, so they just kinda exchanged.

Next event of the day...Sarah trying some driving in Luke's car....i pity the instructer who will eventually teach her.
After that...HALF AN HOUR to start Dezz's car...sorry dezz, had to say it...we managed eventually.
Then its off to Sarah's house to do our work together instead of alone in our respective homes.
well Matt didnt come cause he went to eat pasta and watch a dvd with chris and dan...highly suspicious, and Lara didnt cause she couldnt.
It was ok.
a great weekend,
woke up at twelve today and find it hard to move from the running yesterday...but it was cool.
Y4j lenten talks start today.
And the door to door in Qrendi...wherever that is.



Friday, February 22, 2008

quick update

Hey People,

Mela, loads to talk about....
last Friday...after community, went to Dubliners, but only after walking to Baystreet to see the slum and back in the pouring rain, was fun i love the rain and hate unbrellas (i feel restricted holding one, and ppl keep them at the right hight to seriously injure my eyes) so it was cool getting soaked. Pint went home.

Saturday, went out to Dubliners again, met Fran from Uni (Hey!) by pure coincidence and shared a drink with her while we caught up a bit, back to the chaos people, then met Vanessa from uni (Hey to you too!) and same prosedure again :P nice night, was fun, relaxed, no expected me to dance, and i happily didnt.

Sunday..nothing special all day, went to mass in G'Mangia in the evening and spent some time at the swings with Ang, Sarah and ....Mark i think...was fun, then to her house where i got shot over 20 times...still i enjoyed it....Thank to her Dad for the kick ass pasta.

Sry cant be bothered to post more photos...just to let you all know, we did some roller blading and obviously I have a photo of Sarah G flat on her face :)

moving on!!!

Tuesday as you know got my laptop back and spent the rest of the week inking and colouring a comic, on a story Matt and I had come up with some time ago, all using the Graphic Tablet, (Thanks Again Ang) and finished it yesterday, after which I joined Mike and Luke, and the girls at worship through Dance...YES I DID!!!


Community this evening, but now off to lunch with Lara and Ang, taking every chance i get to get out of the house.

Gbu all


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Graphic Tablet

Hey people,
Ah, sry didnt post for the past weekend, loads to say, and a few photos..but too tired now.
Finally got to use my Graphic Tablet given to me by Angie, Thanks a lot, it was REALLY REALLY sweet of you...still gotta get used to it, not as easy as i imagined,
Here's my first picture, using only it...its a trial...i WILL get better, like the final result myself..
and the signature kicks ass:



Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The 14th day of the second month of the year

"Oh my God he asked me to meet him. I still cant believe it" she thought as she made her way towards the bar where he and his friends always start off their evening.
She had spent hours getting ready, and looked amazing. What one could see as she walked along the cold sea front was a tall slim young woman, with amazing long straight dark hair swung with each step. She wore a coat down to the knees, covering a delightful brown top revealing just the right mount of skin and a darker brown scarf. She wore a pair of tight jeans that made her know...
She was really excited and kind of scared at the same time. She had secretly liked this guy for ages and had started getting close only recently. He hadn't seemed interested in a relationship up until now, except that of a friend. "Maybe he was waiting for Valentine's Day....How sweet!!!" She blushed slightly imagining their first kiss.
She finally got to the bar and opened the door. His group of friends where sitting in the usual spot, just inside.
"Hey! he's at the bar!"
She heads towards the bar to meet him there, wthout his friends first.
She spotted him at the far end, and as she approached her heart began to beat harder.
He turned, saw her and smiled,
"Hey, Hi, Happy Single Awarness Day! Want a beer?"
Her heart sank.

*evil grin*

Yeah....just felt like enjoying myself, and i did, writing that.

Happy Birthday to Paws!!!
And Happy single awarness day to the rest of you


PS: leave any 'Single Awerness Day' or if u wish 'Valentine Day' messages in the comments thanks.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Camping Video

Hey people, video up,
rather like it myself.

wanna know what u think

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Two KICK-ASS Weekends

Hey people,
mela...i have been bugged cause i didnt update after the youth here, i'm going to speak bout the weekend of the 1st 2nd and 3rd Febuary, and the last on of the 8th 9th and 10th.

the community weekend:

It was AMAZING!! I mean, yeah ok it was fun and living with everyone so close is just amazing, but even spiritually, it was fantastic. I came out of there really ready to go out there and spread His word and do His work. I grew really close with Ian and Drew who I was sharing a room with, and we wrote a song :) Friday evening instead of spending the time wasting it, joking around and chatting, we prayed together, and came up with a song of prayer. really nice, wont post it here, but it will soon be revealed.

The saturday evening 60's and 70's party was fun and funny, lol some of the costumes where just hilarious. I went as a 60's nerd, and it was fun. Except of course Doreen thought i didnt dress up, which is kind of offensive. but anyway. Sunday was nice and a powerful day too.

And I finally announced to Community I'm going abroad. It was sad, i mean everyone cried!! gah really gonna miss you all.

It was a brillaint weekend. I think the best I've had. Even though...i suppose i should put it out there to avoid uncomfortable situations: Since I am going abroad for a long time, and me and Ang had decided that a long distance relationship for so long is wrong to even try (personaly) so we broke up now. I am sad about it, and I do miss her, but it needed to be done. and i know that i am going to grow in the Lord in the next few months in Malta making me ready for my years abroad.


Anyway....moving on....
a week of work and studies and drawing...
this weekend:


The camping weekend:

We were supposed to go camping Friday evening after the community meeting (which my dad came to without being forced or asked to!) but the weather was a little wet and therefore a certain three people chickened out, so it had been cancelled, until we came up with the idea of waking up at an ungodly hour and go the following day. So Saturday morning...i mean EARLY morning, we made our way to the camp site. (we hope to organize one for everyone soon)

This place is very nice, sheltered, still cold, but fantastic, good trees to climb and goodish ground to work in. well we got there.... at 9.30am we opened the first round of pints....out of the 80 we had available :) and then the pitching of the tent started, went relatevely well considering only two out of the seven people there knows how a camp works.

Oh might i add, we looked ready to kill...all of us in beanies, with knives and saws an axe and an airgun. we were not afraid. anyway, the fire was then built (and kept burning till the evening woots!) and miguel began to cook lunch...the best rabbit i ever tasted, really really really good. we then just enjoyed ourselves relaxing and so got really cold.

At a point some members of the opposite sex came to say hi, and they left again later taking away one of us who could not take the hard camping life (co-pussy-ugh)

I splept horribly...the only one damn dunno...well morning.
I say this: insomniac roosters suck as nieghbours They started crowing at fucking 4.30am...the sun is three hours away! anyway, draged myself into my clothes, all 5 layers of them, dragged myself out into the cold morning and took a pee! we later marked our teritory... anyway... breakfast over the fire, which we managed to light regardless of the wet!

and i must say...there's no way of letting off tention and aggression than an axe and a tree stump:

and im sure it stuck by luck.

yeah great two weekends. i will post my kick ass videos when i get down to doing them.

Gbu all