Wednesday, July 29, 2009


it's sad to think that my much awaited for and highly praised 300 video, celebrating my 300th blog, was posted a mere 8 blogs ago, and yet, you all know how long ago that was. it's sad, that blogs take a bit of a rest in summer, but it's understandable. Most of us are busy working and if we're not, we all have things to do outside.
but like i said in the beginning of this season, i try my best to keep it going, even if it's at a much slower pace. hopefully, unlike in the previous years, people will blow the dust of their own blogs and re-start posting.
although we all are very busy, there is not much to talk about, (also, i know that long blogs will discourage readers)
but i must say:
  1. I am now a part of Marana Tha' worship team, playing the bass, and basically a substitute for Ian when he can't. although I must admit, I suspect Joe expects me to start training my voice too :S but i'm very happy and grateful for this opportunity to 1st Praise God in a new way (new for me) and second to learn rmy instrument more.
  2. Work is going well, enjoying teaching. well, not really, but it's a very ok job, and the pay makes it better.
  3. Barcelona in about a week, ish. I have to say I'm looking forward to it greatly...just gimme a camera....although, i'm a bit scared of the four girls and me situation.
  4. Matt and Mike come back soon, gonna be with them for a maximum of five days (including days working and setting up for the healing service) before there's another 2 weeks apart....:(
  5. The Mdina healing service is this Saturday...must say, I'm looking forward to it, i really am.
  6. alot of art work going on at home atm...really very little time for me to do what i want at all...
well, i think thats it....
a quick update and i'm sure i left many things out....
but its nearly 2 am and i have to wake up for a physio appointment tomorrow and a lot of errands in Valletta after....

God bless

i really want to start writing again....

Monday, July 20, 2009

weekend, fun-filled weekend

i'll admit, the blog seems to reduce in frequency of updates when summer is here...
but like i had said, i will try my best to update.
and after a fantastic weekend like the one which has just ended ten hours ago, I must.

friday, wonderful friday!
a hard working week came to end,
after a brief but fun stop at mustard seed,
the night at bernice we did spend.

basically just a group of friends chillaxin' in bernice's garden. the theme was around the world, with ian obviously looking the most unusual. this of course didnt stop him going to buy the pizza. oh and what a pizza, the pizza for God....that thing was massive...mmmmm
thanks Ber....very very very fun relaxed night....and bob, bib, wit, and what...we owned you.

saturday, relaxed saturday,
a day at the beach you did bring,
then was a night at the G's house,
with wine and a murderous thing.

so random meeting at exiles during the day and sarah's house at night, bbq, wine, beer, and of course werewolf. now imagine, semi darkness, me using all the narrative skills i possess, and of course the control needed over the players for the game to work well, and very helpful classical music, that somehow knew all the cues, in the background. epic-ness.
thanks G for the hospitality.
thanks Godwin for the wine and your cooking services.

Sunday, glorious sunday
God's given day of rest,
bass, beer, and lunch with ian all day
and a film that our bladder control did test.

So ian came by late morning and we started on our crash course bass lesson, i mean it, we went through so much stuff, ian is a great teacher and i thank him from here. I'm happy, i really feel i improved, and ian says he say improvement from the morning till the evening. there was a pause for lunch, beer, custard, and a nice chat and the bass continued. while ian went to mass, plans were made, and it was off to the cinema with steve and luca to watch the hangover.
hilarious film...
really funny,
really enjoyed it.
special thanks to ian. love you dude

monday, dreaded monday,
people view you with distaste,
yet i smile as i wake with no work,
but must try hard, my time not to waste.

at nsts in gzira, teachers of the teen students don't work on mondays, which i think is very very brilliant, still got things to do though, a few posters and designs, and a meeting with joe at 8.30...if anyone can offer a lift.... :P
well, i go breakfast.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nothing Special To Say (NSTS)

this week has been blah...but i'm happy to report much less blah than i expected it to be.
i started work this week...and as most of you know, i was really not looking forward to it. but i went, i got into my relaxed attitude towards students and teaching straight away and wasn't so tomorrow morning i test most of them and another lesson and then the weekend, and my last day in Lija (for now at least) because as of next week i'm working in Gzira :)
Bussing to and fro alot, except when we have something of Community, i'm lucky enough to have drew and charlene up here in bugibba too, and people are discovering how nice it is uo here and they are visiting much more often than last year.
yesterday swam properly again...for the first time since i dislocated my free style yet...but swam properly underwater.
had a nice evening as well....
also yesterday...random: walking along, and on the floor a see a whole bunch of cards, someone had dropped thwm and they all landed face down, except one: the ten of spades :) waaaa!
Lanf left to see Matt and Mike in Germany (hey to both of them) and Kirissie is back to Verona to greet her mum and sister (hey to them too)
people start coming back soon...
sigh, i need a car, or a bike, seriously...i need to be free to move around and not depending on bus times....

goodness....started (outline is finished) a picture on my sister's wall, I'm very happy with how it's coming out, the shading will make it of course....

love to all

people still come up to me to tell me prosit for both the 300 and faces video :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

worse blog ever

Thought Photoshop to Krissie's mum
Mtv was fantastic...BEP made the show... especially when they stopped a fight from on stage.
...Lady Gaga rode on stage on a Vespa!

Mustard Seed was fun.
Missing Matt and Mike.
I really have nothing else to say.
wow...this is a pathetic excuse for a blog post.

erm...start work on Monday and I'm not looking forward to that at all...
Sunglasses at night tonight, still need to find sunglasses.

finished Wolves of the Calla yesterday and must say I really enjoyed it.

Shoulder is getting better...just uncomfortable some times and i can't do big fast movements.


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

45 at 11.30ish

hey people,
just wanted to say something.
Something stupid made me happier today, just a bit happier, but happier none the less:
i went to paceville thinking im gonna wait an hour for the bus, but the was one waiting and it left 15 minutes after i sat down on the bus.
so i was home before mid night.

earlier today thought two of the zendrich ladies a photoshop lesson. rather happy with how well they learnt.

another busy day tomorrow.


Saturday, July 04, 2009


(first of all, pls notice the dislocated shoulder in the pic to the right)

well, im tpying from the filming office.
been a long morning. started early to bus it down to g'mangia, met dugi, took some stuff to Lija, to start setting up and planning where everything is going to be, and now I'm back here till 2.30 when a van comes so we load all the heavier stuff into it and off to Lija again to finish setting up, followed by maybe a quick fly to Gzira to shower, and then back up again to direct the filming of the healing service, after which we have to pack everything up, and get them down to the filming office again, while at the same time helping the sound be dismantled and then packing that away and Joe's house. And then seeing how I'm going to get up to Bugibba at God only knows what time, all this on just a bowl of cereal for breakfast.


but thats today.
Yesterday evening was the first Friday free of the summer, and i enjoyed it...most of it.
After helping packing the van, and getting to see Maggi's flat, me and steve went to pv to meet Lanf, Ivan, Luca, Paula, Lara and Kristie, later on of course meeting other people. but starting with 100 minutes which lasted 40 and dancing at Chequers with the candy, and know tiring fun, the photos will be up soon im sure...
but there came a point, like in every good night, when something happens and puts you down...bleh...hate it...and therefore took the chance for a bit of alone walking time by walking Schinas home (see she did me a favour by letting me) and walking back helped i guess...
got back and a drive up to Buggiba thanks to lanf, thanks xbin...appreciate it.
i think my brain just went to sleep...i have an hour and a half and i have some editing to fun fun...


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The beach

The stretch of beach lies silent and cold, the sand a shade of blue-gray reflecting the moonlight, the dunes casting their crescent shapes shadows. The echos of the crowds that had filled the beach a few hours ago have faded to silence leaving the sound of the waves to take over.

A figure walks barefoot across the beach. His bare feet adding to the complex pattern of dunes in the sand as he makes his way towards the shore. His face is concealed by the shadows created by the hood covering his head. As he walks with his hands in the pockets of his hoodie, his shadow dances across the sand.
He reaches the shore and stands looking out at the dark sea, the warm water touching his feet, and the sea breeze rippling his clothes.
He stands still.

And then, slowly, like the collapse of a building giving up under the weight of time, folds down and in coming into a sitting position gently, wrapping his arms around his knees.

And there, he bows his head, a symbol of resignation.
The breeze picks up a bit and sends little streams of sand flowing down the small dunes, creating low whispering sounds.
He screams. The sudden harsh cry of frustration exploding from beneath that deep, dark hood echos across the bay, disturbing once again the peace that had been created by the emptiness of the place.
And as the figure lies back, raising his arms behind his head to form a pillow, and looks up the stary night sky. A sigh escaped his lips. A sound so soft, someone two meters away would not have heard it, and yet, as full of emotion and meaning as the scream which had preceded it.
And as the last faint echos of the strong outburst fade away, at the back of the mind of the figure lying in this night scene, there is the comforting thought. The knowledge that, like all the other times before this one,no matter how hard it might be, he will get through.
He had done it before, he will do it again.
He raises one arm with the index finger extended pointing at the sky.
"With your help of course," he whispered.