Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year....New Bunny???


Well, it's the end of the year,
I time to look back and reflect...

It was a gd ear on the whole, I mean I can't complain i suppose, I'm still alive, and relatevely healthy.
In this year:

God is obviously still here with me. Don't plan to ever let HIm go :)
He's helped me in a lot of decissions and problems I had to face this year, and I know He will help me in 2008...

I failed 1st year at university, started it again and dropped out to follow my a change of direction, but i suppose its a gd thing, cause i finally got the guts to go after it. my spelling still sucks

Developed my art especially in portraying real things, took a step aside from cartoons for a while, as it's all important i suppose. Bunny might get a new face. lOOk below. But the cartoons are still there and still my passion. You'll see my name in some credits one day.

Well started going out with Angie :) But also got closer to some really great people, Joni, Sarah, Joe Maggi, Angelique, Pedro, Ian you are really great people. Of course made friendships grow stronger too...Matt, Drew and Dezz, will always love you both.


I'm still in filming team of course, and this year produced the Gibralter Outreach DVD alone, took a while to edit, and it still isnt in the buyers hands (sry guys been rather busy) but its all done. Also helped in the backdrop of The youth weekend and entered Website team, and ofcourse the backdrop of the Mdina Healing service, and the number of Cards ive done are uncountable...I r teh cartoonit.

Got my Driving Licence. Still no Car. Lost another camera, and got another one for Christmas...(munber 3, how long will it last?) Grew taller :) still growing, one year to go-ish.

First job Not in Catering this year, I guess that was a step forward. Answered phones all summer...quite fun.

Dislocated my shoulder doing a backdive off Louisa's boat :)

I think thats it, covered everything really.
From here I wish you all a Vry Happy New Year to you and all your families, May God trully bless you in the coming year.



I'm sick, head hurting, congested, throat pains, dizzy, and i havent checked for fever yet...hope ill be fine for tonight...


while taking a short break from studying history of Art, i was thinking...bunny, the one you all know and love, pic below, is fun and all, but if i ever decide to animate a short with him, i cant bring out much expression without a face...
so i came up with this alternative...
I mean...ok it's not BUnny, but I kinda got used to him alreeady...
I just want your opinion on the matter...
u like the new one...u prefare the old one....anything...

thanks guys


Sunday, December 30, 2007

I am Lemon

Was pissed off this morning...longish story
but lets just say im not scared of going abroad, and cant wait to do it...

gonna miss everyone, but its gonna be great

cant wait for this to come out too...
new pixar film
next summer:

Friday, December 28, 2007


If you're reading this for a happy post, you are in the wrong place.

I'm in a not very good mood this morning. Fist of all, didn't get much sleep last night, kept waking up and so on and so forth, but besides that...
I have this feeling of wanting to get away from everything, everyone that knows me, everyplace I know, every obligation I have, and just go, just go start something new, something I'll enjoy doing for the rest of my life, somewhere where no one knows me, my past, my character and starts giving first impressions again.
I just feel like I'm missing out.
I can't explain it properly in words in a complex feeling.
I mean, Here I am, studying like crazy trying to fit an A level subject into 5 months, so then I can study Art and Design in Malta so hopefully after that, I would have gathered enough cash to go study my real passion abroad, cause they don't teach it anywhere on this bloody island. And it all seems so far away, I mean I rather be working like crazy this year, and leaving next year. Dont get me wrong, I'm gonna miss al...most of you very much, but I just want to go, study, come back, and be sure of how the rest of my life is going to turn out...To be able to plan, jobs, country I'm going to live, family.
It's not easy, I'm leaping into darkness...I dropped out of Uni and I'm going for something so unsecure as this, it's not like me, never done something like this before, and I'm not used to it.
I'm breaking down.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry Christmas!!!!

A big God bless you to all, and May God trully bless you,

A BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU to Sarah G and to her parents for yesterdays , rather...this mornings breakfast, it was brilliantly organized, and the food was amazing...great atmosphere...although i couldnt feel my legs after twister lol

CONGRATS to Joni and Sarah, our brand new Fiances....not sure if its spelt right but fuck it....
you all know what i mean...anyway congrats...cant wait for the wedding...and the bachelors party ;)


thats it
gotta go for Christmas Lunch and Pressies.
GBU all



Thursday, December 20, 2007



Saturday, December 15, 2007

same old....

I'm having a bunny day.
I've just realised, I'm bored...and I don't mean bored right now, cause i have nothing to do, I mean I'm drowning in work. I 'm bored with what's going on in my life...nothing interesting, nothing new, nothing to look forward to, same old, I mean, the highlight of this week was that the new episode of Avatar came out...come on!
I don't know why.
I'm sorry for the negative post.
Off to work some more.


Friday, December 07, 2007

just a post

Hey peoples
Not much to say, been sick at home since tuesday, looking forward to comunity tonight.
While having a break from studying Art and drawing bloomin still life...joking lovin it...i ran across this animation....the music is rly nice to listen to and the animation is very accurate....there are others like it, just search animusic.

enjoy :)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Uni Drop Out

inspired by sarahs sudden blog update, i decided to follow suite.

well...loads has happened since my last update....but the most important event can be summerized in one sentence:
I am dropping out of Uni, and going into MCAST Art and Design next year.

This means ofcourse that I am doing my Art A level this year (in 5 months instead of 2yrs) with a lot of help from Dezz...(a big thankyou to her)
This is involving a lot of drawing work as i need to catch up (not complaining much) but it also includes studying History of Art in a vry vry short time :S

besides all this I need to find a job.

Also to add to the pressure, I need to get the past youth weekend DVD edited and burn all the others of outreach to give them out to the paying customers (thanks to all of you as well)

ON TOP OF THAT work from website team is increasing.....


I am thankful for this, and it's really showing, as although I am stuggling to keep above the incredable wave of work, I am in fact managing...and its showing even more because my art a level drawings are being produced, if not at the rate they're supposed to be, at least the standard is there :)


God Gives and Takes away.....

God bless you all

bubbles bubbles bubbles bubbles bubbles

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Yo, Well

After much insistation on my part, people have finally ordered the outreach DVD

I'm also really really getting interested in Art and Design now...I mean seriously interested...I mean, in that job, I'll be totally free (up to a point) and not restricted by stupid unimportant stuff, like physics, gravity, safety and the need to make more money out of a project, like i would as an Architect.
I've been having a lot of encouragment from many of my friends and I thank them all for it.
I know i can do this....really excited now...Dezz has agreed to help me get Art Alevel...miskina, i pitty her from 5 months i might add :S
Well....I swear, I'm shaking with excitment.

Phew...ok back down to earth, I still need to try my best in Architecture this year, just in know...argh...loads of work to do...pray for me people


Monday, November 12, 2007

Do You Dare...


Hey People, The weekend was amazing!
Trully a wonderful spiritual experiance and the youths as a whole got much much we're ready to go out and begin changing the world
a big thank you to the Band, including Pedro
to the leaders
and to Matt and Dezz who did an amazing job in the Backdrop.

One thing to say to Matt:


just a reminder, some people still haven't paid/ordered the dvd of outreach and the weekend, I'm going to have to put a closing date on it, it's not fair on the people who already ordered it, I will only give out the DVD's together.

another reminder: I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!
thats about it then


Oh forgot...
Ian...One thing to say...was really amazing with you in the

BOOM...hbadt ma hajt.

Friday, November 09, 2007

12 points

Yo, people.
It's been a while hasn't it?
Well let's update.

i've been rather busy lately, working on the artistic side of the Youth Weekend (starting this evening) with Dezz and Matt, I'm very happy with the result, I hope that John won't have anything to say against it.
besides that, I've actually started working hard on my Architecture Design project. I think it's going well, I mean I have most of it planned out on scrap paper, now all i have to do it draw them out nicely, The measured drawing should start next week, the measurments are all taken though. Street scapes have begun, and I plan to get as many of them out of the way asap.

Ladies and Gentle-men...



i know most of yu didn't even know I was sitting for it, I had my reasons for keeping it secret, but it doesn't matter...I PASSED!!!
I can officially drive alone.


Well, the weekened starts later i said before...have great exectations for it.


Thursday, November 01, 2007


Hey People,
not feeling well today.
woke up with a bad head and throat ache.
Well, Dezz, came over to get me the photoshop cd, since i had lost the program wen my laptop decided to fuck up.
Well, my mum came home in a mood, and she started bugging me with the "you have to decide what you're gonna do with your life" bull crap.
Picture me with my massive haedache and a nagging parent.
she didnt get the hint though, and got me thinking,
I'de love to go into MCAST and do graphical design, but I don't know which year of the course I will go into and I can't take another year without stipend, let alone another 5.
please pray for me


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Conference review

Hey People,
well, it was a great weekend!
Some of the talks were great, the praise was amazing and the filming went really well, proset to Jon, Nicky, and Godwin and of course to the Accedemy for the music.
Really, I would only change a few thing in the whole conference, and they're minor things.
Great Annual conference.
It was also a boost to my self asteem, as I found it easy to make new freinds throughout these three days, and I am really gonna miss all of them until I get to see them again.

Not much time to write a more detailed post about the evnts, would love to, I mean the praise session on Sunday alone is enouph to fill a post. A quick show of how good it was: During filming, the camera men mmiss out completely on the spiritual ide of things, and yet, during Sundays Praise, I was filming, singing at the top of my lungs, and crying for a whole hour. REALLY AMAZING!

well....just one more thing to say:
As I said earlier, next Friday I'm going to start taking orders of the Outreach DVD. Due to some problems we had last year, I'm only taking orders upon payment. So...the price of the Outreach DVD alone is lm3.50. If you order the coming youth weekend DVD with it, It's lm5 for both. (The Weekend DVD, thing, still has to be confirmed)

Well thats about it my Happy people.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Hey people, just a short postr to say
just a few last touches and its done.
I'm gonna start taking orders (upon payment) next comunity meeting.


PS a get well soon to Dezz

Monday, October 22, 2007


Hey people, been busy lately.
in fact not gonna blog long, but Dezz showed me this video, it is trully inspired, and sent shivers down my spine and tears down my cheeks, and I had to share:

God Bless


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ta Pinu

Hey people,
OK well, I am going to give an account of our weekend...funness
Well, Saturday morning, bright and early I made my way to Cirkewwa to get the boat to Gozo where I was to meet Pedro, Jonathan and Sarah, I met Joe Angelique and the Pauls instead, well, while the others went to have a bit of breakfast I went with Joe and co. to ta Pinu to get started on the setting up. The setting up went smoothly until 12.15 when we had to leave cause they had to close the church.
So we took the opportunity to go for lunch. Well with Jonny, Me, Mig, Ian, Karl and Sarah in one mini van, Pedro and Nicky in a van and Lawerence and George in an other. We had some fun off-roading through one of the many valleys that litter our sister island. Sarah screaming everytime a puddle of mud approaches...anyway...we finally got there and had a nice hearty meal, and it's back to Ta Pinu to continue setting up.
Oh. Please note, the filming team where trying out filming and editing on the spot by use of a mixer, I think we did exceptionally well, and a BIG BIG congrats, welcome, and thankyou to Nicky, for being a great Rigger, we worked him hard for his first time.
Ok, healing service passed and time to pack up, it went relatevely smoothly too. except, after everyone left, it was just joe and Angelique in the big van, me and Pedro in His, JOnny and Sarah in the mini van, and Godwin and wife in their car, I realised the side door of the big van was left open and no one noticed. well we inform Joe who got out to close it, but didnt manage, eventually it took the five guys, pushing and rpocking the van pushing one of the panels in to manage. all this in the rain. the smugglers to eat. then everyone had to lerave all of a sudden as we recieved information that a massive storm was coming. Sure enough, with the lightening flashing non stop, and the rain coming down forming a thick curtain of water everyone started running to their vehicles. Me Jonny Sarah Pedro and Ian where in Pedros van, we got in and started off towardfs Xlendi.
We got to the road leading down into a Valley. It was a river. so after a bit of contemplation we decide to find a quiet road and wait for a bit.
well...there in the rain, Sarah decides to pluck up the courage and say "come on guys, lets pray for it to stop", less than 5 seconds later JOnny goes "itfi il magna Ped, se' indumu hawn"
I could not stop laughing.
After a while i suggest a song: after much complaining from Pedro (my singing leaves much to be desired) I started the song, I only got past the first sentence "Let it rain..." "NO!"
Eventually we decide to go see how the situation had hadn't so we park the van in a road over looking the valley. After a while JOnny, Pedro and myself decide to walk further along a road to see how the situation was further down, 2 minutes walk and suddenly the lights in the road go out. I stop dead leaving Pedro walking into me. we decide to go back.
Well after sitting in the dark, rain , and lightening, we finally get the chance to try again.
Good News, we made it to our flat
which was without electricity.
well sitting their in the dark soon sent Pedro and Jonny off to sleepy land, leaving Ian, Sarah and myself to entertain ourselves...don't get ahead of me people...
we decided to call the enemalta gozo branch, who informed us that the electricity problem was coming form Malta and should be fixed in the next ten to fifteen minutes, well we waited for 20 minutes while chatting and laughing, and trying not to go towards the far corner where water was coming in and slowly turning the room into a pool. We then called again, and he said exactly the same thing.
So we figured, lets try and see what the problem is from malta, so Sarah calls up the directory service "Hello, could you give me the number of Enemalta in Malta please" gah...duh...well we called, "good morning.."
he says that the problem is serious and they are still waiting for permission to try switch the electricity on again.
two minutes later the lights come back on...CELEBRATION!!
We call the enemalta gozo branch again to thank them and congratulate them for their superb service.
"min liema naha qed iccempel?" the guy asks
"em...ok...ghax ghawnhekk ghadna bla dawl"
laughs, the enemalta branch was still without electricity while we had.

we eventually get to bed around 4am.

next morning, the rain had stopped but was replaced by strong winds.
The five of us in the flat skip breakfast (we woke up at 11) and met Joe and Angelique for lunch, it was very nice.
after lunch, the rain had started again, its off to the boat and back to Malta. Of course after a bit of a hassle to get the van in...

a good weekend all in all
what made it really amazing are the five people I spent most of my time with, may God trully Bles you


PS Yesterday went to Zmerc with the same people from Gozo plus Stephan to surprise Pedro for his 24th Birthday, was really fun, really love you guys, honestly, you are all a blessing to me. Pedro was really surprised and I'm happy he enjoyed it, He really deserved it, He's a great friend and a great Man of God
God Bless you buddy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Hey people,
I know it's been a while, but with moving back to Gzira for the winter, starting uni again, and re starting rugby I've been rather busy. Well, just to let you know, my computer fucked up, gone completely, trying to fix it, but not sure it will survive, this you might realise is a big problem considering all the work i've got to do on it for my course. besides that I've got all the work Community asks me to do on computer which i am having to go down to Matt's house to do (thanks to him)
I just came back from Valletta too, i went for about 15 useless minutes as, the lectuyrer didnt specify enough which details we have to do. and soon im meeting mike mark dezz and lou here in uni to hang out a bit.
nothing planned for tonight, except to go to Angie's for a bit. Tomorrow got a long day of lectures finishing at 4pm, starting at 8am. gah.
thursday got annointing and the healing service in ta Pinu on sat

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

uni again

Hey people,
its been a while i know
internet's been hard to get to, my computer fucking up and internet at the office was bust.
working a lot on the outreach dvd trying to get it done asap.
today re started architecture...not sure im really glad to be back, been a bit on the quiet side since yesterday. Well I'm in now, and i suppose im going to go through with it.
nothing much else is going on really...trying to keep positive and optimistic.
starting rugby next week, as didnt rly have time to go yet.
today only had one lecture at 8.
so now im off home, and might meet angie later.

cya all


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

He is back

Well, that...was
very nice of you....all of you...
thanks for your kind words...except mark...but still
Sarah is right, the two of us started this little community of blog thingy I will not abadon the lot of you.
And I know sarah's blog is more colourfull, and interesting and has photos, and you all know I love taking photos and would post if i had, so stop bloody rubbing it in please...i lost my camera...and sarah, love your blog too :) keep it up
so everything is back to normal
thanks to Mark for yesterday...t'was needed.
well...i've got quite a lot on my mind at te moment...keep me in yor prayers pls

thanks again for everything

ping pong

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


no more posts till i get a camera...
no point apperently.


Monday, September 17, 2007


hellu all ye' people...
I'm here at the office working on the outreach dvd...wasting my off days for you! so i hope you bloody well buy it now.
well...this weekend was all about dezz...with a surprise party organized at lou's house for her on Sat, and another surprise organized by the girls for her yesterday, taking her by limo to a night of dancing. Hope she enjoyed it, she deservs it...we all agree im sure.
well tonight the treasure hunt, went to print the tshirts this morning, have to go pick them up...
please note, im the one who gets these of the only people WITHOUT A CAR!
ajma Dezz....

Ham and Cheese gonna kick @$$ !



Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two weeks notice

Well people,
today, the 13th of September 2007, is my last day working as a telephone operator and scheduler at Comtec.
I am happy I'm stopping and have two weeks to relax and think my future over with only a bit of distractions. I'm going to miss all the people here, they are great people to work with and very fun.
Before I forget, Thanks to louisa for last Tuesday, the horror film, the comedy, the sleeping over...funness all round. Thanks Lou.
Now these coming weeks, I'm supposed to start some work on Architecture, so maybe this year I wont freak out in January.
Also, I'm going to be at the office working on the outreach dvd, so hopefully it will be out by Christmnas :P Joking, I'm going to try and have it ready before October starts.
Today I start rugby again after a summer without it, training at Golden Sands at 6.30, so might not make it to community on time. Really looking forward to this. Missed it.
I've gotten into a quite a quiet mood lately, not talking much unless i need to, and getting tired early. I mean last night was already asleep at 9pm! Don't know what's wrong with me.
Erm...I think thats it really until next time.


by the way, sorry to those who think my blog is boring, I update whenever I can and more importantly when I have something to say, and I don't put on photos cause i don't have a camera. Sorry again :P

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Hey there people,
It's been a while. sorry.
well. Last weekend had a great relaxing weekend in a farm house in Gozo with my beautiful girlfriend, her family, and friends. Got to know Clifton and Alexandra from comunity more, very nice people.
I have never eaten so much.
And Gozitan Police suck B@115.
Came back late Sunday. No energy to come out.
Yesterday, Monday, Driving Theory test in the morning, took me 10 minutes, and walked out with a pass.
Then had a talking session with a friend in need.
Met Angie for like an hour,( get well soon sweet ) and then had a driving lesson, can't say it went very well, my mind wasn't there.
Afterwards had a small meeting with Jonathan concerning 4given...not sure what's going to happen there.
And had a talk with Angelique concerning my future. Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with all that again, if you want to read it, its like two blogs back. anyway, it's enough to tell you, I'm really down today. Don't feel like doing anything except staying home, drawing, stetching and so on...
Really not looking forward to Architecture...issa we see.
well, today im at work, just today and thursday to go, and tonight its off to louisa's house to chill and watch Dvds, should be fun. hope i'll be in the mood...

well...that's it

Friday, September 07, 2007


Hey people long time no write i know, sry, been rather busy.
nothing much going on at the moment, looking forward to this weekend, going up to Gozo with Angie and her Family :) woots, and then on the 17th treasure hunt with drama team...I gots me a fun team: Me Mike Sarah G and Vanessa V.
We think we came up with our team name, not fully sure yet, so won't disclose any more information.
Erm...nothing much else is happening right now...

just want to say...

having great freinds is one of the things i am most greatful, I thank all of you who take care of me, are patient of me, and love me, even though i can sometimes be a very very difficult person to deal with. Love you all and hope that I am able to return the kindness and love you all show me.
God Bless You all.


Monday, September 03, 2007


Hello People

Well, yesterday was great!!
went to the cafe at the bottom of baystreet, no idea what its called, and had a quick snack there, and then me dezz, sarah and elaine (if i spelt it right) went dancing... lol that was fun, and funny, the drunk english guy made us laugh (photos on sarah's blog)

well pretty busy day today.

At work: gotta do a picture I promised for Kai,
gotta find and think of and learn a monologue for tonight
and of course gotta answer and make the calls that get me my pay.

Oh, btw, my blog is now one year old :) the second of my group of friends to have reached this milestone. Happy Birthday to me.

and for those of you who care:
I am going back to Architecture this year, I know It's hard work and I might screw it up again, but I'm going to try and put my mind to it and work hard.
Sorry to disapoint those who wanted me to go into something more Art related, but don't give up hope, I might change my mind yet again.

well lots to I'll be off


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Many choices...One future


I'm a bit down and confused as anything.

Till now, I am confirmed to be going back to University next October, repeating first year Architecture. Now, there are stuff I like in the course, I mean the whole design process is fun, although a bit restricted. The rest of the topics and lessons are what really put me off. Also I'm not sure I imagine myself doing the job of an Architect for the rest of my working life. On the other hand, it's a good well respected and well earning job, wanting to have a family one day, those are really good plus points.
I was speaking to a great friend of mine about this, and she also reminded me about another course in Uni. I had never really given it much thought, but, as she pointed out, my photo adiction, camera passion, photoshop, sketching and editing 'skills' make me a very good canditate to do something serious with the Comunications Course. I could do that and I don't think I'll ever get bored of it, also I think it could pay well, not as much as Architecture, fair enough, but enough to keep a family for sure. Also from this line of studies, I could go on to my dream...eventually...animation. But even If i don' know....
Then of course, in the back of my mind, there is always the 'buggering university' option. By this I don't mean stopping studying, but I mean going into MCAST, Art and Design, and going into Graphic Design. This of course is the course where I can express most of my artistic self, I can go crazy, and although it will be hard to get to the top, If i manage to make a name for myself and at least get into the top few on the island (thinking realistic and not saying 'on the globe')I could live off it nicely. There is a lot of work for Graphic Designers, if they're good enough, in this culture where advertisments are getting more and more complex and need more and more work.
Of course I could always do one and then the other, like do the communication course and while starting working in that line, start the MCAST course to open up my options even more. But would mean I'm going to be studying until the minimum age of 28...I like to hope I'de be settled down by then.
The problem is either I decide soon, or I'm going back to Architecture for another year whether I like it or not. So please pray for me that I might know, soon, what the Big Guy has planned for me.
Bloody choices!

A side note: Welcome to Karla (A.K.A. Kai) to the bloging community, link on my friends list. Warm welcome everyone...come on...


Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Great weekend!! GREAT WEEKEND! brilliant time with all my friends, Met my Uni friends by chance at uni on friday after paintball, Dezz's house on Saturday, and Marks bbq on Sunday...Great weekend...Monday great Drama session..."I don't mind being behind him." lol and ysterday we filmed the pentecaust dance:

Now, I have been asked kindly not to mention the oming incident, but, hell, it's too funny not to.
(Especially for you Mrs. Tabone Ferante, I know you read all our blogs)
Well, me and drew had to go film the dance, so we arranged with Sarah to pick us and the equipment up from Jonathan's house. Now I'm not going to pick on the fact that she arrived fifteen minutes late. That's fine, and we can live with that. What I'm going to comment on, is that after we put the stuff into the booth, and Andrew was getting into the car,(with one foot still on the road) Sarah started driving off. She stopped after like seven seconds of going down hill with Drew hopping to keep up. The important thing, the funniest, and the most worrying is that, SHE RAN OVER HIS FOOT!!(and didnt notice) I still don't know how he is, I tried calling him this morning but he didn't pick up. so...thanks to drew for filming the whole dance with an injured foot, AND a cut finger, which he got a bit later on in the evening.
Well...the filming took long, and we finished at around 11.30pm, we living on just a crosant....wasn't in the most friendly of moods, u can imagine.
And thats about it....

last full week of work... next week i work three days, and the one after only two...and then i start getting ahead on some uni work for first yr.

tonight Matthew's party at Amazonia, should be fun


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Splash of Colour

The sun beat down on the two soldiers as they waited crouching behind the thin wooden wall. The only sound to be heard was of gun shot and bullets hitting their protective barrier. A sudden movement to their right made them look up: Mig was makin a break for a hut in the middle of the battle field which was a valuable stratigical point. All of a sudden a splash of colour and Mig was down. An other victim of this insanity. No time to react to the loss, as the whistle of a bullet flying too close for comfort makes them refocus. They duck down even lower to the ground.

After a few seconds, one of them risks a glance over the barrier and sees a soldier from the yellow army making a run for a mound closer to their base. With no feeling whatsoever, except maybe hope that the shot will not go wasted, he pulls the trigger repetedly, and another splash of colour and the enemy soldier went down. He ducks out of sight as bullets from multiple directions come whizzing towards him.

Back at the base the three soldiers left behind as a last defence looked in awe at the bravery of their fellow soldiers running around on the battle field risking all for their common cause. A bullet hits the wall of the base and the three of them duck out of sight. But cramped conditions and nervous people are sometimes more dangerous than the enemy. A shot rings out and a shout of agony rips through the sound of gun fire on the battle field. Friendly fire is an uncommon occurance, but when it happens, the spirit of the army falls.

The two soldiers behind the wall were getting edgy, they had heard the shot and shout, and knew well enouph what had just happened, the heat was getting to them as well. The decision was made. They waited for gun fire the calm down a bit. They both rose above the barrier guns blazing, he sprints towards the barrier five meters further towards the enemy base still shooting while she stood shooting and providing cover, he covered the distance quickly and dived for cover not caring about the pain the ground would cause. He landed heavily and scrambled to a crouching position to shoot towards the enemy soldier pinning down a team mate across the field.

The defenders in the base saw the sprint, but they also saw the eney soldier in the far corner of the field, rising slowly to finish off their daring friend. There was no way to warn him. They watched in horror.

The gun shot made him crouch lower and the bullet hit him in the arm. The second one got him in the back. The shock, the pain, the dissapointment.

A whistle blew.

"Who was the idiot that shot me twice?"
"Wasn't sure I got you with the first one."
"@$$ hole"

The soldiers of both 'armies' gathered together boasting about the great feats they had just witnessed. Water was passed around, the shot were counted, the guns reloaded, and then...

A whistle blew.

Soldiers burst out of their bases sprinting for the best positions while bullets wizzed passed, coming from the trigger happy people staying behind to defend...

paint ball was great, Thanks to all of you who came and made it a great event I'll never forget, and thanks to Luca for organizing it. The team spirit was amazing. No hatred or hard feelings on the field.
Thanks to Dezz for providing the photos: more photos on Sarah's blog.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Peeling and Splash

Hey Guys!

Really fun day at Dezz's house yesterday...
pool monopoly and fun chatting...
I finally got up the courage to try the jump I had injured my shoulder doing a few weks came out perfectly, and then i never looked back, a fun few hours of jumping, diving, fliping...dezz has some really cool funky photos, catching me and Matt in mid-air :) need to get them soon.
Oh, also thank you to Dezz and Nicole for helping get some skin off my back :) felt nice =) and Sarah kept swimming till late, after that a nice meal of pizza and pastizzi, and back into the pool.
really really REALLY Great evening...thanks a million to Dezz.
(THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU)^5 could have been better...My gorgeous g/f was studying at home...last bit Ang, come on..

well...TILL NOW...comunity tomorrow, and PAINTBALL ON FRIDAY!!!WOOT!! YEAH!! BRING IT ON!!!


I go now


Monday, August 20, 2007

Beach, Bowling and Wine

Hey peoples!!


Now then ...
We been having an eventful few days...well...not sure what i wrote about or not to be honest...well there was the bbq in ghadira which was fun, we played rugby, wrestled, ate, swam, and of course the cuddling with my precious (blush) it was a great success and thanks to all who helped organize.

Next: invited over to Sarah's house for a gorgeous relaxed evening...her Dad's wine is amazing...:) and i spent a good few minutes playing on her sisters

and then yesterday, bowling was done, i arrived late cause went to se Angie a bit, since she's not coming out much cause she's I didn't play...but congrats to Victor for wooping ass, and to NIcky for managing to fall over...
Oh and Dezz....really cool, funky, artistic, YOU, the way the flowers came out....proset Snazz

for photos of all these mentioned events...check out Sarah's Blog...I appologize for not posting photos...but you might recall, i lost my camera abroad, and the insurance company hasn't contacted me back yet. is over...time to complain a bit:

I NEED A CAR!! I'm totally sick of spending entire days a month waiting for the bus...and even longer traveling in uncomfortable, hot and stuffy, cans on wheels, designed to fit people comfortably provided they don't have legs longer than 1ft....and abvove all that they do not stick to schedules...


anyway...we shall se what will happen...

Faith I have

well...tonight there's some drama meeting...or something...going not to stay home...what im really looking forward to is Paintball on Friday....BOOYAH!!

thats about it people...


Thursday, August 16, 2007

she's back

Hey peoples,
mela...monday was amazingly fantastic.
we went to Hanks to give Nicky a surprise bday meal thingy...t'was fun...but after was better, off to Fuego to dance the night away, except for a few minutes were we had to go outside as the roof caught fire...Nicky dance non stop till ness...also enjoed Chris' company there too...funny/good dancer...
See Sarah Giusti's blog for fun photos
Tuesday, a day by the pool surrounded by fields under Mdina with Family and friends, nice, fun, crazy, relaxing, sunburnt....and i think i burnt the bottom of my feet...
Yesterday...same pool, same fun, more heat...and ANGIE CAME BACK :), surprised her at the airport... SHE'S BACK SHE'S BACK SHE'S BACK SHE'S BACK SHE'S BACK SHE'S BACK SHE'S BACK SHE'S BACK SHE'S BACK SHE'S BACK SHE'S BACK SHE'S BACK SHE'S BACK SHE'S BACK SHE'S BACK SHE'S BACK SHE'S BACK!!!!!!!! Happy....and then we went out dancing for a bit in the evening...wasnt too bad.
and tonight community...
well thats about it really..



cya all laters


Monday, August 13, 2007


well, loads to talk about...
Friday the outreach at Buggibba went really surprisingly well. We had loads of people watching and we were greated very well. The dances went ok and the mime came out well. Also we set up in like 45minutes max.....everyone helped! :) Proset to all of you. After packing up...all of us left together to take a crepe but found the place closed, so me Joe Angelique and Pedro went down to the icecream place, the others stopped at mc donalds...just to try something new :P
anyway...Sat...we were invited to chill at Marks place in the evening. Me and Chris Giordi, ended up chatting and laughing about memories bout Stella Maris...really enjoyed it, laughed, ate (with chopsticks), sang...ish, it was really nice, thanks Mark...and hopefully we'll be seeing Chris more often :)
Spent sunday relaxing at home...needed it...and today back to
thats about it....





now thats it..

see ya round people, GBU


Monday, August 06, 2007


Hey people,
Sorry, haven't blogged in a while, but been rather busy with the healing service.
Well, it went well, would like to give a BIG BIG thank you to all those who HELPED set up, and pack up again...Pedro, Joe, Brian, you where great, Josette proset, Andrew and Godwin good work, also thanks to Sarah, Angelique, Ian, Bernice, Gabriel, Steve and all those who stayed helping packing up, while the others where eating at Fontanella....(they know who they are)
It was fun in the van with Joe, that sounds wrong...Joe and I had to go get something with the big van, it was empty, and you all know Joe's driving...lack of breaks due to less wieght...for the first time ever, I said the words "you're crazy" to a driver cause of his driving...scary...It was brilliantly fun though =)
Well everything else was brilliant, God is great...and did great deads.
An other special thanks to Pedro and Joe, For working non-stop all day, and to Pedro for the message this morning: made my day =)
Well, yesterday, woke up with muscle cramps all along my shoulders and arms, and slept all day to recover.
In the evening had an event...SURPRISE! lol sorry hun.

well, today back to work for another week...ehhh...and tomorrow my Angel going to Germany until the 15th :( enjoy it sweet, going to miss you.

Well, thats about it...gotta go cause my boss just walked in...


Friday, July 27, 2007


Hey people, Back from outreach...
great great great week...and God worked in wonderful ways...and the place is just brilliant...freezing water, boiling sand, amd the people are magnificent.
Thanks to Tessa and Co. (lol) for their wonderful help and friendship.
I will post photos up onto this post when i get them...funky one of me with monkey :)
Enjoyed community's always nice hearing experiances, and its the first time ever i enjoyed speaking on the mic. "...childish"'s back to work and back to normallity, keeping in prayer, especially with the Mdina healing service coming up...should be great...
the posters and fliers came out yestewrday, I'm happy with the final result...proset to Matt and Brian.
well...looking forward to a weekend of relaxedness...
eyes drooping at the moment, and still got 5hrs at work...

thats about it for now...until the photos


Monday, July 16, 2007


101...'s been a while,
i HAVE been very very very busy...overworked and under paid...rehersals, posters, editing exhausted...and tomorrow it's off to Gibralter for outreach...been looking forward to it .... i, as most of you know, am not in any dances or mimes due to the recent I'm doing the honours, like last year of filming the week, and producing the DVD...ppl...pls dont try and run away from the camera...I just wont bother with you anymore, then i dont want complaints if you don't show in the DVD much...

oh yes...Johnathan, who those going on outreach will not see until Late August, is supposed to be starting a blog...look for him on my friends list.


Thats it for today...

I doubt ill be able to blog from Gibralter...

if not...Ill see you the 24th


Sunday, July 01, 2007


First...thanks for the forgivness....



Woots to me...It was fun, I enjoyed it till now, and hope to keep going for longer... Just a statistic: Favourite Blog to date is the community youths video:

any way...sry if anywhere through these 100 i caused offense, irritation, or plain boredom.

now bout yesterday...we went to watch the concert by kdz...proset to the y4j band...

it was fun, and the music was good...
half way through we went to eat and mc donalds, and me and miguel baught exactly the same thing...i say this because it is an important point...that made the girls walk away in embaressment...and not talk to us for most of the rest of the evening...
Pls tell me, what's embaressing about walking around Valletta in this:

lol and mig liked them:)

Oh get well soon to Mr. Abela...

Hmm thats about it

see ya around peoples:


Wednesday, June 27, 2007


...really mean it... you all...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Not bad for my first time"

Yo people, havent blogged in a while...
blogging mainly to talk bout Sunday...
we were invited on the Baracuda, Louisa's family's boat for the day to film the last two program discussions.
it was great...i love the agrees with me...and the day was spent relaxing and chillin...and the discussions were filmed.
Thanks goes out to louisa's parents who were great hosts and cooked an amazing meal...
it was plain sailing all the way back to Cirkewwa, where Jonathan and I decide to go for a swim...

Jonathan launches himself from the upper deck in a very well performed dive, and surfaces in the crystal clear sea smiling. I step up onto the railing of the lower deck and stand with my back to the water. I know the water is deep enough, and i know i can do the jump. I have done it hundred of times before. I concentrate and let go on the bar I was holding onto for balance. bend my knees, swing my arms and launch myself upwards, and bending backwards to perform the dive.
Upside down in mid air, I look down expecting to see the sea below me and the boat infront of me. But in that split second I knew something wasn't right...the image i saw wasn't what I was expecting, I felt a slight worry.
I hit the sea, not knowing fully how i landed, and feel a pain in my shoulder...nothing too bad i imagine, i resurface, but realise i can't move my left arm.
Jonathan swims up to me "nice dive"
"yeah thanks...I think i dislocated my shoulder though."
he smiles thinking im exagerating, being fooled by how calm and relaxed i said it.
"no, seriously i can't move my arm"
he looks at my shoulder and suddenly looks worried. he starts helping me over to the boat, calling for John. A bit of panick began, although some people were thinking we were joking.
Everybody believed however as soon as i pulled myself out of the water, and saw the bone jutting out at an odd angle. i kept thinking "i expected a dislocated shoulder to feel worst" the pain rly wasnt that bad.
jonathan and john tell me to lie down, so i do. everybody, except sarah who couldnt stand the sight, was looking down at me.
Jonathan holds my left arm up, and following instructions from John, places his foot into my left armpit and pulls onto my arm, i wince, but the bone did not go back into place. on the second try, he twists slightly whilst pulling, and i feel the bone slipping back into place. it was a comfortable feeling.
next i know i was wrapped in about five towels and ushered onto a bench to sit and rest.
Again..i wasn't in that much pain...but i was shivering like anything...most probably out of shock...words were being said and i answered with out any problems....only two things are worth mentioning here: I am going back to rugby when I'm fuly back to normal...
and Jonathan saying "not bad for my first time ej...?"


:) a good day on the whole :)


Monday, June 04, 2007

Casa dolce casa

Ciao Ragazzi

scuzatte per non aver scritto in un bel po di tempo. Sta mattina ho arrivato a Malta alle dieci di matina, da Roma... was great. we walked barefoot, had hot chocolate-tea, and saw God work in magnificent ways...the views where great, the people where greater...but nohing compares to the Food...Grazzie Enrico!...
oh...maltese bread kicks ass, nothing like it anywhere in Italy, and Maltese drivers arent THAT me

erm...not mucjh else to say..

landed in Malta to beautiful rainy weather...hope it goes on tomorrow...and want a nice day on Wednesday... :)

See you all...


Sunday, May 20, 2007


Well people, just came back from a day of filming...just two more discussions to go...and quite a lot of features and editing....but nearing an end...
oh stevens and sharons wedding was really great...
also...a gd luck to cousin, who embarked on a year long adventure...praying for you dude
work is going fine...enjoying it ...and the people are great...
Happy with Angie...and that is an understatement...:)
another week of work ahead of me, with a filming of a feature tomorrow...not sure bout wats gonna happen next weekend, except...i wanna go swim on sunday....everyone free to join of course...
it's a bout it for now....

Monday, May 14, 2007

re: Gah

feeling better now thanks to all those who asked...
it was just a bad day...couple of days...

Saturday, May 12, 2007


...Gah... ...bad mood..... ...people begin to irritate the crap out of me... ...looking for an excuse to fight... ...don't feel like talking... ...want to be alone... ...thanks to steve for helping out... ...sorry if i annoyed anyone...


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

quick update

Long awaited update
so much to say
well work is going really great, got used to the system and getting comfortable on the phone, and the people at work are just brilliant and fun.
what else, went swimmin again last sunday...huge waves...was fun...ever got slaped by a wall of water? I did...not a pretty experiance....

oh, gd luck for all those doing exams at the moment, praying for you all...

I so need a car...cause bussing it to work and back from work every day is not gonna be fun at all in summer...

erm...sry not much else to life has been , editing, and sleeping...


Monday, April 30, 2007

Sand, Sun, ACTION!!

Hey people,
Really packed weekend just passed...
Saturday had the filming of the first program and of the mime...a very tiring day of filming, (12hrs) but i think we did a good job...i have photos, I will post later...cause i'm at work and dont got them on me...
(just took my first appointment :) )

Sarah's party in the evening was fun...Happy birthday to her, and i hope she enjoyed it...
Also, one of my printed t shirts became very famous i must say :P

Yesterday...TO THE BEACH!!
first swim of the year 2007...April the was a beautiful dasy and I am now a nice shade of redish brown..the sea was not that cold either, fun ness was had...
rugby on the sand can be painful too :S
...oh...and sorry to Dezz for making her wait so long :)

then a relaxed evening at Marks house for like 7 of us...just wayched a DVD and laughed...none of us had energy to do anything else

well i continue working....

GBU all


Friday, April 27, 2007

"Hello Comtec, good morning"

Hey ppl

Sorry It's been a while...although it doesn't look like anyone really reading it much...of course it's understood, Also...good luck to you all...I'm sure you'll do well exams going on and all...but i expect you all to be regular readers again this coming summer.

Well...I started my job this week...It's going ok...the telephone and i got along immediately, the computer system held out a while but i'm getting used to it slowly...they have yet to actually get my telephone...but my computer is set up and on a good note, i have access to internet.

well...what else...

nothing much really...we've got filming tomorrow..a long day of filming, missing the tens tournament DAMN IT ah well...all for Him i suppose...and in the evening Sarah's bday party... first swim...woot...praying for amazing weather...


oh i decided...ish...i think i'm going back to architecture next yr....ah well...

thata im sure....

hug to you all

Gbu all


Sunday, April 22, 2007


Hey ppl,
How you all be? good? I'm good too, thanks for asking.

Yeah, I've been inside all day alone, with nothing to do as everyone else is busy..I am lacking human contact...

After an interesting night yesterday which i enjoyed, i felt like spending the day out again...
instead it was me and myself all day...

It was productive, coloured a picture on photoshop, drew an other two in styles i had never tried before and continued writing "Wheels"

In further news: the first bunny t shirt was produced...

Oh I'm still not sure what I'm gonna do with my life...but hell that's old news
and thats about it..
start work tomorrow..woopdi doo gah


Friday, April 20, 2007

bla bla bla

Hey people,
I'm posting cause it's been a other real reason...

First a big thank you to Matt Azzopardi for organizing yesterdays football was fun...tiring, but fun...

erm other than that it was pretty normal, spending my days at home usually, drawing and colouring bunny for the 9 people who want a t shirt :) woo...

also..i have found a job for the summer...alas its got absolutely nothing to do with animation or design, but its mornigns only and the pay isnt bad, no heavy lifting...and i need the cash...outreach, and next year no stipend..:S The only problem is i lost all my free mornigns this summer, except saturday and no full day fun stuff.. :(
ah well....problems problems...


honestly i think thats it....

and cause i want to be a's a photo of Karla...:) enjoy:

well....that be it


Monday, April 16, 2007

Molested by Phone :P

I got yelled at on the phone...
I swear someone called and yelled at me to update saying it was annoying checking for them and finding the same blog entry....:P
well here it is...

erm...not much happening at the moment, which gives me loads of time to think, considering my current state of being, this is not really a gd thing.
I keep thinking about my future...mainly, if i should go back to Architecture next year, I mean I think i didnt do well this year cause i was not really interested in the subject. BUt what alternatives do I have? I'de love something in design or animation, but then there is one problem, what job am i going to be able to do with those. This is important, as even with a job in animation in Malta, I will not be getting enough income to keep a family, which is something i plan to do eventually...
Ah well trusting in the Lord...

so for the time being, I'm looking for a job to keep me going through the summer and all next year (not to mention Outreach) and doing little jobs with my art...
this is fun
mainly people are asking for t shirts with bunny (pic shown on the right hand side column) which is my mostly used character...also banners and charts for community events, and of course the sketches for 4given...Steph (Migs mum) also told me about the National Art competition I might try....You never know...
So keeping the art moving..

Also spending a lot of time on the filming and editing of 4given...getting used to using the mac...finally :) and meeting some very fun and interesting ppl during the filming process... :) Met the Archbishop a photo with him :) lol, ill post it when I get it.

Hmm....I guess thats about it really....

Oh...a big thank you goes out to Lara for having us on Saturday, exactly what was needed thanks

A bigger thank you for last nights chat :) you know who you are

well, thats about it

tonight i might go down to Paola for the Mime rehersal...nothing better to do anyway lol
plus im gonna have to film this...might as well know it...(like i dnt already :P )


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Video Up

Hey people...
Long time since i posted...
nothing much going on....
just editing most of my time...while everyone else is studying...

Here's a video I made this morning...
Hope you enjoy...

I want comments...

I hope none of you people showing mind...

Straight Jacket

Friday, April 06, 2007


Hey ppl,
It's been a while, hasnt it?
I'm in one of those know...where I'm praying despretaly for no one to say anythng stupid cause im not sure i can with hold my fist flying...
ah well im sure it'll pass....
just got back from the gd friday thingy...the play was rly amazing and touchin, proset guys....but i must say that the part i enjoyed the most out of the whole afternoon was drawing on the window :D im rly happy my artistic skills are being used for His glory...
what else?
oh yeah, im spending most of my time at the editing office....i mean with nothing else to do...y getting the hang of editing slowly...
also...its funny, i end up with the feeling every evening that i just spent my day with John and Angelique...weird...
im re thinking re entering uni with architecture...
i think im gonna look for something in design or animation...if anyone knows of the right course for me or job, pls inform me...
tonight we off to migs...
apperently to watch the passion...woopdidoo...
not sure i feel like...
but better than staying home...
also...just in case Dezz reads this from Spain..
I be praying for her...i know she'll do fine...and i want a comment telling me how well she did
(and i warn her to be careful about that thing she was right about :P)

i think thats about it...

pretty much


Monday, April 02, 2007

I still can't fart


well...yestertday started off pretty normal for a sunday....
went to mass early and then at 12.30 was in Wardija for lunch (rly rly amazing, thank you Anna) and then filming. after that we had a relaxed tee before rushing over to Xemxija for filming of another program...gah....too many ppl, rly tiring and hectic...but it went ok on the whole...and me and drew are developing a hate for that blasted boom mic.
well, up till then normal...
on the way back, me mike matt and lou where at st. pauls bay, heading to sliema, when we get a call from Jonathan...his car had stopped...out of his fuel gauge doesnt work...
we turn back on the other side of xemxija to find him...we found Jonathan Drew and Saz in a dark thin road...saz was obviously freaking out...we were then sent back to get petrol in a container and take it back to them...
that worked fine...
(all this while lou is freaking out cause mike is a little worried his wheel might come off)
we decided to follow them out, just in case something else went wrong...we got one word of warning from Jonathan...
"don't stay too close behind me, i'm not sure my break lights work."...right...
well that was that we met him again at the petrol station and he said sorry for ruining our evening...he was wrong....
we then headed down to pv and bought pizza from Champs picked up vanessa and dezz and went to Exiles to eat them...
we then headed back to pv for beer and whine...and back to exiles...and then back to pv again cause we didnt open the
and back to exiles...
then we saw two people getting it on in a car there....nothing abnormal...the comments passed where hilarious though...louisa was especially interested lol
what was really really really funny..was that after they where done...we found out we knew the guy...and a phone call confirmed it...laughs...
also...matt sometimes shuffles out of the car for no apperent reason...comes in looking all relaxed and releaved...(fart)
Dezz's father"I still can't fart!!" lol...matt has a talent for saying the wrong thing at exactly the right time :)


we eventually drop matt lou and dezz off....

and we got home at 4am....

brilliant day on the whole...


Sunday, April 01, 2007

As Requested

Hey people...
well...this week sucked.
the only gd thing that happened is that is started talking to someone again after a moment of
now other things...
i got my last result....i have got to repeat first year...i failed 17 credits...
i was filming yesterday afternoon...and therefore missed both the rugby match against Overseas and the treasure hunt organizes by Ian's Dad...
evening...went to the Uni Student Fest...some of the dances where great, especially 'Shake' in which there was Dezz...amazing dance...proset Dezz, really really cool...and 'RamaBala Lama' or something...anyway the last Zombie dance...really cool and original...some of the others where less effective...anyway..a gd show on the whole..ish lol
after that..there was no way to go had no choice but to walk on home...and im in a horrible foul mood...
a mixture of confused, sad, don't mess with me until im feeling better.

well i gtg get ready for filming at wardija...woo


Friday, March 30, 2007


wow...thanks for the collection of comments on my last blog...
this is just a very short blog entry to say a big welcome to Mark who started his own blog...check out my friends list.
and welcome back to sarah who has finally decided to continue bloging after a 6 week break :)
i gtg now...we ogff to the mass at zebbug...just ame back from another great afternoon with matt lou and dezz, ill post comments up another time.

Vegetarians aren't people

Monday, March 26, 2007


I have previously posted about people being affected by what other people say. That time, if you recall, I was the one who did the talking.
Today I am posting from the side of the one who got the words thrown at him.
Words do hurt.
Especially when they come form someone who u value greatly as a person, and when the words are saying something you have been concious about and have been working very hard to change...and you knew you had managed.
It makes it worse that the person who said these words doesnt even know that I have been affected negatevely by them, and doesnt thing anything wrong was said.
I know in the last post about the power of words i had said that no one can be expected to always know when something they said caused offense...but i now realise one should, at least if not realise exactly which words caused offense, that offense was caused.
A bit of sensibility people..

...i know this blog kinda sounds sissy ish...but fuck, it's the truth.

On a different note:

Is it possible that there is someone who you just CAN'T get along with no matter how hard you try?

and last but not least..

A BIG BIG BIG Thank you to Louisa and their family for her hospitality last night...thanks a lot

Lamb and Chicken

Thursday, March 22, 2007

ah..the relaxedness

Hey people,
It was a great day today...
I know it can sometimes be boring relating the days events, but today was a great day...
started at uni...lunch at Lo Spontino, met matt, allan and lee and went to have a drink at Meet and Eat. Then Dezz arrived and we went to mass at uni.
After that off to JC to pick up Louisa and off for a drive.
the mood was great, the drive was fun, even though the weather wasnt the best.
well we ended up in Naxar and after a nice warm drink at Dezz's house (WHERE'S DA FISH? LOL) we wnt for a walk to a place known as 'the top of the world' piggy back rides practically all the way up.
relaxed under some trees there, and eventually headed back, and got to dezz's home just as t started raining again...
more relaxedness.... atm is so good...

love the three of u matt, lou and dezz


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

birthday video

Hey people,
I'm just posting to post the video of Ian's party thing..
Im sorry the videos are very very dark....
i need a video camera...

but here it is...


Sunday, March 18, 2007

please excuse us for the delay

Hey people...
its been a while i know...sorry
first I'de like to thank all six of the people who left thos very caring comments (no sarcasm intented) on my last blog.
today i dont think im gonna have a deep philosophical blog...
my mmind is in a state of blankness due to being in a relaxed happy mood...

before i forget...CONGRATULATIONS to Louisa for her brilliant dancing yesterday in the Junior College Soiree...amazing lou, keep it up.


an explanation is needed on why im in such an over the moon mood...
well...its hard to explain really..but basically, "i was someone i didn't expect it from". thats all i'm gonna say...who should understand it, will...

well...nothing much else to say...


i injured ANOTHER finger yesterday...


Comment on Carls blog!! he's on the pther side of the minute to write a comment...come on people...
ps: sry carl not a long blog...i know u read them all

thats about it


Monday, March 05, 2007


Something has been brought to my attention lately. It is a bit of a worrying thought that I hadn't thought about until now.
As most of you know I am the type of person that is not afraid to try new dangerous things. Somehow the more dangerous something is the more i trow myself into it. I f you haven't noticed this, i'll give a few, jumping from high places, dangerous jumps into the sea...come on, you all know i'm crazy. I thought it all comes from a wierd inbuilt anger, but lately i've realised that i must be angry for something, and i tried and tried to recall what i could be angry at...nothing.
Yesterday, a close friend asked "what are you trying to proove? and to whom?"
I realised...yes...i do try to portray myself as a crazy angry agressive person. This is stupid as I know that alkl of my friends will love and accept me even if i was a normal calm person. The problem is that although i know this, i still can not help being dangerous. It's like I've been trying for so hard, that it hasd become part of me. I know that with enough concentration and prayer, i will remove the anger and trill for danger from within me, but I somehow know that I'll still try to portray myself as that type of person. As in, although it won't come naturally, i will still do it.
This brings me back to thinking about why i try to proove myself as a hardcore, not afraid of anything kind of person.
The only thing i could come up with, is that i try and be this way to be unique in a group, to stick out, to be a bit special. I am not convinced oin this, but it makes sense.
I am a simple person, nothing special about me except my art. I am grateful for this God given talent, but I htink subconsiously, I am not happy with being known as "simon...oh yes, he's the guy that know's how to draw." I think deep down, i feel really insecure about myself and want to try and portray myself as someone unique, wierd, crazy, dangeroius, angry, whatever...
This sounds you would be saying that normal people would like to be known for good things...but somehow to me it doesnt matter. Being known as someone who does crazy dangerous things is something i like...
so what's the problem?
I'm eventually going to end up hurting myself seriously and permanently.
That is the main reason I'm am trying hard to understand myself...I do not want to end up loosing the use of my legs because of some stupid stunt i try to pull off to proove myself to everyone.
(again i know i don't have to, and people will accept me for what i really am)
I am still struggling to find the other, or real reasons reasons behind this behaviour...Cause i know i have to solve it soon...or it'll be a little too late.
I apologize for the maybe boring rant...


Saturday, March 03, 2007


Everyone has their own sensitive point, a button releasing the worse side of someone. Lately I've been experiencing this quite a bit, and usually, without knowing, I would poke at this button.
I say without knowing because I would not know about it until after I press it, which would be a tad too late. Ok, everyone should try and be sensitive all the time, and be careful about what one says, but how in the world is anyone supposed to know that one thing hits your nerves more than anything else does.
Now, I'm, i'll admit, a rough kind of person, something to do with going to a hard-core all guys school i concluded, and being rough, i sometimes say things that might seem harsh. But I am telling you all now, I do not intende to offend. The case would usually be that I would take it for granted that everyone knows I would not be serious.
Often, the thing which effects people is something small and unimportant to others. I am not going to go into the why of these things, because there could be hundreds of reasons for them. What I'm going to talk about is that most people find them petty issues.
For example, up until two years ago, I could not stand anyone speaking about the fact that i wear glasses. I just couldn't take it. I know that thousands of people wear glasses, so taking offence at it was stupid, I knew this then, and yet i lost control every time. You see, some people would say "so what if you wear glasses?" but to me it was a big issue. Most probably because of the amount of teasing i got because of them early in my life.
Now, the important thing is that i got over this issue.
My point is, that since most people would look at the thing that pisses you off as something petty and stupid, we should realise that we should not take it against the person who said it immediately on the first time. As most probably he, or she, would not even know that it effects you badly.
If you know the person knows, I still feel that a little self control and maturity are needed. Please note, I am speaking about myself aswell, I do have little, (fine fine quite big-ish) moments of anger at something stupid. But more self control must be practised. I do not find it makes sense that a friendship is broken, or at least damaged, because of a word that offended you, especialy if it was not intentional.

On that note, I have rediscovered the value of a close friend. I mean, i always knew how important friends were, but lately I've been thinking and came to the conclusion, that a close friend, should be taken care of, and one must do anything within his capabilities to prevent pain being caused. This may be easy without loosing much yourself, or it may be a great sacrifice. I am telling you, it will always be worth it. The friend will remember, and you will have that person close to you for life. A close freind, especially in moments of turbulance, is one of the most precious things one could ask for. So be careful and handle them carefully and with respect people.

One last thing, somehow when you become very close to someone, especially if its over a long period of time, and then for some reason fall apart, that person will always have a special place in your heart...(sounds cheesy, i know) I can tell you that a great pain happens when you see this person and know that things will never be back the same way they where before. There will always be a little awkwardness, or light tension, no matter how hard you both try to act natural. So for this reason i ask you to be very careful when it comes to people close to you that you love, do not take anyone for granted. It is a lesson I have had to learn the hard way, and i hope to spare you the pains...


Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Hey people,

Im in a rather pissy mood right now...just came back from msida. I was in msida cause i was on my way to rugby. i didnt go to rugby, cause as soon as i arrived in msida i got a msg saying we don't acctually have rugby. It took me three quarters of an hour to get here from msida cause the bloody bus system sucks balls.

Well...not much to say besides that...

I haven't got any other results yet, not looking forward to them, i mean i don't know how well i did, but on second thought, knowing where i stand is much better, at least i'de know if I'm going to repeat the year or not. Bloody lazy lecturers take there time to do anything...idiots.

I experimenting with Anime again...for those of you who don't know, Anime (or Manga) is the Japanese style of drawing cartoons, the ones with the big eyes. I've drawn one especially good one, in my opinion. Bit of a sad theme, as its a girl crying, but i likes it...Here I'de like to say thanks to Chris who introduced me to the art style *cough* -ish, also, thank hiim even more, cause it was this style that made me meet Matt.
I am also, experimenting with color a bit again...enjoying remmebering all the tricks and methods, and adding on all the stuff ive learnt since i used pencil color last.

I'm getting close to some one kind of unexpectedly. It's a good thing, I'm not complaining, quite the opposite.

Another thing is that I'm practically getting through the week by waiting for Friday's worship meeting...Since the weekend I've let God take a more central position in my life again. I just need to open my heart more to be able to listen to what he wants from me again. I know by now that when i go the other way...well...not working on that...

Oh, warning to all...i got into the habit of carrying my camera matter where it a way its good, cause a lot of the photos i take are good ones, and more importantly natural posing...people acting fact..most people i speak to on msn have a photo taken by me as a display pic.


sorry for the totally random rant...

and my apologies if its bored you out of your i said...not in the best of moods...


Monday, February 26, 2007


Hey people,
Just a quick rant to update you all on the weekend.
Well, first a BIG thank you to Mark for his Hospitallity last Saturday. For those who don't know, a fun Chinese night...Really great.
Yesterday was fun. After the mass at University, which was in the evening, we decided to go to Fontanella in Mdina...why? who knows?
well three vehicles all full and we drive up...the silent city was not so silent when we got there...and the place looks so much cooler and different at night, Simon likes.
Well Fontanella was closed...bugger, we turn round and eventually decide to go to 'Il-Fortizza' in Xemxija, or St. Pauls Bay, not sure. This place is brilliant, relaxed and a nice warm toasty atmosphere. The food is good and it's not at all expensive. Well an evening of eating, light drinking (obviously not the drivers) and relaxing...brilliant.
NOTE: To all the drivers, Miguel took us round an extra 10 minute drive. He missed the exit.

well this morning back to uni, just came out of an Art lecture...the guy woke up in a pissy mood, and spent two hours saying how lucky we are that he is teaching us, and that he is doing us a favour....i stopped listening after 15 minutes...ah well.

next lecture in 3 hours, going to run some errands and go to mass.

last thing: Saz starts teachiong practise today. She's been working very hard on preparing the lessons, so lets pray that she does brilliantly...have no doubt on the matter myself...

well thats it..

The penguin is better than you.
(lol mike sent me this video yesterday...couldn't stop laughing)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

On methods of Praise

Hey guys,
This is more of a continuation to the copmment i posted on Matt's blog..
I really want to start an instrument, not for my own satisfaction or glory, but rather to be able to Praise God in a more expressive way. I really feel limited in my showing my love and devotion to Him, who is such an important person in my life.
At the moment my only form of showing praise, is using my art.
Don't get me wrong,
I am trully and honestly grateful to God for granting me with this brilliant talent, and I'm happy it is actually being used to serve him, especially in community, but as i said in Matt's blog, Music, somehow, is much more alive...
Also Music can be used for Evangelisation and bringing people closer to God, while art is easily ignored...
I say again, I am in no way complaining for the talents i havce been given, and I'm sure He is using it in the way He sees most fit.
Somehow I know that if/ when i start an instrument, I'll be reletavily good at it, not boasting or braging (i can't anyway...never touched an instrument in my life) but somehow i know it's inside me.
Well, of course i must not ignore the capability and opportunity God has given me when it comes to filming, I thank him for this too, and it is more alive than art too...but i still feel music is more effective as a means of praise.
Here I would like to tell all those who have this talent, to thank God for it and use it for Him...don't take it for granted. Also I'de like to thank them all for helping us in praise andf encourage them to keep doing the wonderfgul job that they are already doing.
I'de like to end by saying that I am not ungratefull for the talents I have been given, and do not intend on complaining for the one's I don't have. I don't doubt God has a specific plan for me as He does for all of us, and I'm sure that He has equiped me with all I need to fullfill this plan.
to end ide like to show u the video i showed at the weekend...using God's given talent foir a way...

hope you enjoy it...

Im off to uni mass,

Praise God

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Hey ppls...
been a while hasnt it?
say the truth, you all missed me..

Community weekend.....just great....Spiritually it was a great boost and the Community needed it...
and Socially...just brilliant....hanging out with everyone and being a maximum of a floor away from anyone you want to speak to was brilliant. The late chats in the

that went well...over 300 photos and clips :D

im considering posting the video of Angie freaking out...she doesnt handle frights well.....
yeah what the hell.....

Here's matt going mad in the corridor....

and as a photo....i just have to post this one...Kai is going to kill me later...but hell.....

Ill post more photos later maybe...

yesterday got a few ppl over to watcha was fun...relaxed..The Illusionist is a brilliant it...

today had a relaxed day...was exhausted for most of it...end up sleeping in the afternoon....not common....

well ats all i think....

not much to say....

or too lazy to try and think....

Thursday, February 15, 2007

You Organic Organ!!

Picture this...
I wake up at 7.3o and i got a lecture at 8, It's already a sin to expect 19 year olds to wake up any time before 10 but anyway...
I rush through my breakfast and shower, and run to Uni, hot sweaty and out of breath...
The lecturer doesnt show up....
I mean come on!
What the hell?!
now i'm back home...Thank you Carlo for the lift...and i'm not sure I'm going to go back at 12 for my one hour lecture, what's the point? For All i know he (or she, not sure yet) might not show up.
Well, I'm waiting for the dew to dry up off the roof so i can go and spray the banner...hope it comes out ok, first time I'm using spray..:S i said yesterday, we got a new member to our 'blog community'...Carl Cassar is taking the bother of telling us whats going on, on the underside of the planet...Let's all give him a warm welcome...:P

Oh btw....i need a favour...
how do i put videos up onto my blog?
I know Chris did, and i've seen it in other blogs,
so just leave a comment how,
or catch me on msn...(those who know me only...)



Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Bloody Valentine's

Happy Bloody Valentine's Day to all of ye...
Yeah I'm not a fan...
plus...memories of last years Valentine's day....well you can all imagine
well...spent today working on the back drop for the talent show on Saturday....not too bad, head ache though.
well lectures started as usual again this week...woopdifreakindoo...
Oh yes..spoke to Carl Cassar today, who's traveling the world. He started a blog and ive added a link to it in my Friends section, so go visit it...
tomorrow lectures at 8....bloody History....
and trainign in the evening...yes i started again last monday...feels great to be back!!

well thats all for today...
i know its not a long blog but as i said got a bit of a head ache...


Friday, February 09, 2007

good dreams better than nightmares

What is worst than a really horrible nightmare?

well...a really good realistic dream....

You ever wake up after having a gd dream and you're in a brilliant mood cause you think it really happened? yes, of course u have....well...the most horrible feeling is when all of a sudden.."hmm...wait....yesterday i did thmumble that didn't happen....bugger"
the sad feeling when u realise it was only a dream is horrible......

this morning it took me a good ten minutes before i realised it was just a dream...horrible horrible....ajma.....

just thaught ide share with u....

pls note i posted a blog last night....dont skip it.....


Thursday, February 08, 2007


well peoples,

what can i say....

right first...get well soon Karla....dont really know what shes got..but she describes it as "i feel like shit"...she doesnt kick like it though i can tell u that...

my dad is in hospital at the moment cause he felt a chest pain and they kept him for observation, Please keep him in your prayers...
well, so today i went to hospital in the morning for a follow up on my screwed up finger...
met Joelle who seems to be fitting into hospital life very well, congrats to her...
and after spent four hours next to my father, it was nice, dont usually spend much time with him...
well, as i was walking out at 3 i met Angie going home from Junior College, and spent an hour chatting and walking...NEVER ALLOW A GIRL TO CHOOSE A ROUTE TO WALK...
Well then it was back home and onto my trusty Laptop...eehhh it can be soo boring when ure the only one with a free day....
well...tomorrow morning early at uni to get the summary of the new project..woopdifekindooo...

ah well

tonight might type a bit more of Wheels


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

On insanity

Right, the do I put this so that it wil be rated at least PG...i suppose how i told Matt would do..."Review: Bollocks" went bad...conversataion ended.

I was contemplating this morning (Matt slaps forhead "Oh no...") about madness...
I have been called Mad, Insane or Cazy on many occasions, And sometimes I take these comments as example is a few weeks ago Drew has "Simon is a crazy bastard" as his personnel message on msn...I actually asked him to keep it for a while.
I figured there are different types of madness, not to metion different degrees of madness.
  • Well there is madly in Love,
  • insane cause you're not with some one,
  • there's crazy, "I'm a bit more hyper than everyone else"
  • or mad: " I think the world is made up if numbers but BLACK the pink rhino fairy keeps sitting on them and dividing BLACK them by two forming everything into blue pandas, if it wherent for the super penguins flying around with BLACKtheir magnums we'de all be puddles of basic jelo collecting in the curves of 9's 0's 3's BLACK 5's 6's and 8's. Why are you looking at me like that?"
  • There's also the crazy "Hey I'm Simon and I like to jump from hi altitudes with only a long rubber band attached to my ankles, I also enjoy fliping through the air and doing anything with a risk of injury"
  • Theres also of course the spontanious insanity, which I simply love, something along the lines of "Lets do this." "Why?" "Why not?" "no its stupid" (there's always one) "Oh come on..." "gah...fine!
  • and then there's the insanity brought on by a lot of stress, lack of sleep and tention....the type where you're sitting down, can't stop shaking, you're crying and laughing at the same time, and brief loud cuss words keep bursting from your mouth...not pretty to watch, not pretty to be in...but ah well....

well hope you enjoyed that...just to let everyuone who has called me crazy, insane or mad in the are right...I have experienced every single one of these states in the past year alone. ...ajma......

well I am free until next Monday, when 2nd semester starts, if anyone has ideas to do something pls let me know...not tonight though, i need to sleep some more to recover the wasted 23hrs yesterday/this morning.