Friday, December 26, 2008

fun photos

Hey people...
first of all Merry Christmas...

dont feel like writing a long post...
but wanted to put up some photos people been asking me for:

looking at them i know how they could be better...
but they'll do

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

two weekends

hey people...
i appologize for the short blogs...
but i really have no time.
im uploading a video
unedited in anyway...its just perfect as it is.
its from the camping thing last weekend.

We still love her.

agrigento was fantastic, God is great, and it was a real growing experience.
these are a few photos:

Fr. Patrick and I: He's a very very nice guy full of God's joy.

Kali and Dr. John: Kali is another great man of God invited for the weekend.

Vito, Myself, John and Alesandro: very nice people, and made us feel really welcome.


Monday, December 01, 2008


Well lots of things have happened, are happening and coming up.
SO rather busy at the moment with drawing and stuff, and studying and reading.
You will excuse me for not blogging as often.
I go read

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

R.I.P. na

my Grandmother passed away last night at 9.30ish pm
May she rest in Peace, she deserves it.
Funeral tomorrow the 27th at Paola parish church at 8.30am...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

past and comings up

Yo People.
It has been a while
last weekend was fun...I mean i enjoyed it like know....
friday community as usual..but I'm happy I got a bunch of YOU to pay up for the ordered DVD's...I'll be coming round again this Friday.
The DVD's are progressing nicely...Dugi and G are doing a great job on the weekend...with of course a little help here, and little guidance there...and a lot of nudging all round.
The outreach DVD is as most of you know ready...just burning them now :)
EFL exam in the morning...b@$7urd$ didn't include a narrative title in the essays...but i should have done well....hope i passed...not an easy passmark (75%)
in the evening went to y4j...shout out to all the people I know over there!....and really enjoyed it...(pete, your drumming rocks)
right then gave a lift to 4 lovely little lady's and drove off to uni for mass at 9 in the chapel..
which was nice.
following that spent the evening relaxed at Dubliners. all...fantastic.
Oh...a get well soon to Matt who is sick. I hope I don't catch it off you after yesterday dude....;)
*people reading this blog all round the world frown and wonder*
I'm at the moment at the library, and have another 1hr15minutes free...some work to do but generally if anyone reads this between now and 11am on the 25th of November...:)...gimme a call.
1month to Christmas btw...I should really start Christmas shopping...
Camping coming up in 2weeks...and really looking forward to that...anyone interested email or call Jonathan Grech.
Well I best continue working...*frown*


Monday, November 17, 2008

Is it me..?

Is it me or is everything much nicer after it has rained...
all bright, and nice, and fresh

thats all i really wanted to say...
I like the rain...

Monday, November 10, 2008


Hey People!

Well, SCREAM is over.
(the youth weekend)
It was great.

Backdrop and the designers

The whole thing was planned out really well, and I'de like to thank everyone involved, from the organization to the worchipteam. (who played fantastically)
The praise was just great.

The T-shirt design

The talks were just great too, each speaker bringing in new points to think about and hints on how to trully live our lives in the Glory of God. So a big thank you to all of them too.

The Tags: designed by Brian

I'm really at a loss on how to explain how much this weekend helped and came at the right time.
One thing I'de like to say is that Prayer is just the best way to prepare for any difficult upcoming event:)

Oh! Really enjoyed drumming...not during praise and so on...Thats Mig's place and I dont wanna take it...but for fun in between, matt, mike and paul all drumming together...with Ian on bass....funness all round.

Also for more photos...of actual people this time...I'm putting them up on facebook...

Lara already put hers up :)


Friday, November 07, 2008


Hey people:)
Well it's been a while...but been rather busy with preparing designs and packing the van and setting up for the weekend, which begins later today :)
looking forward to it.
I'm not gonna post pics of the backdrop yet, as, obviously only the select few have seen it till now, and i dont wanna spoil the surprise for the others.
but I promise to post photos of the whole set up after.
Well yesterday went to set up and had a bit of a discussion about how to do that, but eventually matt and I won, as it was our thingy anyway.
then the Frangiskani having a retreat there invited us for supper with them :), they are a really fun bunch of people. the soup was good.
Tonight, gonna be there early to finalize a few things.
I go to lecture now...*frown*

Friday, October 31, 2008


Hey people.
I've lost focus...
I figured I was fdeeling all down and stuff lately becaue i had lost focus...on why I'm in Community, Why I go to meetings and so on...
I was looking for the social aspect...only...i had completely forgoten the REAL reason.
mainly being...I am here, at this point in my life, doing what I'm doing because God loves me and I am trying to love Him back with all my heart.
That's it...
My mind has wandered onto problems of communication, misunderstandings, unfair-ness...or unfairity...*shrug* and forgotten the MAIN REASON...
well...I've realised...and I'm working my way back...feeling better already.
(: <- thank you achie

well...thats the feeling section of the blog....updates:

filmed the Charismatic Renual Conference...was fun, and the praise (especially on Saturday was great) always an event worht going to.
after that, on sunday, as fast as I can to youthfull worship at the Uni chapel...
FANTASTIC! Really a great time of Praise and worship...keep it up to all involved...
community tonight...


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hey people..
...especially Achie who is my only official follower :)
......I'de love to do a proper update on events thoughts and feelings...
but i'm exhausted and can barely keep my eyes open...the small remainder of recent cold is still triing me out...and to be perfectly honest to you, my readers...the latest book of Terry Pratchett 'Nation', calls me to contyinue reading.
so thats it for now...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A fish out of Water

You know that feeling...?
I'm sure we've all felt it at some point in our lives...some less than others.
The feeling comes when you just joined a group of friends, and you're not fully integrated you feel out of place.
Understandable after all...everyone knows each other better than you do, there are the inside jokes, plans you don't yet know on....
It sucks balls when you experience that feeling with the group of people you've spent the last three years of your life with.
Through no fault of the people involved, mind you...I'm not accusing...
and I can't even explain why...
What makes it worst is...since the past three years have been spent with these people...and me being me...and the university course choices I made...they are the only real group of friends you have...(now i sound just sad...) but its true...everyone else is merely an aquantance....
Which is why I've been a bit on the down side lately...(for those who where wondering and asking)
It's that feeling of not belonging...anywhere.
I know these sad depressing outburst of feelings and thought are like so last season but i don't follow if you don't like it, don't read it, and if you got this far already and think I'm being stupid to feel this way...*shrugs*

thats it

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Slightly irritated, but not much
Arrived 1.5 minutes late for a lecture just now...
and the lecturer, with a kind appologetic gesture, signaled that the doors where closed, so with a nod of appology, i walked back out of the hall and straight to you my readers.
Aren't you lucky.
Well anyway...glad the people that commented (can't know about the others) liked the video...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have a head ache.
My ears keep poping.
My eye lids feel heavy.
I have four hours of lectures in 45 minutes, followed by my first efl thingy.
I would like to tell you all about the wonderful day we had Sunday...but I'll do that at home after i finish the video on it.
all i'll say is that we definitly need to spend Sunday afternoons outside.
University frees are usually lonely.
that's it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

"mistake" fixed

Good morning.
its early on a Sunday and I woke up with no real reason...went to mass yesterday and nothing to do for the next few i decided to fix something i did..
in my last post i introduced Krissie...and i was asked to say that that photo was one of her evil spastic looking twin sister.
and while taking a significant number of photos, we managed to agree on one which is really her...
and here she is for you:

so yeah...
now woman, stop complaining.

cheers to you all

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

my third first year: a begining

Hey people...
it was been a long time hasnt it....
well...i started uni...again....and its quite interesting till now...
I am very happy sitting alone for most of my lectures doodling in the corner of pages while taking notes...and they're really interesting. but i dont mind being sister sat next to me...and man does that girl talk!
but anyway...
its fun...
had bingo and stuff....that was fun...
and getting into the lifestyle of uni...waking up on so on....
been spending a lot of time with our new friend *click*

Kristina a.k.a. Krissie...who likes Terry Pratchett ^^ and bought a mac today (bigger) ^^
and she's going out with Matt...and I am happy to say I approve :) we hit it off...

any way....

in other news...due to the parking problem present on and around the university of Malta campus, people have begun taking new approaches to this everyday hassle:

:) made me laugh :)

anyway...end of this week we be moving back down from Bugibba to Gzira...I mean i love it here...but it's a bit of a hassle with uni the rain and all...
really gonna miss this morning drive down though:

but anyway...

I think I've ranted enough...


bugger off :P

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my second cousin in law twice removed

my second cousin in law twice removed...(love saying it) is a famous musician:)
check it out:

how do i know this?
at the family re-unian last sunday we find out half our family are famour aussie musicians...which is rather fun....
also related, somehow to the guy from wintermoods, and peppi azzopardi...ament i lucky....


they should be playing at bj's this evening at 8.30...
would be fun to be there i guess...well...I'm going


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hedgehog...and rivers

Hey people,
First of all...

I saved a hedgehog :)
Mig and I wer walking up from Spinola, wen all of a sudden he says "oh miskin it's dead" pointing to a spikey thing in the middle of the road.
Thinking that it was indeed dead, i didnt think much of it, I had seen many dead hedgehogs in the past...poor stupid things.
But while i was looking at it and car passed over it and I saw it tense. "He's still alive!"
we were about to go out and move it wen a car came up the road quickly...we could only watch as it approached not caring. Luckily it passed over it without touching it...
we quickly crossed to it, and Mig picked it up gingerly, and while saying "Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow..." he moved it to the side of the road and put it down.
deciding that putting on the other side of the road, closer to the grass of the valley, further from the road would be better, I bent down and gently rolled him into my hand. My hands have been used to the point where the are pretty coarse and can take a bit of pain without feeling the slight pricking and the somehow comforting wieght i crossed the road with this ball of spikes. then...for the first time in my life this little helpless creature unrolled slightly and poked its paws and nose up at me...I have never seen such a cute (animal) face. so feeling really happy, we placed him gently on the side of a path a bit away from the road. and after a while saw him unroll and scutled off into the grass.
next eventfull thing...

i drove home and as soon as we got to Naxxar, it started pouring...HEAVILY, by the time we got to Salini, we were driving in a river...I was shit scared but thank God my car survived long enough to get us home...
this morning however, my dad took it for a drive, cause i had been complaining about the brakes squeeking and he wanted to check for himself. and after a while, there was a puddle of oil under the car...
so...for now...she's in a coma and not gonna be used....

youthful worship tonight...not going though, as i have a family thingy...people to meet all the way from down
...i better go shower



Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hey People
the weather is cool, the skies have opened and the winds are blowing
I'm Happy.


been a while since my last blog, but still
been to Gozo again for the healing service there...
oner thing that really struck me:
Guys, we are constantly being watched and giving our example.
Mike, Matt and I were sharing a flat and on our way down to the healing service, the owner or maid or something, stopped us and asked us "Intom ghandkom xi Healing Service iz-Zebbug illejla?" :O
how did this person know who we are?
so people
we are giving examples and evengelizing by how we live everyday!

while in Gozo,
Matts mac entertained us with the photo taking thingy...
here are my 4 favourite:

i like the last one :)

then this morning went to get new ID

the photos went from shoulder-lenght hair to shaved :D

and now....



Monday, September 01, 2008

the two hundredth blog

hey people,
i am pleased to announce I have reached my 200th blog...
and to celebrate this great event,
I have compliled a short fun random video.

hopes you like it...
and as always I appreciate your comments.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

the three hills

Hey people.
Right yesterday 'morning' me, ang and my sister dearest went up to gozo to meet Matt and mike who are having a boy date /weekend thingy until today afternoon.
we got there around 11ish and after waiting in the hot blistering sun they picked us up.

we then made our way through the gozitan curse they call roads to arkadia to do a bit of shopping...the only purchas was a game for mike. it is rather cool, as u can imagine its all he did all day, so obviously we got to watch him 'abit'.
but its

being in gozo ude imagine we went round different beaches and so on...

we entered the flat and only came out to go buy mc donalds...we are the sad
but i got a hair cut and saw a bit of the Matrix (which Ang described as "a bit mind thingy") again so I'm not complaining:)

it was fun and relaxing so yeah.
today going to a family meal thingy so...whatever...and in the evning...still nothing.
next blog will be special

Friday, August 29, 2008

Reef Rythyms and a robot.

Hey People!
First of all: Reef Rythyms.
What an evening!
The Music! The People! The food...was good too I suppose, but The Atmosphere!
a big big big congrats and proset to the three bands....great performance by the two reletavely new bands Cedarhouse and Y4J-Band...great great show.
Hey to TinE and Lara who I really enjoyed speaking to that evening.
Oh and Lara...I can't wait for next summer! lol

Here be some photo's of Cedarhouse playing (thanks to Sarah and Jonathan for providing them:)

Oh guys...Pls pray for Angelique ok? Just pray



Ah...she's back....
just so you know like...
she enjoyed it, and feels her exam went well.
and my girlfriend knows me too well....

He's sitting on my dashboard atm keeping me company on my drives without a radio.
Thank you Honey!!!! for the book and maps as well....
Just so not to confuse you people...they be Discworld Maps :) I know I'm a geek.

Went to Community yesterday...was ok...enjoyed the time spent with Matt.

thats about it really....


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

reefs and students

hey people,
yeah i know im in a blogging mood lately.
today i finished a way im going ot miss it but in more than one way im not...
well it was a very fun place to work, and from here would really like to thank Debbie for creating a great atmosphere, she really was the glue that pulled the whole team/ faculty :P together. I really can bullshit, I know.
but seriously....really great people and all very helpful and friendly. Cant wait to meet you all again.
for the paste few days the joints all down my right arm have been giving me trouble...starting from my shoulder down my fingers. A bit worried, but im sure I'll live...
REEF RYTHYMS tonight....really looking forward to it....looking forward to socializing with all the community y4j and yf people...really....and the music should be fun...good luck to all the band members of the three bands.

and last but not least....


must be off!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

nice evening

Hey people,
yesterday i went to y4j...
it was really really nice...they are really doing an amazing job....i really enjoyed the praise. and the talk was effective too.
im happy i met a lot of people there that i havent spoken to in ages...hi to Tin, Benji, Steve, Rach and so on...
then drove Lara, Kai and Annalese home.
This morning didnt go to work...a big big pain in my arm...dunno...must have carried something badly...anyway doctor said its just muscle no worries there.
PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING for Angie....who has her exam today...
I know you're gonna do fantastically hun.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Hey people,
yesterday was amazing...really enjoyed it.
it was a day of total difference.
went to mass in the morning, and after had a billiard tournament...didnt win, but enjoyed hanging oout with people I hadn't seen or spent time with in ages.

weeeeeee! Angie just called from England!

at 7 we were at uni for youthful worship at the chapel there... was really really nice...after the first few minutes working with the sound to get it right...
and I got to play abit with lights.... :D
afterwards we spent a relaxed time chatting out side with pizza and drinks, and talking to the italians who where there...

was really nice...
havent spent a nice Sunday like that in ages.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

catching up...

Hey people,

I know I know, it's been too long...

well...what have you all missed....quite a lot actually....
starting from the random day me and Matt had the day we went around filming shots for "you are" which aired yesterday evening....waking up karla, sitting outside her house...anyway...loads of randomness...
Anyway...what else...
oh, I shaved my hair...yes i did....:) well Matt and Kai shaved my hair...but still, i like it, and its way too comfortable.
erm....what else....
Jonathan and I finished all editing for 4given....WEEEEE....including the four videos of Cedarhouse....which is why we had the honour of his presence at the last BBQ, where for the first time in years i had someone to wrestle with in the beautiful shallow waters.
still working at school...and....what else....
Claire Azzopardi arrived back from down under yesterday, very happy to have her back :)
oh yeah... Angel is abroad :(
she be in London for 12 days..(1 week left) for Ballet....she's doing fine if anyone wants to know...and hitting English ballet schools, and shops, like a pro.
well i think thats it really...
Community tonight...looking forward to it...
thats it

Thursday, July 31, 2008

short stupid video

a short stupid non-special video of my photos and videos from the swim in Wardija:

out reach


It HAS been a while hasn't it?

well went on outreacha dn came back...pretty much :P

it was fantastic...really brilliant...God worked magnificently...and the group we were was amazing.
the photo above is just fantastic...its not edited in any way its real...we look like out of a hero film or video game :)
another precious pricless photo is G drinking from the water fountain WHILE doing the G face:

and something really really mega great....the stage we had at Perugia:

its HUGE!!!!

anyway...all photos up on Facebook.

...went to Anna's house in Wardija for an evening...that was fun will maybe show a few videos or photos laters.


Monday, July 07, 2008

Burgers and Pirouettes

Hey people...

Starting off with a big big thank you to Karl for his organizational skills for the BBQ on Saturday evening.

It was great great fun....
but I'm sure the best was when we started dancing to the kick ass sound system of the bbq next to us...and congratulations of Ian for is Animators skills...people we dont know started joining us and copying funness all round...
most of the photos are up on facebook...for those of you cool enough to have it :P
Im putting a few up here.

Moving on...left ghadira at 2am and spent the whole of sunday lazing about. until the evening when Angie and I went to Valletta to watch the "Ballet National de Marseille", me wierd...I really enjoyed it...I mean really did, They put on quite a great show. outreach meeting in the evening...thats all i got planned.
Good luck to all the New teachers venturing out there of luck :)


Friday, July 04, 2008

TEFL people

Wow...what a day...

today i finished my TEFL course...
was a fun course all in all....
ok...yesterday was up till 5.30 am finishing the assignment but i suppose u could say its my fault.

any after we finished a few of us...(not the traitors) went off to celebrate at Golden bay.

The hot sun, the cool sea, the warm...burning ish...sand....and a camera.
it was fantastic fun.
I am really amazed at how well we all got on...
we only met each other three weeks ago and we really clicked. are some photos...sry nikki couldnt resist:

I really really found great unexpected friends in their, and i thank you for making the past three weeks that much more smiley :) I hope to keep in contact with all of you...we'll go swimming again soon for sure ok?

anyway...tonight staying home :(
but i suppose i need to recover my energy...would still have liked something relaxed to do in Bugibba but c'est la vie.

tomorrow bbq at and such laterz

Thursday, July 03, 2008


I have a gift. I am a smart person. Very few things get past me. I find it amazingly easy to see some thing and remember it. A look, a reaction, a sentence, a specific tone of voice. Whatever it is. I most probably will not understand it fully on the day, but my brain stores it away.
Time moves on and other things are noticed, and they become more complicated, like, what someone isn't saying, or is avoiding on purpose.
And my brain connects all these things done by the same person, or the same group of people and connects them in a way, if had to be done consciously, would be completely imposible.
A suspision, or guess is formed.
So using subtle methods, I keep speaking to the people concerned and comfirm that, yes they are indeed avoiding that subject, name, date...whatever.
The suspicion grows, until confirmation is reached.
It is a gift if someone is hiding something to harm you. But if someone is keeping something to protect you...'s a curse.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

week events.

It has been a while hasn't it?

right so...A WEEK ago...

we had canoeing...however u spell the frikkin sport...
it was fun...
we collected a bit of money for outreach...
got my second sun burn this year...
and me and Matt Azz are make up a perfect team.

it was a full work out day...canoeing...playing "water polo" and finally...carrying those canoes back up that hell hill.


there are quite a few more.... I might post them on face book later.

in other news:
I filmed and edited Ciderhouse's first music video...rather proud of it myslef...although mike and Master Maggi still have to approve it...look out for it on the second program of 4given (wednesday 9th July after the evening news on NET tv)

Last night I heard BJ's went really well...prosett to all those who took part, made it possible and attended...really wish i could come...REALLY WISH i could come...but went to watch Angie's ballet show....and let me tell you...she dances was very difficult not to shout a great big "YEAH!" after her solo.

today just came back from the beack...a nice relaxed syat with Ang at the beach...first time this year she's free from sudies and rehersals...until tomorrow when she starts work. :S

tonight the parents mass thingy....

so i gtg:S

i hope to continue the story soon for all you expectant fans :)



Monday, June 16, 2008


Paper faces on parade!
Hide your face,
so the world will
never find you!
Every face a different shade!
Look around -
There's another
mask behind you!
Burning glances,
turning heads . . .
Stop and stare
at the sea of smiles
around you!
Grinning yellows,
spinning reds . . .
Take your fill -
let the spectacle
astound you


I am tired...need to sleep...

but before...

yesterday's party was Marana Tha' to go into a masquerade party full on!!
our masks kicked ass....kudos to Janson and Matt Azz for the masks they chose...
to Jonathan and Ang for making a very very cool masks.
and to all the others that wore.

we rulez.

dont have much photos....hope to get much much please :)

putting the few that i have.

x'posi joe... off