Thursday, July 31, 2008

short stupid video

a short stupid non-special video of my photos and videos from the swim in Wardija:

out reach


It HAS been a while hasn't it?

well went on outreacha dn came back...pretty much :P

it was fantastic...really brilliant...God worked magnificently...and the group we were was amazing.
the photo above is just fantastic...its not edited in any way its real...we look like out of a hero film or video game :)
another precious pricless photo is G drinking from the water fountain WHILE doing the G face:

and something really really mega great....the stage we had at Perugia:

its HUGE!!!!

anyway...all photos up on Facebook.

...went to Anna's house in Wardija for an evening...that was fun will maybe show a few videos or photos laters.


Monday, July 07, 2008

Burgers and Pirouettes

Hey people...

Starting off with a big big thank you to Karl for his organizational skills for the BBQ on Saturday evening.

It was great great fun....
but I'm sure the best was when we started dancing to the kick ass sound system of the bbq next to us...and congratulations of Ian for is Animators skills...people we dont know started joining us and copying funness all round...
most of the photos are up on facebook...for those of you cool enough to have it :P
Im putting a few up here.

Moving on...left ghadira at 2am and spent the whole of sunday lazing about. until the evening when Angie and I went to Valletta to watch the "Ballet National de Marseille", me wierd...I really enjoyed it...I mean really did, They put on quite a great show. outreach meeting in the evening...thats all i got planned.
Good luck to all the New teachers venturing out there of luck :)


Friday, July 04, 2008

TEFL people

Wow...what a day...

today i finished my TEFL course...
was a fun course all in all....
ok...yesterday was up till 5.30 am finishing the assignment but i suppose u could say its my fault.

any after we finished a few of us...(not the traitors) went off to celebrate at Golden bay.

The hot sun, the cool sea, the warm...burning ish...sand....and a camera.
it was fantastic fun.
I am really amazed at how well we all got on...
we only met each other three weeks ago and we really clicked. are some photos...sry nikki couldnt resist:

I really really found great unexpected friends in their, and i thank you for making the past three weeks that much more smiley :) I hope to keep in contact with all of you...we'll go swimming again soon for sure ok?

anyway...tonight staying home :(
but i suppose i need to recover my energy...would still have liked something relaxed to do in Bugibba but c'est la vie.

tomorrow bbq at and such laterz

Thursday, July 03, 2008


I have a gift. I am a smart person. Very few things get past me. I find it amazingly easy to see some thing and remember it. A look, a reaction, a sentence, a specific tone of voice. Whatever it is. I most probably will not understand it fully on the day, but my brain stores it away.
Time moves on and other things are noticed, and they become more complicated, like, what someone isn't saying, or is avoiding on purpose.
And my brain connects all these things done by the same person, or the same group of people and connects them in a way, if had to be done consciously, would be completely imposible.
A suspision, or guess is formed.
So using subtle methods, I keep speaking to the people concerned and comfirm that, yes they are indeed avoiding that subject, name, date...whatever.
The suspicion grows, until confirmation is reached.
It is a gift if someone is hiding something to harm you. But if someone is keeping something to protect you...'s a curse.