Sunday, May 24, 2009

sat and sunday of maggi

Last night i actually got myself out away from my books,
Y4J and then a chilaxin time at Surfside,
guitars, bongos, beer and stuff,
we actually gathered a crowd at street level looking down at us, and a bunch of french students coming down and gathering round Matt, that good looking rugged musician man.
and today
Blessings to Maggi and Angelique.
i go get ready

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birds tweeting

this morning was horrible, i woke up in no mood to sit down and study. I wanted to relax, sit by the sea or a pool, swim, be with friends, that kind of thing. The hot and sticky climate we have at home wasnt helping.
A scenario i can imagine being replicated in homes all over the island.
I got up, showered, and stepped out of the house. I am now at Chaplaincy, just out side the chapel door. and I promise you all, sitting in the shade, with a  bit of a breeze, looking at the glorious day, other people around also studying, really helped...finished another chapter since i got here....
so, those finding it difficult, get outside, keep in the shade, the sun is too hot, and try study seeing God's awesome nature around you.

c'est tout.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bloody Mosquitos

Hey people,
just a quick blog, cause I should be studying.
I am at the moment sitting on bean bags, resting against the door of the university Chapel, surrounded by 6 other studying students, at ten past one in the morning.
We are gonna be here till 2 am and then the plan is to go to Mc Cafe in Luqa...why? I don't know, and go back home, for a few hours sleep and a shower. 
Tomorrow morning Matt is passing for me at 8.15 ish to come back here and continue studying.
Those of you who know me find this very studious behavious wierd and almost frightening. Lol, drew is most probably expecting the world to end any day now. I can tell you it's got my mum and sister freaked out. Guys don't worry, I just think I've found where I can study best, in company of other people trying to study and not at home, where i manage to find any excuse not to.
Mina (hi Min) and I decided that the Chaplaincy logo needs an addition, and should be "All day, Everyday, 'cause we're hard core" lol, and it's true, I've spent more ime here in the past three days than i did in my own kitchen.

Sorries go out to my family, who are missing me, and krissie and Mig who are expecting emails from me...I'll get down to them eventually. During my short breaks I'm usually in need to waste a bit of energy, so thanks to Pierre, I have discovered Diabolo...I'm getting better :)

thats it for now...
back to studying...


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

studying on campus

blogging from room 101. It's where I'm spending most of my time this week, I actually study here, I mean, not just try to study, but some studying actually gets done. Plus, IF I end up being in an anti study mood, at least I'll be in fun company, and not acting an idiot alone at home.


I appologize publicly for the late email...but really, I'm studying :)

room 101 is becoming the regular meeting place on campus, lol, it's funny, can't wait to start painting it. I'm gonna go crazy in here.
Also started working on something, those who know, be quiet.

Had a presentation of english today, went rather well, rather happy with how the lecturer commented after we finished. :)
today forthnight, i will be free :)
i go continue

Monday, May 18, 2009

singing Lanfi

I swear waking up and watching 2 videos of 'Lanfi studying' has got to be one of the best ways to start the day...I couldn't breathe....check it out. He should so start a nerd vlog
Anyway, gonna try my best to get a lot of work done today...prayers are appreciated.
And I'm still not sure if I'm going down to uni to study or not...I seem to find distractions anywhere I go, I have a curse.
ohhh, yes, woke up this morning (4am) with an idea in my head, It sounded great at that point in time, it kinda still does now...Matt, I gotta speak to you.
Oh shit, I just realised I have to go to uni to buy some notes :S I know about time, but still.

Anyone notice how people are blogging more often. It's funny, everytime exams get close, people seem to go blog crazy, new blogs popping up all over the place, updates practically everyday...I mean I'm not complaining, it's fun, I'm not alone any more :) Hopefully they'll all continue them throughout the summer, as that's when most blogs are left alone and eventually forgotten. So when we're all busy our brain wants to do other useless things as well, and when we're free, it doesn't...f*cked up....

Ah summer...CAN'T WAIT

I know this blog post has nothing really particularly special about it, but *shrug* when has that ever stopped me.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dental floss and bottle caps

Hello, good morning, and welcome!
I'm in a good mood this morning, and why not?
Yes, ok, besides, that.
"Lack of Flusies"
Yeah alright.
"The pain in your back."
Rarely complain about it.
you said that already
"it deserves another mention"
Anyway, besides, and throughout all that, Life is still awesome.
Yesterday is a perfect example.
Filming in the morning. It wasn't filming of a discussion, but of plays of some sort, fun stuff, ESPECIALLY when, at a point we're filming in the road, and Jonathan and myself had to stand in the middle of the road to get the actress walkin on the pavement, and a car stops behind Joni, and at the last second, hoots the horn. I swear I never heard Jonathan shout with so much passion at this poor little old woman.
*waves at Loz*


In the evening, went to Y4J which was different to the normal style, as all it was was Sam on guitar, and Pete on percussion, lol Percussion Pete...sorry...
But like Sam said, the point was to have the worship and Praise focused on Jesus not on the music. I'll admit, sometimes a catch myself listening to how good the drummer is, or what a funky bass line Ivan is playing and so not being distracted by all that, gave everyone in the whole room a chance to be more focused, to trully praise seeking His face.
It was nice, I missed the whole crazy, jumpy, I don't care if people think I'm a freak, at the end, which you can't achieve with a drum set, but it was a very VERY VERY nice experience.

it finished.
got in the car.
car door closing.
we're at Lara's.

We were the first, it was quiet and relaxed, then 40 other people arrived, I have no idea how we fit, but it was great fun, with someone freaking out and on the verge of tears, others taking the piss, not giving a hoot. And Chiara my dear, the neck thing, the wink, the throw of the shaul, fantastic show...pity it was the eurovision, where the song means nothing at all.
And then we had to order Pizza Hut...
Ivan, u kill me, "Laham taz-ziemel ghandu? jew Pony? Gibli Fenek mela!"
(for Lozie's sake: "does he have horse meat? Or Pony? Then get me Rabbit!")
thinking back on it, I wouldn't blame Pizza hut for taking it as a prank call, cause, most of you know, the food arrived over an hour and a half later, after a very amusing call from Lanfi, "I'm a share holder you know!" lol and after all that, Matt still paid the man the full price...gah.
Isomma, also had an interesting conversation with Paula Azzopardi, who's name I learnt last night lol, and then left the Giudice residence at around 1.30 ish.
Soon alive on Sunday, then home to study I guess....
still it's a glorious day, I'm in a wonderful mood, the sun is shining, and I have great friends, I have wonderful talents and MY GOD LOVES ME for me.

with that...
I'm off...

dude..that's a long blog...
congrats to you if you read it all.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome new bloggers

Welcoming Mike Lanfranco, or Lanfy, to the blogging community.
His blog was creating during the stressful months of exams.
His link is in the List of Blogs.

I know it's a bit late, but Loz has a blog too :P
It's in the list as well.

filming this morning and eurovision tonight.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

*grins and turns the radio up*

I just want to say how much I'm enjoying life at the moment, everything is just great. Ok I have studies and work and stuff, but they come they go, no biggy. 
On the whole I'm happy. There are a few instances when I'm irritated or down, but they're never over anything serious, it's just little things which annoy me, that I choose to not overlook.
I mean, yesterday Matt and I ended up walking around campus in shorts tshirt and flipflops enjoying the relaxedness, when Chris was there we were singing to either Beetles or 'Lemon Tree'.
Being Visit Wednesday, we were visited (hmm) by some people from JC...more relaxedness...
And in the evening we had the youthful worship meeting, Matt took me home, and I stayed up finishing my assignment for tomorrow.
A simple day, and yet I look back on it as a fantastic one.

I also, thanks to Yanica, *waves* got into a real mood for writting. Was going through some old stuff and really got the urge to continue some of them. Maybe after exams.
Another urge to get better at bass quickly to start jamming with Matt.

This summer is goign to be busy comign to think of it. Teaching English, painting room 101, music, writting, photoshop lessons, and any drawing commition that comes my way.
I like it.

*waves to Achie*
*waves to Kai*
*waves to Zoe*
*waves to Paws*
*waves to Luca*
*waves to G*
*waves to Lara*

Also, my bookshelves are running out of room, which makes me happy. It feels good seeing them all placed neatly in order. :)

back to studying.
last three weeks or so....
then summer.
can't wait to go swimming again.

oh oh oh one last thing...
Vanessa, I love you and you're the best :)


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lemmings Theory

It's one of those evenings. Where after a full morning out filming in the sun, a shower and a nice lunch (HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!) and a two hour nap, you don't feel like doing any work.
I just want to meet some friends in a relaxed environment and hangout.
*so if anyone is up for it and it's still Sunday evening give me a call*
but I know most of my friends are studying and stuff.

So I decided to explain to the blogging world, Matt's and my lemming theory. I don't think I had explained it and I had meant to.
Some of you know this already.
I'm going to take Matt as an example.

Picture this: a large room of brilliant white. There is no visible light source and yet there are no shadows. There is one strong looking door and two massive windows, looking out at the world, opposite the door. From the ceiling hangs a cable, and attached to the end, a microphone.
And in the room. Covering the floor, are a hundred little Matthews.
This is Matt's head.
The little Matthews, we will call lemmings. They form the thought process, but mainly, collectively they form the emotions.
Like lets say Matt is doing something wrong ;) well, he'll have maybe 10 or 20 of the lemmings saying...mumbling..."this is wrong you know..." while the rest of them would be saying "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" and pushing to try and get a good view at the windows, which if you haven't realised by now, are the eyes)
Now, most of you know that sometimes Matt says things which he'd immediately regret, or think to himself "what?!" that is when one of the lemmings would have got hold of the mic, said something and then got hit upside the head by one of the rare more serious lemmings. Now as one can imagine, the average lemming is very random, as it takes the full one hundred to formulate a thought or opinion, so what is said is obviously rarely coherent.

I think that pretty much explains it all, or most of it, I left out some other little details which we had discussed but the general picture is there.

On a side note: I did in fact go out half way through this blog :) Me and Laura convinced Matt he's not gonna study anyway. I just got home from Laura's flat, where Matt and me spent a nice relaxed evening with her. We watched the Matrix Revolution (chosen from the most interesting DVD collection I've ever seen) and now will never watch the final fight seen without a smile on our face...
I mean...just picture all the Smiths singing in unison...and after the film finished, I'm sure, no where, no when did anyone have that reaction to the end of the Smiths choir

Also...I want to start playing music with other people.

Matt also told me, and I quote, "I need your body this week."
Don't get ahead of me people...he needs to examine me for Medicine practice.

night night

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy XXI to Matthew

Happy brithday Matthew
Happy Birthday Matthew

that's better :)

well this blog is all a shout out to Matt, as today is his birthday and he turns 21...he is getting old like me....

*clears throat*
21 years ago, the world, this island and more importantly I, was given a gift, a gift we did not know and most probably wouldn't have appreciated at the time, but because of that wonderful day in May over two decades ago, alot of people have someone they feel close to, someone they can confide in, someone they share special moments with. Because of that wonderful Monday, Matt, we have you...

*wipes tear away*
*bursts out laughing*

Well Happy Birthday dude

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday to Matt-youuuuuuuu
Happy Birthday to you.


Friday, May 08, 2009

Spark of death

the transformer to charge my laptop just went fizz and then went pop..and once my battery runs out... I'm afraid I will die, until I go and look for a replacement that is...although I doubt I'll find one as this laptop had come all the way from Canada and they never imported them here...

Assignment to do...I guess I'm going to have to do it on my dad's computer...cringe...

because I forgot to blog....a bought a bass...third hand i think, but she's sexy and I like her, practising is keeping away from studies a bit but today I actually plan to seriously get some work done.
Filming Team also have their new tshirts and I'm rather happy with the results...not as much as Jonathan, but I designed them so I obviously keep a bit calm about my own work

I can't wait to start painting room101 (common room, or beanbag room) at Chaplaincy, got a few ideas and sketches for the place...Krissie I hope you will be here to work with me a bit.

My sister's room needs to be done this summer too...
btw: In this blog I forgot to mention that my sister fell while going down a hill at great speed...miskina...and her name is Vanessa.

Healing service tonight at Naxxar...behind the tradefair...

until the next time i see you...

*pulls up achie's hand with "*waves*" written on it

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Awesome Life

Matt said something last Sunday.
He turned to me and said "you know, our lives are awesome."

and it is.
I sat and thought, hard, during a lecture, that although we (and by 'we' I mean me and practically everyone I know, at least those of my age) may go through some down times, with stress levels rising, and obligations and worries growing, and responsibilities thrown upon us, there are ups with having a great time somewhere and, I don't know, buying a long waited for instrument, game or gadget. But these are the exceptional times, in general, you know, normally, our life is awesome.
I mean we go to the various learning establishments, meet very good friends practically everywhere we go, we somehow always find time to do the things we enjoy doing (with exams coming up,achie is reading, Matt bought a few new books and plays guitar, I still draw)and that's the thing really, there are things we enjoy doing, we're young and have hobbies and hopes and dreams and what makes it even more awesome, is that in our today, more than a few years ago, our generation, we can reach these dreams easily. 
I was walking from one lecture to another one today and I thought to myself...I'm a communication student at from here, my career choices are: design (including advertising, graphic design, product design, illustrations...), film production (directing, editing photography...), music (ie sound production, editing...) I
I always looked at all these as dream jobs, something I'de like to do but most probably will end up doing not those...
and even Matt, who's in third year Medicine is realising, he still can choose what we wants to do...we are still free.
Life is awesome, and I think the trick to living a completely awesome life, until the very last day is keeping this mode of thinking going....always realise that your life, on the whole is brilliant.

and one actually says "re"