Monday, April 27, 2009

kick ass ad

sorry i'm blogging again so soon...
and I dont wanna take anything away from the last those who haven't seen it...see it...
but i saw this advert and fell in love...
i was just going crazy when i saw it..
jumping up and down going "oohh nice, very nice, ohhhh!"
I'm thinking of how it was never know :)



Hey People
I'm kinda busy at the moment, drawings to draw, studies to cary out, meetings to organize, and features to film...
i was on the news with Chiara Leone Ganado, most of you where busy elsewhere...but i found the link,
the news of the day can be seen HERE

It's the news on the 25th (Ahbarijiet)
we're on at about 25 minutes....

i sound funny in Maltese :S


Friday, April 24, 2009

computer crazy

i just wanted to talk about the book promotions Chiara is doing in schools....they are really fun.
I'm really enjoying it...
it's like being a celebrity

the presentations are well thought out by chiara and when i get a chance to speak i love it too....
favourit question concerning me till now is "where did oyu find him?"
i laughed

after there is a book signing for people who decided to buy it..
which is crazy
im telling you...they swarm the table....
i feel good about myself


get your copy.....
soon available in leading book stores

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

four years in between

Good morning Good morning,

Well, last night I was sitting quietly on my laptop writing a letter to my future self, when Matt started playing this on his computer next to me:

Oh my, this was filmed in June 2005, which is almost four years ago now...I spent half the video covering my face in shame and thinking..."what was I thinking?" thats hair! "what was I thinking?" well....after I ("what was I thinking?") made matt put it on youtube, for laughs, we decided to give an update:

Like I said in the video, I hope we have improved over the past four years....but again....we most probably didn't.
My hair looks less gay at least.
have a nice day

Monday, April 20, 2009

twilight and bass

Hey people, it has been a while...
Well, I've been living with Matt a full week now...although I must say, living is not what I'd define it, O think the only full day I spent there is on Saturday, the whole of last week I was working in the morning...some very nice fun students, and then i usually had something or other to do.
this week, well, until Thursday at least, i have uni in the morning as dopes he, so....
tomorrow there is the official release of 'Computer Crazy' a book written by Chiara Leone Ganado, and artwork by me :)

yesterday, Matt, Karla, Achie and I actually went to watch, no one can bug us anymore...we watched it and we weren't disappointed, as in, it was everything we expected... oestrogen and hair gel...
and the facial expressions of whatever his name is are just hilarious...he looks like he got a boner the first time he saw her ... and was constipated for the rest of the film...

what else?

sry for not mentioning all the fuin stuff that happened while you where here...but i was busy doing fun stuff...
cant wait to skype you.

I sat down and played bass last saturday...
i actually tried to learn and follow matt and mike while they had band practise...and now im excited. cant wait to get my hands on one i can call my own and practise :)
i think that's it...


eventually me and matt have to explain something about lemmings

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm in a mood,

In a dangerous mood,

I'm in the mood to climb,
to the top of buildings,
the higher the better,
stand, unsupported, at the edge,
looking down,
feeling the muscles in my legs tense and relax 
keeping me upright as the wind pushes and pulls
acting on reflex,
mind numb.

I'm in the mood to drive,
to take corners as fast as I can,
to drive at the edge of physics,
and feel physics pull on me,
to be part of the car,
feel my body maneuver the car,
with no conscious thought,
acting on reflex,
mind numb.

I'm in the mood to fight,
clench my fists and punch,
and get punched back,
it doesn't matter which happens most,
punch, dodge, deflect,
acting on reflex,
mind numb.

I'm in the mood to jump,
run to ledges and throw myself into space,
hurling my body around,
while trying to remain in the air 
as much as possible,
landing on my feet without realising,
sometimes falling,
my hands going out to catch my fall,
acting on reflex,
mind numb.

I'm in the mood to tackle,
stop someone running 
and drag him to the ground,
mindlessly ignoring the pain 
I might experience,
acting on reflex,
mind numb.

Things to do.
I'm forces to think,
the problem,
one can not always control
what one thinks about,
problems resurface

I'm in a mood.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Ecclsiastes 5:10

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Hey people...
last night was random.
I took my sister to Worship team...and didn't feel like going a few calls and pick ups later Ang, Lara, Steve and I where in the car deciding what to do... I must commend Angie and Steve who didnt take any time at all to get ready...Lara on the other hand....although she was getting into bed
well....first stop: atm for steve...( Gzira Front)...and since we were there...a stop to the swings...some fun stuff, random photos, childish play...and a quick visit to Analise who was working as she goes to Scotland soon...but got a photo with her too.
then we were planning on going to checkers...but felt like an icecream a drive up to Tanti's in Sliema for that....
and then
My car wouldn't start.
while Lara and Steve walked off to checkers I had to get a lift home...
the car is and my dad went this morning and took ot to the electician.



Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Disclaimer: I apologize for the lack of blogs relating events, a lot is happening, I just don't feel inclined to write about them.

this feeling,
it's surely not a pleasant one,
it's a constant feeling,
like something is sitting on your chest
and making it difficult to breathe
you take a deep breath 
it comes out in waves
you expect yourself to cry 
at any second
but can't
as your mind still hasn't fully understood what happened
still hasn't accepted,
you're looking for something to stop the feeling in your chest,
you automatically want a hug from the cause of it,
knowing it will only make it worst,
you try put you mind on something else...

Saturday, April 04, 2009

At Chapter's End

And with my heart beating fast and my hand trembling slightly, I place the last full stop to another chapter.
I must say, that chapter was a really special one to me, I really enjoyed it, and wanted it to keep going for as long as possible. And now that it came to an end, I feel very sad and more than slightly empty, but at peace, knowing I wrote it out to the full, and tried my best to make it a good one, as did my co-writer. I know it was the time for it to end. It's a chapter of my life story I will hold dear to my heart always. 
Flipping through it again I smile remembering particular episodes and laugh at various other. It's a chapter I'm going to miss alot. 
A tear.
I realise I have learnt alot while it was being written though, and one thing which makes me smile broadly is that as the chapter had unfolded I got to know the characters in it alot and I'm grateful for that. Also, as the pen touches page again, as I begin the next chapter, while missing the closeness with the characters, I'm happy in the knowlege the characters from that chapter will continue featuring greatly in the future chapters making up my story. 
New Chapters.
My story.
My life.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Showing off the legs

I have donned the shorts and flip flops :)
It has reached that weather...
I am happy...
and I'm sad
nice weather but studies to do.
but im still happy
got my last result: the result to Human Communications...the bitch oral exam that everyone was scared off...I got an A+....
the result came in yesterday and I thought it was an April fools, i seriously did.
erm...I started a diary....and by that i mean an appointment diary...not the "dear diary" type of thing, but with assignment dates, and filming dates, and meetings, i keep forgetting stuff.
Had another fun day on the grass on campus yesterday...I'm thinking of making another video with all these meetings...which have turned into a kinda tradition now...
and then we drove up to the edge of the world to take Achie home.
I'm reading Maskerade by Terry Pratchett again...I know I should be reading my school books, but, it's Terry Pratchett, will be done by Sunday. He has a new one coming out in September :)
I will now go make noodles.
and tonight the Guys Fenkata....