Friday, March 30, 2007


wow...thanks for the collection of comments on my last blog...
this is just a very short blog entry to say a big welcome to Mark who started his own blog...check out my friends list.
and welcome back to sarah who has finally decided to continue bloging after a 6 week break :)
i gtg now...we ogff to the mass at zebbug...just ame back from another great afternoon with matt lou and dezz, ill post comments up another time.

Vegetarians aren't people

Monday, March 26, 2007


I have previously posted about people being affected by what other people say. That time, if you recall, I was the one who did the talking.
Today I am posting from the side of the one who got the words thrown at him.
Words do hurt.
Especially when they come form someone who u value greatly as a person, and when the words are saying something you have been concious about and have been working very hard to change...and you knew you had managed.
It makes it worse that the person who said these words doesnt even know that I have been affected negatevely by them, and doesnt thing anything wrong was said.
I know in the last post about the power of words i had said that no one can be expected to always know when something they said caused offense...but i now realise one should, at least if not realise exactly which words caused offense, that offense was caused.
A bit of sensibility people..

...i know this blog kinda sounds sissy ish...but fuck, it's the truth.

On a different note:

Is it possible that there is someone who you just CAN'T get along with no matter how hard you try?

and last but not least..

A BIG BIG BIG Thank you to Louisa and their family for her hospitality last night...thanks a lot

Lamb and Chicken

Thursday, March 22, 2007

ah..the relaxedness

Hey people,
It was a great day today...
I know it can sometimes be boring relating the days events, but today was a great day...
started at uni...lunch at Lo Spontino, met matt, allan and lee and went to have a drink at Meet and Eat. Then Dezz arrived and we went to mass at uni.
After that off to JC to pick up Louisa and off for a drive.
the mood was great, the drive was fun, even though the weather wasnt the best.
well we ended up in Naxar and after a nice warm drink at Dezz's house (WHERE'S DA FISH? LOL) we wnt for a walk to a place known as 'the top of the world' piggy back rides practically all the way up.
relaxed under some trees there, and eventually headed back, and got to dezz's home just as t started raining again...
more relaxedness.... atm is so good...

love the three of u matt, lou and dezz


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

birthday video

Hey people,
I'm just posting to post the video of Ian's party thing..
Im sorry the videos are very very dark....
i need a video camera...

but here it is...


Sunday, March 18, 2007

please excuse us for the delay

Hey people...
its been a while i know...sorry
first I'de like to thank all six of the people who left thos very caring comments (no sarcasm intented) on my last blog.
today i dont think im gonna have a deep philosophical blog...
my mmind is in a state of blankness due to being in a relaxed happy mood...

before i forget...CONGRATULATIONS to Louisa for her brilliant dancing yesterday in the Junior College Soiree...amazing lou, keep it up.


an explanation is needed on why im in such an over the moon mood...
well...its hard to explain really..but basically, "i was someone i didn't expect it from". thats all i'm gonna say...who should understand it, will...

well...nothing much else to say...


i injured ANOTHER finger yesterday...


Comment on Carls blog!! he's on the pther side of the minute to write a comment...come on people...
ps: sry carl not a long blog...i know u read them all

thats about it


Monday, March 05, 2007


Something has been brought to my attention lately. It is a bit of a worrying thought that I hadn't thought about until now.
As most of you know I am the type of person that is not afraid to try new dangerous things. Somehow the more dangerous something is the more i trow myself into it. I f you haven't noticed this, i'll give a few, jumping from high places, dangerous jumps into the sea...come on, you all know i'm crazy. I thought it all comes from a wierd inbuilt anger, but lately i've realised that i must be angry for something, and i tried and tried to recall what i could be angry at...nothing.
Yesterday, a close friend asked "what are you trying to proove? and to whom?"
I realised...yes...i do try to portray myself as a crazy angry agressive person. This is stupid as I know that alkl of my friends will love and accept me even if i was a normal calm person. The problem is that although i know this, i still can not help being dangerous. It's like I've been trying for so hard, that it hasd become part of me. I know that with enough concentration and prayer, i will remove the anger and trill for danger from within me, but I somehow know that I'll still try to portray myself as that type of person. As in, although it won't come naturally, i will still do it.
This brings me back to thinking about why i try to proove myself as a hardcore, not afraid of anything kind of person.
The only thing i could come up with, is that i try and be this way to be unique in a group, to stick out, to be a bit special. I am not convinced oin this, but it makes sense.
I am a simple person, nothing special about me except my art. I am grateful for this God given talent, but I htink subconsiously, I am not happy with being known as "simon...oh yes, he's the guy that know's how to draw." I think deep down, i feel really insecure about myself and want to try and portray myself as someone unique, wierd, crazy, dangeroius, angry, whatever...
This sounds you would be saying that normal people would like to be known for good things...but somehow to me it doesnt matter. Being known as someone who does crazy dangerous things is something i like...
so what's the problem?
I'm eventually going to end up hurting myself seriously and permanently.
That is the main reason I'm am trying hard to understand myself...I do not want to end up loosing the use of my legs because of some stupid stunt i try to pull off to proove myself to everyone.
(again i know i don't have to, and people will accept me for what i really am)
I am still struggling to find the other, or real reasons reasons behind this behaviour...Cause i know i have to solve it soon...or it'll be a little too late.
I apologize for the maybe boring rant...


Saturday, March 03, 2007


Everyone has their own sensitive point, a button releasing the worse side of someone. Lately I've been experiencing this quite a bit, and usually, without knowing, I would poke at this button.
I say without knowing because I would not know about it until after I press it, which would be a tad too late. Ok, everyone should try and be sensitive all the time, and be careful about what one says, but how in the world is anyone supposed to know that one thing hits your nerves more than anything else does.
Now, I'm, i'll admit, a rough kind of person, something to do with going to a hard-core all guys school i concluded, and being rough, i sometimes say things that might seem harsh. But I am telling you all now, I do not intende to offend. The case would usually be that I would take it for granted that everyone knows I would not be serious.
Often, the thing which effects people is something small and unimportant to others. I am not going to go into the why of these things, because there could be hundreds of reasons for them. What I'm going to talk about is that most people find them petty issues.
For example, up until two years ago, I could not stand anyone speaking about the fact that i wear glasses. I just couldn't take it. I know that thousands of people wear glasses, so taking offence at it was stupid, I knew this then, and yet i lost control every time. You see, some people would say "so what if you wear glasses?" but to me it was a big issue. Most probably because of the amount of teasing i got because of them early in my life.
Now, the important thing is that i got over this issue.
My point is, that since most people would look at the thing that pisses you off as something petty and stupid, we should realise that we should not take it against the person who said it immediately on the first time. As most probably he, or she, would not even know that it effects you badly.
If you know the person knows, I still feel that a little self control and maturity are needed. Please note, I am speaking about myself aswell, I do have little, (fine fine quite big-ish) moments of anger at something stupid. But more self control must be practised. I do not find it makes sense that a friendship is broken, or at least damaged, because of a word that offended you, especialy if it was not intentional.

On that note, I have rediscovered the value of a close friend. I mean, i always knew how important friends were, but lately I've been thinking and came to the conclusion, that a close friend, should be taken care of, and one must do anything within his capabilities to prevent pain being caused. This may be easy without loosing much yourself, or it may be a great sacrifice. I am telling you, it will always be worth it. The friend will remember, and you will have that person close to you for life. A close freind, especially in moments of turbulance, is one of the most precious things one could ask for. So be careful and handle them carefully and with respect people.

One last thing, somehow when you become very close to someone, especially if its over a long period of time, and then for some reason fall apart, that person will always have a special place in your heart...(sounds cheesy, i know) I can tell you that a great pain happens when you see this person and know that things will never be back the same way they where before. There will always be a little awkwardness, or light tension, no matter how hard you both try to act natural. So for this reason i ask you to be very careful when it comes to people close to you that you love, do not take anyone for granted. It is a lesson I have had to learn the hard way, and i hope to spare you the pains...