Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008


hey paint ball was fun,
will post properly laterz:)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

On Kalkara

It was great, just chatting and eating and chatting relaxing there with no stress or worries, trully amazing, ide like to thank Ian and Bernice who came up with the idea.
just one more thing to say
we did it, with no mechanical aids, just 7 guys and their physical strenght


Just a story

Hey people,
I have nothing much to say. Nothing at all really except Proset to Joe, Stephan and Janson for their playing at Tarxien this morning.
and i suppose a thanks to kai...through whom all the y4j pl end up on my boring blog:)

I'm in a writing mood so here goeas a short story...Understand if you dnt bother reading it, I kinda like it.
Here goes:

At last, sundown. He liked night. So many shadows. He pulled on his black hoodie and stepped out into the cloudy night. As he looked up into the skies the first raindrop fell from the infinity above him. It began to drizzle. And the drizzle quickly turned into heavy rainfall. He pulled up his hood. He smiled.
He stepped out into the rain and started walking. He walked in long steady strides, covering the ground quickly. His footsteps where light though and barely made a sound as he walked over the now wet pavement.
He kept to the shadows and kept his head tilted as to not let any light reflect off his glasses.
He liked nights like this, walking alone in the road. He didn't mind the rain and enjoyed the sound of it hitting the tarmac.
He heard footsteps approaching, and flattened himself against the wall. The hoodie the stance and the shadows made him blend in. He almost turned invisible, you could only see him if you knew exactly where to look. I t was a talent he had discovered early in life. If he didn't want to be seen he simply faded into the background.
A man holding an umbrella came round the corner and walked passed him without noticing him. The umbrella passed inches from his face.

"Careful with that thing"

The man turned startled. He looked around still not seeing anyone and walked off again at a quickened pace, with glances over his shoulder. He turned the next corner.
The sound of footsteps speeded up as they faded into the distance turning into a run.
The hooded figure smiled.
He detached himself from the wall and walked on.
He didn't know why he liked not being seen. He just did it because he was good at it, and always felt good when he managed so succesfully.
He reached the end of the road he was striding along and came to the side of a busy main road.
On the other side of this road was a wall, aboout a story andf a half high, with no openings. It was just a wall seperating the small 'town' beyond it from the busy road.
The road wasn't as busy as a usual night, most probably because it led to an area of the island that floods easily, and the rain had been pouring heavily for the past ten mintes.

A middle aged man driving home late from work, tired and irritated at the weather was driving along the mainroad, knowing the risk, but knowing it was the only way home for him. He was startled when a shadowy figure bound across the three lane road and leapt planting a foot against the wall, then leapt off that foot bringing his arms up and over the top of the wall. The driver had to assume the shadow pulled himself up because he suddenly realised he was not looking out the windscreen anymore, and turned his head just in time to brake as the car infront of him had slowed due to traffic. When he looked through his rear view mirror there was no one near or on the wall.

The hooded figure landed on the side of the wall away from the main road in a crouch, scaring a cat who was using the wall as a bit of shelter. The cat sprinted away into an alley, scaring other cats therin. When the noise of miawing and scrambling paws had died down, and only the sound of rain was heard again, he crossed the small road into one of the streets it gave in to.
The road was deserted. So he took the liberty of walking in the middle of the road.
The street lights, where far in between, casting long shadows. His shadow danced across the road as he passed under them.
Half way down the road he turned to his right, and without any effort jumped a gate into one of the front 'gardens' lining the street.
He walked up to the doorway, dropped something, rang the doorbell, and ran off round the house.

The girl got off the sofa as the doorbell rang. She did this reluctantly as she had gotten comfortable with a blanket around her and the heater on. She got to the door and looked out through the peep hole. There was no one there. She was about to go back to the living room when something in the bottom of the visible area through the peep hole caught her eye.
She opened the door a fraction to be able to see better. She smiled and stepped out onto her porch. She bent down and picked up the rose and envelope lying there. She looked around trying to see any shape in the shadow.
The envelope held a single piece of paper, on it:

Just to say that...

Suddenly from behind a voice she knew and loved said "I love you", followed by, "I hope you don't mind, I took a beer from the fridge."
She smiled.

Well hope you liked it

Friday, April 18, 2008


Hey people...woke up in a much better mood today ^^

after a bit of browsing the internet inside, i looked out of the window and saw sun (so much for the rainy forcast), so i just dragged myself up onto our roof and read there with the sun beating down on my well toned body *cough* well....well toned enough.

erm...thats about it

smiles all round.



Thursday, April 17, 2008


I'm having one of those days...
I'm in a very very very very creative mood, and want to make an amzing picture, or some kick ass video, and yet after ages sitting down thinking of exactly what to do...Noting! i seriously mean nothing! its all useless...
so my creativity turned to energy in an attempt to escape my body, although, today is one of the days where I have absolutely no where to go and nothing energy wasting to do....
and so....its transfered into sitting here pissed off at the world for no reason....gah
thats about it

except Happy Birthday to Janson of course!


Sunday, April 13, 2008

news of sunny skies.

Hey people
beena while without blogging i know.
wasnt in the mood much
im in a better mood this morning...dunno why really, but i am, so smile for me:)
in other news, Happy Birthday to Doreen...made a pretty party including kick ass card for her yesterday.
I think i've finally found my favourite picture style, it takes a while to draw pics in it, but the final effect is cool.
oh yeah repainted my bedroom wall, so to start a new pic on it, its gonna be more of a mix of random pics in a nice continious thingy, wich also leaves me with the possibility of letting people sign or write somewhere on the wall....
dnt tell my mum, but it might go on to the other three available walls, and the cieling too, i mean y not? right? (note to self: remember to make sure fan is switched off)
erm, i promised someone im not gonna make a fuss about this, so ill say it simple and plain. Me and Ang are going out again.
thats all im gonna say *smiles broadly and bounces on the spot*


its hot...

reading alot lately

thats it i think....

so hugs and smiles all round.


Sunday, April 06, 2008


Well most of your know already, but its all ive got to share really...
The animation school in Denmark got back to me and I wasnt accepted...not really got a reason yet, gotta wait for the official paper.
Yeah, I'm pissed off, yeah I'm sad, Yeah I'm dissapointed, Yeah, I can't understand what He wants at this point either.
Well my plans: I'm gonna work for a year I suppose, and try again next year...

nothing much else going on...

had lunch with my mums side of the family...woo....
tnx to char and family for her hospitality last night =)


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dgroup retreat (+video)

Hey people,

well, spent today making the video on the retreat our d-group had last weekend.

It was fun as you will see, but more importantly we all learnt alot.
What was amazing was that as a group we had discussed what we wished to discuss and hear talks about during the tree days, and, well how i imagine it, God just looked at our list smiled, and with repect threw it into the bin, cause whatever we planned was nothing like what we heard. I say this was amzing cause what we heard was exactly what we needed to hear.
An excersise I really enjoyed was the talks we prepared for each other. I was very happy with how much work we each put into them, and I can say I learnt a lot from every single talk I heard. Proset guys.
The praise and worship sessions where amazing, we found this little room at the place we where staying decorated really nice and perfect for a small group of people to spend the time praising. Proset to Matt, Mike and Ian who lead us through the sessions.
Thanks to Fr. Marco who gave us two amazing talks and celebrated mass for us.
Another important outcome was that we all learnt to live together and work together, so, although Mig always cooked, there was always someone different to help him, and some people to clear up after.
The fun we had living there was amazing...please note: not a single drop of u will see.
Just a note to most of you really...the names in the begining are names we came up with for each other while there...most of them have actions which fit the name. Plus you will realise they're basically wierd way of saying our real names, except drews...but ill leave the story of how that came about up to him if he wants to share it.

well here it is....ope u like it

Gbu people

comments pls and new favourite newest photo


Hey People
Its been a while, and i need to blog on the retreat we had last weekend.

but need to do that one properly
so here's a vry vry short and quick video i made on the picnic,
the timing of the photos goes a bit wonky half way through...not my fault...supid windows movie maker cant seem to save what i make mac people!

Gbu all


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