Thursday, December 31, 2009


May you all have someone special by your side as we go forth into the next year.
and with any luck and God's help,
they'll still be by our side by the end of it.
Love you all
and whatever her name is
(names for female Bunny in comments)

2009 evaluation

well, hello readers,
this is the traditional end of year blog, the summary basically.
These events are not going to happen in any particular order, but more as they come to me.

  • my 2009 birthday, in which i turned 21. for the first time i took on the attitude of not expecting anything special for a day which i always held as special, and i was surprised. I would like to thank everyone who had remembered and made it really one of the best birthdays. Thanks. special thanks to Martine for the photoshop book...totally unexpected and a surprise.
  • the community weekend, more specifically the talent show video I had made called 'Faces'. was very happy with the finished result and with the reaction of all of those present in the room at its first showing. Thanks to Matt for the script, and sarah and pete for their help during filming
  • The beginning of a tradition: that of going for a swim (not in a pool) in the first week of February. last year it was matt, martine and i, lets hope the number grows this year.
  • the surprise visit of Krissie in Easter :) i was the inside man, joined to this, the late birthday pressie from Krissie, "where's my cow?" ^^
  • a sad note: angie and i broke up around easter time...
  • finished my first first year and passed to second year!
  • i got eve, my beautiful gorgeous mac book pro,
  • i got kelly my beautiful bass
  • i started filming weddings
  • i went to barcelona for a week with Angie, Bernice, Sarah and Van, lol... i survived.
  • i reached my 300th blog
  • obviously got to know more people and got closer to a lot of the people i knew already :) special mentions: matt, kai, bernice, charlene, ian, christabel, mike, luca ... LUCA!! mina, zoe...and many more which i forgot right now but im sure will be offended in the comments later :P
  • the boat party of youthful worship, thanks to ian d.
  • the outreach in valletta recently.... very good idea, and a fantastic new approach to outreaching in general, again thankyou Ian.
  • i started second year at uni!!!!! woooo!
  • i entered two competitions with videos, didn't win either.
  • won a cartoon competition of the FDAD (for diversity against discrimination)
  • Great youth weekend and worship team weekend...
  • oh oh oh how could i almost forget dislocated my shoulder for the second time and freaked Jeremy out :) but got a photo.
  • started a it was part of NaNoWriMo but i failed, but i plan to continue it.
  • oh shit, also at about the time of the the community weekend and the first swim, i smashed my fiat poor poor sweet car....
  • i got my first i pod :) seth
  • turned into a puma
  • got my art on the cover of a book, shout out to Chiara who wrote it, and a big thankyou for her trust in me. through this of course got a chance to work along side with an amazing woman, her vitality and energy inspired me to really begin using my talents and trying. she will be greatly missed.
over all good year, i grew, i met more people, i got close to a lot of others, and i am ready to go into 2010 with these new companions on life's journey, and the new knowledge from past experiences to help through the new obstacles to come.
im looking forward to new challenges, new relationships, new experiments and chances to grow and chances to work for God.
so with a bow i say good bye and thank you to 2009, and thank it for all its brought along, and with open arms accept 2010, and shout "bring it on!!!"


Sunday, December 27, 2009

now we know

Surrey Puma

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Surrey Puma was one or more phantom cats, supposedly black pumas, seen around south western Surrey from the 1960s onwards.

The first possible sightings were recorded in 1959, when police received a number of reports of big cats in the Farnham area, near the Surrey/Hampshire border.[1] Two further sightings were recorded in 1962 bywater board personnel in Hampshire, while in the winter of 1962-3, a "cat-like beast" was seen at Bushylease Farm, near Crondall in Hampshire. When a police officer sighted the supposed Shooters Hill Cheetah in 1963, media interest turned to other big cat sightings.[2]

In August 1964, a bullock at Bushylease was found, severely lacerated. Following press coverage, numerous other reports of contact with the animal, dubbed the "Surrey Puma", came in, ranging from the fanciful to some taken seriously by the police.[3] At Godalming Police Station alone, 362 reports were received in a two year period.[2] The station also kept a cast of a massive paw print on display, identified as that of a puma by London Zoo, although several reports noted that its size implied an extremely large specimen and that there were distinct differences between it and the prints of other pumas.[4] The investigation was not closed until the summer of 1967.[2]

In August 1966, a former police photographer took a grainy shot which he claimed showed the Surrey Puma in Worplesdon.[5] In 1968, a farmer claimed to have shot a puma, but could not provide any evidence. Sightings gradually tailed off, although paw prints found in the snow in 1970 generated a flurry of further reports.[1] In 1984, hair samples taken at Peaslake were identified as puma.[2]

In 1983, an alien big cat featured in The Archers, and the Beast of Exmoor entered the news. Sightings of the Surrey Puma were again recorded,[2] and have continued to the present day.[6][7]

Friday, December 25, 2009

mummy power fail

its ended,
and although on the last day she knew which room it was in,
and she had time alone in the house,
and she actually looked in the hiding place itself
she did not find the santa letter taped to the back of a picture frame hanging on the wall in our living room :)
sorry to all those who believed in mummy power, and high five to everyone who knew the truth.
merry christmas to all of you!


and i have an ipod :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the 24th

just a quick update:
tomorrow the 24th, last day of the search, i had told my other i would tell her which room the letter is hidden in....
so,.... it comes down to the last day,
im risking by telling her
but im pretty confident she wont manage anyway.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Last Lectures b4 Christmas

The 17th of December, so 17 days into the letter finding challenge, and my mum is still not as efficient as Santa used to be. And i must say, she seems to be accepting the fact that she will not be able to find it before Christmas.
So for all you out there believing in the all awesome Mummy Power, HA!
That being said, there still are 8 days. She might get lucky.

Anyway... Christmas is flying at us. i mean, it's coming closer so fast. it could be because a lot is going on and therefore i have no time to just sit and think about it. Love this season!

Worship team weekend starts tomorrow. Looking forward to that too. Kelly is all ready and eager.

My lips are chafing like crazy, I mean full out splitting and bleeding here, sigh, i need a girl to kiss who puts on lip balm, cause i can't be bothered... any volunteers? ;)


ah shopping....

at the moment I'm sitting in a lecture, next to Mark (shout out to him) listening to this funny looking priest ramble on about... the anointing of the sick... sorry, i forgot for a second there :P
it's my only lecture which is wifi friendly all week, so i get excited,
shout out to Nicole and Bettina who i skyped with earlier.
oh and video chatting with someone in the same lecture gives lols.

after this lecture, just one more hour of lectures before Christmas Holidays :)
:) :)


Thursday, December 10, 2009

T’is the season

Yep, it’s that season, how does the song go? Makes children laugh and old people cry… something of the sorts… don’t see why old people should be crying at Christmas but *shrug*

Indeed, the lights are on in the street, the carols are playing from ‘subtly’ placed speakers, the coca cola advert is playing on television stations, and thousands of mini Santa’s are breaking into balconies all over the island.


I love it.

Yesterday had my fist shopping trip with Matt and Kai (dumdumdumdum da da dumdumdumdumdumdumdum dumdumdumdum da da, da da) and it’s something special seeing Matt loose all his maturity at a specific Christmas Carol (Can’t remember what it was).

Lol: check your balance Matt … fail.

I must say though, as a shopping expedition, if f-f-failed FAILED! Meaning no Christmas present was bought. I did buy Matt’s Birthday ’09 present though ^^ late, obviously, but it’s part of an agreement so, in the words of Charlene: “hush!”

An addition to my Christmas rituals, this year, is me looking up bass tabs for Christmas carols :) The repertoire so far include: Little drummer boy, jingle bells, silent night, and Auld Lang Sang. And Matt agreed to cover the Little Drummer boy, we might have to tackle Luca to stop him playing, but it should be fun.

Something I am honestly missing this year, it the frantic, insecure shopping for the present for the girlfriend. It is always a hassle, the worrying to find the right gift, and is it meaningful enough? Is it too cheesy? But it was fun in an exciting way, and a big part of the Christmas atmosphere. I miss it. Ah well. It’s ok though, I’m not letting this thing ruin my Christmas spirit.


The Santa Letter Hunt still goes on. For those of you who have not read my last blog, my mum said that she will still be able to find a hidden Santa letter if I had to hide one today, like she used to do when I was younger. Well, I took on the challenge, and wrote a Santa Letter, and hid it. The rules where, the letter could not be hidden among books, notes, or other papers. Fair enough. Many females, where sure that mummy power will help her find it. I on the other hand am sure she won’t.

In fact, today, 14 days from the end of the hunt, my mum came up to me and admitted that she tried to look for it and has no idea where it is. She asked for a hint. HA! Santa never got any hints!

Oh, I think I’m going to be kind and make the ending time and date for the hunt midnight on the 24th of December. So she still has a while to look around.

I think I’m going to write another Christmas list because leaving it to my mum finding the letter is going to leave me without my preferred pressies :S

So comments: other songs I need to know for your entertainment, and if my mother will find the Santa letter on time.



Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Santa Letter Hunt

ok it on:

my mum and I where talking about how i used to write letters to Santa and hide them when I was young, and how she always managed to find them. Now i remember hiding some of those letters pretty damn well for my age.
Anyway, i told her that it's because i was young, that if I wrote Santa a letter this year and hid it, she wouldn't manage to find it.
she took up the challenge.
the rules: i could not hide it in my papers of files, notes or books. fair enough.
now some people think that being a mother and all that she'll manage to find it, using her super mother powers.
some i hope have a bit more faith in me.
comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment
comment comment comment comment comment comment on who you think is going to win the challenge.