Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my second cousin in law twice removed

my second cousin in law twice removed...(love saying it) is a famous musician:)
check it out:

how do i know this?
at the family re-unian last sunday we find out half our family are famour aussie musicians...which is rather fun....
also related, somehow to the guy from wintermoods, and peppi azzopardi...ament i lucky....


they should be playing at bj's this evening at 8.30...
would be fun to be there i guess...well...I'm going


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hedgehog...and rivers

Hey people,
First of all...

I saved a hedgehog :)
Mig and I wer walking up from Spinola, wen all of a sudden he says "oh miskin it's dead" pointing to a spikey thing in the middle of the road.
Thinking that it was indeed dead, i didnt think much of it, I had seen many dead hedgehogs in the past...poor stupid things.
But while i was looking at it and car passed over it and I saw it tense. "He's still alive!"
we were about to go out and move it wen a car came up the road quickly...we could only watch as it approached not caring. Luckily it passed over it without touching it...
we quickly crossed to it, and Mig picked it up gingerly, and while saying "Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow..." he moved it to the side of the road and put it down.
deciding that putting on the other side of the road, closer to the grass of the valley, further from the road would be better, I bent down and gently rolled him into my hand. My hands have been used to the point where the are pretty coarse and can take a bit of pain without problems...so feeling the slight pricking and the somehow comforting wieght i crossed the road with this ball of spikes. then...for the first time in my life this little helpless creature unrolled slightly and poked its paws and nose up at me...I have never seen such a cute (animal) face. so feeling really happy, we placed him gently on the side of a path a bit away from the road. and after a while saw him unroll and scutled off into the grass.
next eventfull thing...

i drove home and as soon as we got to Naxxar, it started pouring...HEAVILY, by the time we got to Salini, we were driving in a river...I was shit scared but thank God my car survived long enough to get us home...
this morning however, my dad took it for a drive, cause i had been complaining about the brakes squeeking and he wanted to check for himself. and after a while, there was a puddle of oil under the car...
so...for now...she's in a coma and not gonna be used....

youthful worship tonight...not going though, as i have a family thingy...people to meet all the way from down under...so....
...i better go shower



Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hey People
the weather is cool, the skies have opened and the winds are blowing
I'm Happy.


been a while since my last blog, but still
been to Gozo again for the healing service there...
oner thing that really struck me:
Guys, we are constantly being watched and giving our example.
Mike, Matt and I were sharing a flat and on our way down to the healing service, the owner or maid or something, stopped us and asked us "Intom ghandkom xi Healing Service iz-Zebbug illejla?" :O
how did this person know who we are?
so people
we are giving examples and evengelizing by how we live everyday!

while in Gozo,
Matts mac entertained us with the photo taking thingy...
here are my 4 favourite:

i like the last one :)

then this morning went to get new ID

the photos went from shoulder-lenght hair to shaved :D

and now....



Monday, September 01, 2008

the two hundredth blog

hey people,
i am pleased to announce I have reached my 200th blog...
and to celebrate this great event,
I have compliled a short fun random video.

hopes you like it...
and as always I appreciate your comments.