Wednesday, September 19, 2007

He is back

Well, that...was
very nice of you....all of you...
thanks for your kind words...except mark...but still
Sarah is right, the two of us started this little community of blog thingy I will not abadon the lot of you.
And I know sarah's blog is more colourfull, and interesting and has photos, and you all know I love taking photos and would post if i had, so stop bloody rubbing it in please...i lost my camera...and sarah, love your blog too :) keep it up
so everything is back to normal
thanks to Mark for yesterday...t'was needed.
well...i've got quite a lot on my mind at te moment...keep me in yor prayers pls

thanks again for everything

ping pong

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


no more posts till i get a camera...
no point apperently.


Monday, September 17, 2007


hellu all ye' people...
I'm here at the office working on the outreach dvd...wasting my off days for you! so i hope you bloody well buy it now.
well...this weekend was all about dezz...with a surprise party organized at lou's house for her on Sat, and another surprise organized by the girls for her yesterday, taking her by limo to a night of dancing. Hope she enjoyed it, she deservs it...we all agree im sure.
well tonight the treasure hunt, went to print the tshirts this morning, have to go pick them up...
please note, im the one who gets these of the only people WITHOUT A CAR!
ajma Dezz....

Ham and Cheese gonna kick @$$ !



Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two weeks notice

Well people,
today, the 13th of September 2007, is my last day working as a telephone operator and scheduler at Comtec.
I am happy I'm stopping and have two weeks to relax and think my future over with only a bit of distractions. I'm going to miss all the people here, they are great people to work with and very fun.
Before I forget, Thanks to louisa for last Tuesday, the horror film, the comedy, the sleeping over...funness all round. Thanks Lou.
Now these coming weeks, I'm supposed to start some work on Architecture, so maybe this year I wont freak out in January.
Also, I'm going to be at the office working on the outreach dvd, so hopefully it will be out by Christmnas :P Joking, I'm going to try and have it ready before October starts.
Today I start rugby again after a summer without it, training at Golden Sands at 6.30, so might not make it to community on time. Really looking forward to this. Missed it.
I've gotten into a quite a quiet mood lately, not talking much unless i need to, and getting tired early. I mean last night was already asleep at 9pm! Don't know what's wrong with me.
Erm...I think thats it really until next time.


by the way, sorry to those who think my blog is boring, I update whenever I can and more importantly when I have something to say, and I don't put on photos cause i don't have a camera. Sorry again :P

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Hey there people,
It's been a while. sorry.
well. Last weekend had a great relaxing weekend in a farm house in Gozo with my beautiful girlfriend, her family, and friends. Got to know Clifton and Alexandra from comunity more, very nice people.
I have never eaten so much.
And Gozitan Police suck B@115.
Came back late Sunday. No energy to come out.
Yesterday, Monday, Driving Theory test in the morning, took me 10 minutes, and walked out with a pass.
Then had a talking session with a friend in need.
Met Angie for like an hour,( get well soon sweet ) and then had a driving lesson, can't say it went very well, my mind wasn't there.
Afterwards had a small meeting with Jonathan concerning 4given...not sure what's going to happen there.
And had a talk with Angelique concerning my future. Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with all that again, if you want to read it, its like two blogs back. anyway, it's enough to tell you, I'm really down today. Don't feel like doing anything except staying home, drawing, stetching and so on...
Really not looking forward to Architecture...issa we see.
well, today im at work, just today and thursday to go, and tonight its off to louisa's house to chill and watch Dvds, should be fun. hope i'll be in the mood...

well...that's it

Friday, September 07, 2007


Hey people long time no write i know, sry, been rather busy.
nothing much going on at the moment, looking forward to this weekend, going up to Gozo with Angie and her Family :) woots, and then on the 17th treasure hunt with drama team...I gots me a fun team: Me Mike Sarah G and Vanessa V.
We think we came up with our team name, not fully sure yet, so won't disclose any more information.
Erm...nothing much else is happening right now...

just want to say...

having great freinds is one of the things i am most greatful, I thank all of you who take care of me, are patient of me, and love me, even though i can sometimes be a very very difficult person to deal with. Love you all and hope that I am able to return the kindness and love you all show me.
God Bless You all.


Monday, September 03, 2007


Hello People

Well, yesterday was great!!
went to the cafe at the bottom of baystreet, no idea what its called, and had a quick snack there, and then me dezz, sarah and elaine (if i spelt it right) went dancing... lol that was fun, and funny, the drunk english guy made us laugh (photos on sarah's blog)

well pretty busy day today.

At work: gotta do a picture I promised for Kai,
gotta find and think of and learn a monologue for tonight
and of course gotta answer and make the calls that get me my pay.

Oh, btw, my blog is now one year old :) the second of my group of friends to have reached this milestone. Happy Birthday to me.

and for those of you who care:
I am going back to Architecture this year, I know It's hard work and I might screw it up again, but I'm going to try and put my mind to it and work hard.
Sorry to disapoint those who wanted me to go into something more Art related, but don't give up hope, I might change my mind yet again.

well lots to I'll be off