Thursday, January 29, 2009

to miss

Hey people...
a sad-ish blog if you don't feel like it...stop reading now.
I'm really missing my car,
she was good to me poor thing, and although she had a bit of problems once in a while, it was fun to fix her, it was a rare chance for my dad and I to bond a bit.
What's irritating about the whole thing is that I crashed through no fault of my own...
I'll admit I did have a habit of driving a bit too fast, as fast as her poor little engine could take me, but this day was not one of them: I was really relaxed, just finished exams, was in a slow mood, listening to the radio with speed being the last thing on my mind...bloody road slipped...
Any way...
with the loss of the car, I realised this evening, I have lost a lot independance. I now am in the possition of looking and checking for lifts again before i agree to go anywhere...bussing it again afer even such a short time (reletavely speaking) is not a pleasant experiance.
I feel dependant again.
not fun.
not happy.

But I'm looking forward to the future with a bit of excitment...I'm curious to see how God's gonna get me out of this situation.
I have a few idea's but with God, who knows?
Guys pray Joni and I get a few adverts we pitched our idea for.
until then...I'll guess I'll start walking again...I need to start getting fit agin...maybe I'll stop feeling old...
that's about it...
I'm now gonna go start the forth book in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.
I know, I'm a geek....but that's why you all love me.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Well, I finished exams, yey!

We celebrated Tine's birthday at creative with the candels yey!

And crashed my car boo!

I was driving along tower road just after exiles-ish. The road was had drizzled a bit.
The woman driving infront of me stopped at the zebra crossing and i pressed my breaks to no effect. the car kept the same speed, and the stirring wheel wasn't having any effect either.
i crashed.
no car for a while, the engine isnt running and i dont know how much it can be fixed.
ce la vi


Monday, January 26, 2009

the beginning of another week


So last night, dru and I felt the urge to go out...we were both at home and feel like we're getting old too some randomness was needed...
everybody being at home studying and it being 10 at night, our only plausible idea was a film...
so we headed off to st julians to watch the 11.30 showing of Defiance.
It's a gd film, enjoyed it.

But what the hell? you study film for one semester and you cant help but notice the monatge style and editing and filming techniques used in a film.
fun granted...but sometimes u just wanna relax.

anyway...slept at 4am and loved it.

today went for a driving lesson with Angie and i must say she is getting better...hopefully she'll be going up for the test soon.
last exam tomorrow...yey me...and then i got some design work to get done for miguel and chiara (hello to them) got a video to make (hope i manage this one actually :S) and practise needs to begion for the talent show at the coming community weekend.. (excited)(thanks kai)
thats all

ah no!
one last thing:
dunno if you noticed, but everyday at the bottom of the page there is a new Terry Pratchett quote, from one of his discworld books...
for those who've read his work, it's funny remembering the story and specific moments...for those who haven't, it gives a gd idea of what you're missing.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Google verb Meme!

I know i already posted today...but just read Achie's blog and I was tagged so how could I not answer?

So quick explanation for those who don't read her blog:

A meme is something passed around the internet that you tag people in for them to carry it on.

The questions are:
Q: Type in "[your name] needs" in the Google search.
Q: Type in "[your name] looks like" in Google search.
Q: Type in "[your name] says" in Google search.
Q: Type in "[your name] wants" in Google search.
Q: Type in "[your name] does" in Google search.
Q: Type in "[your name] hates" in Google search.
Q: Type in "[your name] asks" in Google search.
Q: Type in "[your name] likes " in Google search.
Q: Type in "[your name] eats " in Google search.
Q: Type in "[your name] wears " in Google search.
Q: Type in "[your name] was arrested for" in Google Search.
Q: Type in "[your name] loves" in Google Search.

and my answers:

Simon needs to go suck his own nuts, but he’s too short to reach. (i don't think that makes sense but still)
Simon looks like he wants to gouge his eyeballs out and stuff them in his ears so he can experience total sensory deprivation (lol)
Simon says, touch your ears (HAHAHA it was describing the world famous game)
Simon wants to get Britney back on track. (it's funny cause it's a lie)
Simon does a "flip" (poor simon got injured)
Simon Hates Balloons
Simon asks "what is the dirtiest thing there is?". (no really...what is the dirtiest thing there is?)
Simon likes the way David Hernandez stripped it (I have no idea who he is or what he stripped and not really sure i wanna find out)
Simon eats a giant piece of watermelon in 8 bites! (this one's a video on youtube in case you're intersted)
Simon wears an overcoat (...he doesn't own)
Simon was arrested for wearing anti-Iraq T-Shirt
SIMON LOVES PIES (not loves per se...but i dont mind them i guess)

And I'm tagging:


(post links to your blogs when you answer them or just post them as a comment)

The Best Saturday of the WEEK! sounded funny in my head: the title i mean

last night:
started off with youth mass, which was very nice, a shout out to Sam who is really getting better every time i hear him.
first up...milling around after the mass trying to see what were going to be the plan for the evening.
the result: kareoke.
well before we left in search of a bar which provides this entertainment...of coure giving steve loads of embaresment before he left for his was commented that me and matt were deprerssing as we were all in black, after pointing out that i was infact in a brown top with a black jacket, and matt was in a black top with a brown jacket, it was obvious to us what needed to be done....I look good in matts jacket and he looks great in


Our search for a kareoke bar was unsuccesful, as the only one we found wasn't givving us the right vibe...if ya know what i we headed off to O'Cassey's as they sometimes do Kareoke...
they weren't but the dj said they will later...
pick a table,
order drinks
sit down...
and then the fun music began...
they weren't good 'hip' songs or anything, actually some of them were rather old, and we went through, aproximately 45 minutes of early 80's disco music, but we went crazy...
we banging the beat on the table, dancing wierdly in our places, acting out some of the was, for those of you who know us, Matt and I in one of our moods...but spread over the whole group: Matt, Mig, Krissie, Angie, G, (we had the honour of having the company of) Tine, and myself. Later joined by John, and after he said good bye to his coudategh, Steve.
I think the waiters and barpeople thought we were shit faced before walking into the place, hilarious...
thinking about it, my fingers are hurting from the table drumming...
anyway...i'm trying to portray the message that

really wish i had my camera on me, i really do...
ah will have to be remembered by those who were there without the visual aid.

I go do some work now....

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I can see the horizon!!!

just came back from my eighth exam...
foundations of theology
should have gone ok...
knew alot about first two essays, the third not so much but still.

now my last exam is on tue...and its a relaxed one...
i go work on something extracullicular now...not a moments rest me.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Oh Thank God!
Seriously, I really have a reason to thank Him.
this evening i had my 7th exam, which was an oral or Organizational Communication. Now this subject so so vast and jam packed with detail that we're expected to know, it says it in part of the notes.
the second part of this same subject is Human Communications, which is rather more common sense to me...and I was so scared that some detailed question would come out, my heart i was racing.
As the person before me came out i was on my way in when he opened the door asking who's next...he found me with his face.
"me" i said.
"you" he replied,
and i couldn't resist "and you too",
"yes me too" he said smiling.
well, the atmosphere was relaxed from then on and when i sat down and picked the question...I smiled.

A good communicator is born not made. Discuss.

waaaa.....i'm sure anyone with a bit of a brain could answer that one...and having read some of the notes from the seminar (which i only did roughly as i remmebered most of it) was brilliant.
i got out of the office and leapt for joy, literally.
a bitch exam tomorrow morning,
and the last one on tuesday the 27th.

i'm going to the praise of community today...cause He deserves it...definitely!
some random fun:
thanks to matt
ally had mentioned them too:


Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well thats 6 exams down and 3 to go...
It should be going ok till now...
I mean i don't feel i went horribly in any one of them...
tomorrow organizational communication oral, and saturday foundations of theology...and now im scared...
but im gonna work like crazy ion these last few pls pray for me people.

also in other news...
Im getting old.
Yesterday ran a maximum of 200 wasnt more...
three steps in a feel a pain in my knee, five steps later a pain in my hip, and at about 100 meters my back starts to complain...and i was obviously out of breath by the time i got to my destination....
i have begun diteriorating...however you spell it.

im off to study...
my brain cant take much more of this...cant wait for saturday for a bit of a break until tue 27th...when ill be free...

random funnyness:


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hey people.
First to all those studying inside and haven't been out all day: It's raining.
Second, I got very wet.
Third, I finished another two exams today.
Communications Overview, went ok i guess...with a multiple choice exam it's difficult to say how you went, right or wrong, no grey areas, so...but i should have gone ok.
Judaism was fun...Went in and said all I had to say, and the lecturer was actually interested in it, he even said "very interesting". He asked me one question that I knew the answer to and told me i can leave.
Miskina the person who had to go in after me was unlucky though, as by some wierd chance she had picked the same topic I did to speak about....ah well. more wet on my way to the car and I'm home.
Exhausted and in no mood to study for tomorrow.
But at least I'm almost half way there...
its raining

*no video today*

Monday, January 19, 2009


Hey people...

Just came back from exam number 2.
It went well...
was hoping for horror and science fiction to come up and sure enough... :)
God is kind....
Really should be studying for tomorrow and the next day and the next, but:
After finishing an exam....and coming out from that exam all releaved at motivation is zero...maybe just a bit under that.
I guess I'll have to try...

leaving you with a fun event...

enjoying posting my favourite videos of the moment :)
i think you noticed.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

pre-exam week

Hey people.
Just decided to stop studying for today.
Start a packed week of exams next week...
my second exam tomorrow, two more on tue, then one everyday until saturday, then a break until tue when i finish.
I have actually taken these exams seriously this time (shock!) and hope to do well...

i dont think i have much else to say really...

so here's a song i heard on the radio last night on my way out...its a remake of 'we will rock you' by queen...had heard it before and love the video :)

so i am now off to bed for a good nights sleep to wake up studying tomorrow...
(and everyone is thinking "who's writing Simon's blog? This isn't him.")
gbu all

Friday, January 16, 2009

since XXI

Wanted to start with this video...
love what they're doing and the editing


first up....
i am now 21 :)
thanks to all those who msged me and left a message on face book....appreciated every one of them.
It was a surprisingly good birthday considering the fact that every one was busy with exams.
tnx to Karmenu Tine Matt Joni Vanessa Parents Ang and her parents for the pressies :)
and krissie for her cup ckae

Another random fun video:

fun ej?

oh yeah....
A shout out to Ally, who 'subtely' asked for a mention.
no but seriously,
spent a gd 1/2 hr studying with her today and an hour looking at a cat climb a tree...and making fun of a bunch of people who apperently have too little to study to keep quiet (hi Gareth)

and cause Ally never saw free running and wanted to know:

I know most of you have seen this before...but its still fun yes?

A shout out to Martine...who i just happen to be running into a lot.

passed my EFL
started exams already,
finished one:) have 8 left.
finish on the 27th
we'll see....working on them though

another video (on the basis of why not?):
more free fancy stuff though...just getting from one place to another fast....

erm...i dont think i have anythign else to say.
and gbu


Monday, January 12, 2009

cool video

liked it:
watch it past the first two guys trust me.

tomorrow ... the big XXI ... yey ...
wednesday ... the first exam ... yey ...
next week ... all exams ... yey ...


Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Hey people
I felt bad for
not blogging for so long...
so i'm here to tell everyone of you Happy new year...lets look forward to
2009 and try and make it a year of growth.
Thanks to Tutzi at y4j last sat i have made the decision to try and 'delight more in the Lord' this year.
you might have noticed i'm sick
and exams start yesterday week for me...
pray for me...
and im praying
*hacking cough*
for all of you