Sunday, June 28, 2009

lighting a match

things annoy you but they're little things, so you don't make a fuss and keep them inside.
things, big or small, worry you, but they're personal, and no one you tell can help you anyway, so keep them inside.
an argument with a close friend, well it was my fault, keep it inside.
something disappoints you, but you feel stupid opening up about it to anyone, there is most probably nothing to talk about anyway, so keep it inside.
something makes you angry, I'm most probably over reacting anyway.
a group argument, separation, not my fault, why should i let it effect me, but it does.
and all these things keep building and binding, forming a mass of emotions, like a ball in your system waiting for the fuse to be lit,
and finally, someone acts a little stupid or annoying, and the match is lit, and the feeling inside makes you want to punch faces in.
but i've learnt to keep most of it in, so a brief outburst and I walk away, alone, where i calmly push it back down, this explosive mass, back down where it can't hurt anyone.
i suppress it,
until one day,
I won't.

Friday, June 26, 2009

shoulder and ddr

My shoulder is ok-ish i guess.
I mean its in a bit of pain when i move, and uncomfortable most of the time...
at hospital the doctor said that since at 21 my shoulder popped out twice already for stupid reasons, i might want to look into soon ill start the tests and stuff so they see what's wrong in there and then we'll see...
I am a freak, i'm kinda looking forward to it :)
but we'll see what happens....
until then, my right shoulder needs prayer too as i think it doing all the work is not too good for it :S
yesterday paula, nikki and lara came up to bugibba in the afternoon....God sent angels....and they enjoyed it...spread the word, and we played ddr (the dancing step game) i won...against three girls i won...we played air and la are draw with a game each...and pls note...with my arm in a sling....and nikki and lara rode horses....
then crepes and up to my flat so they draw on my wall... and take photos using eve....
evening i spent inside...relaxed...
surprisingly enough got to bed at like 3 am ....i have no idea where the time went...

Micheal Jackson died...

and thats about it

or not..
parents went to Gozo yesterday morning so I'm alone (with my sister although she's rarely home) until Monday evening...
anyone wants to here...except tomorrow....and sunday evening....but any other time i'm here.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The real 300

I'm gonna talk about last night, but before that....
if you're on a laptop, put in headphones, you must hear the bass.

300 blogs!
I am happy to have got this far in this blog and kept it going.
lately the experience has improved as their are more bloggers so more to read and more comments.
i remember when i started this blog back in 2006 when Saz went to Canada....seems really long ago...
here's to the next 100 blogs
*raises pint*

last night was epically fun and random...
writing down would not do it justice, as it's one of those moments of "you had to be there"
but basically
  • fun relaxed party (thanks Michelle :) hug) including:
  1. Sam ruling the dance floor
  2. Elaine sitting on gum
  3. lots of hat exchange
  4. Żiemel
  5. ring theft
  6. piano cake
  • beer at Time Square
  • weird shot invented by the barman
  • singing along
  • planning mischief
  • Lanf crying
  • Matt dying
  • I love Schinas
  • TP
  • piss stop (jerrie car TP risk)
  • swimming
  • toe incident (hope you ok Mike, you worried me.
basically i got to Gzira at 5 am as the sky was brightening again, slept three hours and its on the bus again to Bugibba.
fun stuff....tonight I'm most probably going to die early though

and i can't wait to get this sling off

out for now....
comment comment comment

Friday, June 19, 2009

"someone take a photo"

first off: i dislocated my shoulder's the same one as two years ago, and it's now in a sling, so appreciate the effort of typing with one hand.
i did it diving into the sea...again...this time normally...nothing fancy.
and this time i got someone to take a photo...they're not on facebook can't show you.
i would like to thank Jeremy and Sam especially for taking me first to the policlinic and then coming with me to hospital....
well not much to say about it really, except that it hurt more than last time...and now it might pop out more frequently as i have damaged the cartilage on both the front and the back of the joint.
the doctor was a bit of an idiot though....
while i'm drugged on pain killers the questions asked went something like this:

"how did you hurt?"
"i dived and landed badly"
"you hit something?"
"in a pool?"
"no, in the sea"
"the pool was empty?"
"....i dived into the sea."
"you hit something?"

gah...i just wanted my shoulder pulled back into place....
one more thing though: the last thing i said before diving into the sea was "what's the worse that could happen?" ....i know....shut up :P
tonight, people, i'm guessing out of pity for me, came up to buggibba, we started off the evening with the most savage savoury crepe we could buy... followed by a stop to mc donalds (of course) were i had ice cream, and brookes bought some 'food', and were we ended up stopping for a chat where we calculated that the approximate amount of possible partners world wide come up to about 600....not a lot considering the worlds pop. is about 6,000,000,000...

well, then it was up to my flat for underworld 3.... which was ok i guess...although the graphics disappointed me a bit.
and now everyone im going to try get myself comfortable in bed and maybe sleep all night....

thanks to Martina for the's still on...

and now seriously:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

shurgs and smiles

summer is brilliant.
I mean with all the business and stuff to do, and the beach and the oh so gorgeous tan, and the getting to know more people, and eve, and reading, and bass how can it not be?
and today i got a call...Fr. Mike gave me another project...woots...I'm asking Matt's help on this one for sure....:)
soon room 101 will begin...the drawing and the blog and looking forward to both of them...
I think I've decided to be myself by the way, I know what i do is in purity with no alternate motives so anyone who thinks other wise can... (Matt skip the next line)
...fuck off.
Like a good friend of mine said...they obviously don't know me well enough...
in other news...was about to install final cut pro onto eve and it told me that it should be installed only on a power i take this warning seriously or not?
erm...shout out to Mike, who got me home twice already this summer :) lol and miskin he was really tired yesterday. Appreciate it dude.

i now be off...
enjoy your holidays people!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not 300!

oh the shame:
after having a look in my blog archive i realized that a number of started blogs which i didnt publish got counted by blogger...
in my opinion these don't really count, so....i deleted them from the list...bringing my blog count to 296....this one being the 297th
so im afraid we'll have to wait until the 300 celebration...a good thing in a way, as i've been wanting to blog and couldn't as what i have been preparing for my 300th blog still isn't ready.

sorry for the false alarm...

just got back from st julians..were after much analyzing from certain people...i am not slightly upset that people are judging me as :
  1. gay (from my actions with matt)
  2. touchy, or needy (because of my like of cuddles and hug)
Now most of you who know me well, know that i usually can't give a monkeys right testicle what people thing about my actions, i do what i feel, i want to go alone for a walk, i leave, i want to hug someone, i long as i know whatever i'm doing is innocent... why not? right?
i dunno
today something made me feel conscious about what was said. I don't like being see as needy, or as i think i'm going to revert back to being my old self...and keep everything inside...i think i'm goign to stop hugging ...

your loss after all :P


Saturday, June 13, 2009

quite a throw... :)

Well first a nice surprise this morning when i opened safari...its new! kinda like google chrome but look more all things mac...

What a grand day...ian passed for me at 1 and we mae our way to ghadira, being the first ones there, we just threw ourselves on the sand, and got into that fresh sea....
eventually a whole bunch of people started arriving....including sam, and jes, and Lara too...hey all
and had the first beach wrestle and ball play....
obviously the gorgeous tan continued to develop and i am not rather happy with the result...

evening got me really in a music mood...and ian wants to teach me im happy ....
i wasnt feeling too good though....i think it was the hunger though...

anyway...tonight y4j and then who knows? as always...who knows? an after tought...i'm really excited about getting my art on...wanna really get into it agian....
i'm hungry...



Friday, June 12, 2009

"what have i unleashed?!"

last night was interesting.
an art exhibition...i had a wrong impression of the event....i expected it to be...well....boring...just going around looking at pictures...but besides that...which was interesting...there was some very gd work, prosit to all who had there art shown....
there was food...and wine.
first up, made friends with a waiter...always a plus at any event, and then, in the words of matthew...we got a bit Haha...but of course i can't say it right :P
but seriously it was fun...
got to meet some people, who i enjoyed speaking to...
and estelle saw us in a mood for the first time....sorry if we scared you...
also after that, krissie and lanf want to put up an exhibition, and i'm allowed to join, and being completely different from there style, it's got me rather excited.... I really need to take my art seriously and produce some actual works, as i dont think it would be a gd university career mood if i sell off my here and here to see what i mean....
and then we entertained the younger two zendrich sisters to ourselves...again...hope we didnt scare you....
at night...woke up at 2 and couldn't sleep...damn it
but this morning woke up ok :) and ghadira in 2 hours...bring on the sun....


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Red is Back

Really enjoying this part of summer...
relaxin...swimming....not home alot.....reading ......
and basically want to thank everyone who's making it happen....

Special thanks goes to Jes....she knows why

and Pierre, btw....the werewolf game is spreading :) it's a hit.

tomorrow i'll be at chaplaincy working on some design stuff for my esteemed clients :)

also...louie wants a bunny tshirt :) anyone else wants ill be happy to long as you help me if u know what i mean :P


Monday, June 08, 2009

frowning smile

On a branch at the very top of the tree, isolated from the everyday busy-ness found practically everywhere else, sat a bird. His feathers ruffled, he sat sulking. He wanted to peck at everyone for a full hour, but didn't want to make any enemies, so he turned it to sadness and flew up to this isolated part of the tree to be alone and look, stare out at nothing.
and just when he was about to fly off and hit something in full flight, another bird landed next to him.
this one was female.
"a pretty female" he thought to himself, "might be worth staying a while"
she leaned forward to get a better look at his face, he just kept on staring straight.
then, she gently placed a wing around him and softly asked him what's wrong.
he said he doesn't know.
then why let it effect you?
it's just there, it's a mood.
and so on and so forth until, without him realizing, he was chirping happily to her, and her to him with a bright smile on his face, and as the sun went down, and it was time to head on back to their respective nests, they hugged and both leapt off into the air.
and as he glided down, wind flowing around him and through his feathers, he thought " i have to write a blog to thank her tomorrow."


thanks for your ability to make me smile yesterday.


up in buggibba and got my first sun burn today...summer is now here

singing in the sun...well, not in the sun you know....

First off...thanks...thanks a real lot to Mina for having us over yesterday and to her mum for that pasta......ahhhh that pasta.....
and elaine...seriously, i think evolution screwed u over when it gave you that laugh.... you risk dying everytime you find something even slightly hilarious....
and that film...guys....ok...some of the pieces are classics....but some others....high much?
yanica pointed out that me and matt fill the two guys and a girl profile almost scarily well....
i dropped out of architecture and he's gonna be a doctor.... 
also...matt and i got our hair shaved again....i went lower than ever before...and matt looks gorgeous in shaved hair...

c'est tout

i'm at chaplaincy waiting for things to happen while photoshopping ....


Sunday, June 07, 2009

A frowning Pigeon, and a hyper one

hey people...
so i can understand the boat party thing...and I'm fine about it...this does not garantee fine-ness to continue while I'm viewing the facebook photos after the event...but until then, shrug.
y4j, followed by a drive to st. was like a tour, we where a massive group near the 'love' monument. the decision was made to go to pizza hut ( blah!)
on arriving i sat down on a wall, and Martine (hey tine) joined me.
there was no room, so most people left for mc donalds, 8 ppl stayed at pizza hut, and me and tine stayed put in the middle...
I won a bet :) and was owned a beer,
and we went to get pizza from the guy infront of baystreet (quoting Mike: the ones that give you stomach cancer)
on the way in met ang and sarah who where going to meet emily, who said they'd tell us where they'll be.
pizza was bought and consumed, and since i was still owned a beer, made our way to keg...didnt go in...moved on to Black bull, where drinks where bought and a bit of chatting occurred.
following that, the idea was to go karaoke - ing, but the place was packed, so after a brief stop walked off to meet the others.
it was fun, not cause of anything we did, but cause i did what i want without following the from now on...if i just bugger off on a saturday night out....its not cause i'm being a loner, it's cause i dont wanna do what the others are doing...anyone is welcome to join.


sorry this blog was supposed to be up last night, but the internet at home died.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

-> Right (as opposed to left)

I'm at home while everyone is either in Senglea or in Mdina...
there's a sudden fascination with these old localities...why? I have no idea...
I'll admit I once in a while enjoy going there if I'm in the right mood to just walk/ run/ bounce around and take interesting photos and stuff... but tonight it wasn't in me...
I learnt that at a meeting last 13th of May, something I said was completely ignored, and this put me in the worse of moods...
basically something is being organized that I'd really like, but, ignoring my request and forewarning, it's being organized during the week I'm going to be out of the country.
I know, I'm going to be on holiday, it's probably better than anything happening here, but the point is I shouldn't have to choose.....*sigh*
so I'm home, and just installed creative suite on eve, so now I can get to work on some stuff I had in my to do list...
dunno if I'm going swimming tomorrow...
depends on what mood I wake up in....veve would say it's my time of the month...
but on a positive note:
Youthful Worship was good today...enjoyed it...


oh btw, dunno if i mentioned it on a blog, or on twitter:
got my first result from these exams back.
I KNOW RIGHT?!! university is going crazy...rather, more crazy...usually they spend ages to publish official results, and I get one back 5 days after I sit for this three hour exam in which I wrote 10 pages...
possible explanations:
  1. the lecturer doesn't really read all the essays
  2. the lecturer is a very fast reader, and wants to start his holidays asap
  3. the papers got lost and the results where given randomly
  4. time is fucked and a month happened in a week

Friday, June 05, 2009

Selfish Cupid

oh the beauty of freedom...
I woke up surprisingly early today. I had nothing to do all morning, so i woke up, switched on eve, did the internet rounds, played a bit of bass, and then, while on the phone, threw myself back onto my bed.
After the call ended, i was lying there, thinking, i really feel like sleeping some more, and then it hit me, like a gorgeous soft feathered pillow, "I can!"
so i rolled onto my side, and feel into the most gorgeous sleep I have had in ages. Waking up at 13:00 (malcolm would be proud) calmly got ready to go to chaplaincy to greet Krissie who's back in Malta for ten days.
And today, another memorable event...a game of werewolf where there where no one won! ended up with 3 people at the was the werewolf, one was the hunter and one was the cupid....
and the cupid (me) having chosen himself to be in the couple, and the werewolf (sam) obviously didn't kill themselves, voting to kill the hunter (veve) who killed sam, and through couple love, Sam died no one won...
youthful worship in Paola tonight...
voting and swimming tomorrow...
hello to paula who visited during a game and wasn't spoken to much :) *waves*

Thursday, June 04, 2009

"a short quick summary kind of-"

Hey people
I am a real nerd,
As most of you know, I finished exams yesterday, and today, the first day of summer for me and i spent it at chaplaincy spending all day on my mac... made two songs, and started work on a video...discovering how to use i movie, and krissie...on my version you can change speed...didnt really try it, but found it somewhere, and not sure ill be able to get back to it, but still...
it's really fun being able to do what i want and please whenever i want and please, while...and this is the important bit, people around me are still stuck studying :) love you all guys...
had a mini photoshoot with eve...(my mac) thanks to malcolm...i want those photos dude...
oh...her name is eve, cause i was looking at her and thinking...she's sexy but the black keys show a hint of the bitten apple...and reference to applegeeks and's perfect...
so people...eve...eve...the people who read my blog
'at's it for today

I think I sunburnt my head

Not gonna spend a lot of time on this blog,
cause it's late and I wanna go to bed and relax and wake up whatever time I want because:
yes indeed I have finished my exams.
After three years of trying, and two failed attempts, I have reached the end of my University first year.
And what better day to finally, get something I have been wanting for way too long...after much suffering and hoping and praying, I am now the owner of a brand new 15" aluminum MacBookPro ...yeah baby!!!
it's just

finally before i go to sleep
she's the bestest mummy in the whole wide world and i loves her....

gd luck to any of, practically all, who still have exams coming up....
may you be relaxed and remember all you studied.

Monday, June 01, 2009

The ace has wings

dear all,
i apppologize for my lack of blogging this past week, but as you all know, exam time. I know I am, most probably the most relaxed student on campus, but this year i actually did study a lot. I'm spending all my day, everyday at chaplaincy. We imagined getting caught there in a storm, and what fun it would be, but in all honesty, we're always there anyway.
Pierre managed to get us hooked on something new again. The game of warewolf. A game of friendship, lies, suspicion, and love, and of course achies thirst for blood and Luca's skill at dying in the first two or three nights...always....even when he is not killed directly by anyone....

KAI...HAPPY BIRTHDAY...actually went up to see her today, with the tripyest card anyone's ever recieved

sorries as well go to all those people (two) i should be emailing right now...ill try and get down to it either wednesday or thurdsay...most probably thursday....two busy days coming up.


my mac arrives in two days...excited :)
which is good as my laptop is doesnt charge unless its switched off :S 

oh yes
exams till now have been good, i think:

Introduction to Islam: I should have done well
theology of salvation was exactly what i expected and wrote all i knew.
English: I wrote a full 10 pages in 3hrs, and i'm rather pleased
Methods of Inquiry: practically learnt how to work out statistics as I was doing the exam.
psychology today...multiple choice, so i have no idea....left 105 minutes early though.

Krissie arrives on Friday.....:) woot!

and finally, if anyone wants to pop by and see me tomorrow between 9am and 5 pm, i'm gonna be standing infront of the law courts being one of those people i try and usually avoid.

gbu all