Thursday, January 31, 2008

One of those...

Hey people,
It was one of those nights...
you know, you go to bed reletavely early (12:00) to be able to get up early the following day to work. You get into bed and just Lie there with your eyes open and your brain starts to start thinking and thinking, about the future, about tomorrow, about possible future pictures, remembering stuff, about people, it's crazy.
After two hours...not doze be woken up by a fucking mosquito, which u figure out must have left as soon as you woke up, cause you cant here it anymore, and then you can't get comfortable, the bottom of your feet begin to itch and an other tiresom two hours of that.
THEN i began feeling really hot, took quilt off, freezing bring it back on....
look at clock...fucking 5am....
i should be getting up in a 3 hours....
But my mum decided to wake up early and the noises she's making while cleaning keep me awake....
i manage to sleep a bit
and I know its gonna be a bad day....besides my head hurts from lack of sleep...
I open my inbox...and there are 20 emails...FROM THE SAME PERSON!!!!
moving along, moving along....

I want one of these:


Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Yeah...was asked to show this it is :)

been busy, still busy, gotta go
Community weekend this week.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


People...the marana tha web site is finally up.
Click on it.

ide like to thank the whole team.
amazing people,
couldn't have been part of a more perfect group of people

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Not much to say...
feeling ill...
and here's something that made me smile,
This man is a genious

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Re: St. Venera

Hey people,
very nice Healing Service yesterday...
...the usual John, to the sound crew, the band, the people praying and of course to God for His amazing greatness.

A special thanks to the die hard people remaining till 2am in Paola. Pedro...who injured himself, hope you feel better soon, to Jonathan, Sarah, and Mig who were exhausted beyond the point where driving is safe, to Joe who even had to set up for next Sunday's event, even though he was dressed neatly, to Godwin and Annabelle who came even though they where a street away from home. May God trully pay you back a hundred fold.

One last thing: I knew it wasn't a myth:


Peace to all


Thursday, January 17, 2008

2 items

Hey people...
two things I wanna talk about:

1st: Tiredness

I'm at the filming office and it's 1.13am. I've been here since 17.30. I am finding, cutting, burning to on and so forth, clips for Brian, at the same time, I'm burning and printing the weekend DVD's so I will not be bugged any more, AND at the same time I am studying history of Art.
I am tired. My brain can't cope and of the brain used to...for example typing and speach and hand eye coordination shut down, and the tasks I am still doing, are being performed by other parts of the brain. Parts, not used to performing these can imagine, I am taking ages to type this out, my eyes are hurting, when I try to speak I'm slurring (please note: I'm alone up I am speaking to the computer, the heater the monitor...yes I'm going insane.) But it's interesting...also...out of interest...cause I know you're dying to know...and I'm sure most of you are am i getting home when I'm finally done? Well, obviously...I'm walking it back to Gzira thats how :) lucky old me.

2nd: Wierdness

I was thinking the other day...You know some people, for example me, Matt, and Sarah G. are usually always going on about new comedians, or new videos, or new films, which we found on the internet, and we go on and on quoting and laughing about it among ourselves, obviously trying to include others. But the others, just look at us in a wierd way because they obviously have no idea what we on about...
Now...skip forward in time two or three weeks...the three of us are obviously laughing and talking about something new, we have already spoken about and exhausted all the jokes there is to say about the stuff we found three weeks ago, BUT, the rest of the island finally caught up, and now everyone is talking about and quoting stuff we no longer find funny, and once again...we're the wierd ones, the odd ones out.
Damn it! cool original wierd people like us are actually super normal, we're normal three weeks ahead of everyone else, and I say three wekks to take an average...for example: I read the first three books of Harry Potter in form 1, and i became a (yes ill admit it) bit of a freak about them, the only problem is that it was at least two years before they became famous. So by the time everyone wanted to read these blasted books, I had outgrown them and if i dared say "what's the fuss about, they are a bit childish"...again, I'm a freak... :) lucky old me

well, cya around....Healing service at St. venera tomorrow...


Sunday, January 13, 2008


Yo people

Well, Today I turn more teen is coming to an end :)
It was an ok day, relaxed, mass at uni at 11.30 and then lunch with the family and then home and then angie came and dvd's and...yeah well relaxedness all round i guess...
Yesterday is what i want to talk about the most though,
Lara's house for Pictionary.... funness....We were in 4 teams of three:
Me Joni and Sarah, Ang Lara and Sarah G, Mig Karl and John, and Mike Van and Kristie...Our team kicked really, we won with the team in second place still half way across the board :) althgh we did have a few snags along the way :

If you cant see it clearly...that is clearly a monkey and if u look at the says Cheetah....please note, it was drawn by our very own English Teacher: Miss Sarah Tabone Ferrante. well, she did do quite a few gd drawings...and i said before...kicked ass!
Laughter all round.
And we learnt Karl doesn't know what a stop sign is,
and we also learnt that no matter what 'Period' is going to be taken as something nasty. more thing is that knowing how to play guitare does not help in 'Guitare Hero' at fact...Mike sucked at it while I ...again...kicked ass.
well...t's about it really....
have something on my mind i'll post about tomorrow or the day after :)
Gbu all

signing off....and starting my 21st year of living smiling and with hope and great goals.

(I just dropped a mug of tea)


towards 9 o clock...things turned a bit bad....well not bad...more like disapointingly boring...i dunno...birthday and nothing to do in the evening...actually going to study a bit...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

guess who's back?

Hey People...

Posting to say one main thing...
Simon the photographer is back.

I got a camera form my parents for christmas, but on opening it found a cracked screen, so it was sent back and it finally came back today. so get ready guys, I'm back, and as photo happy as ever. Please before you all go "oh no!" remember the kick ass video done using the photos i used to take last year.
If you dont, just click HERE

so no complaining ok?


Monday, January 07, 2008


Well thank to all of you that commented on that last vry long post, and thanks and congrats to all of you for reading all the way through if you did.

well...after that its time for a relaxed post,

so here's a video i came across, cant wait to get practising :)
Matt, we need to make u a doctor quick.

PS Claire Azzopardi reporting from down-under...check out her blog in my friends list.

Have a gd week

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Insight on the Xmun

After a very interesting discussion with Joni, Sarah and Drew last night, i came up witht he conclusion that I should start trying to be a bit nicer to people.

But since i started on this subject I would like to try and explain a bit about how I work. Please note, I am in no way trying to justify myself as being right or misunderstood, just telling the few readers I have who i am.

WARNING: This post might seem boring and dragging to people who don't want to know me better or try and understand me, I do not blame you if you stop half way.

I get bad moods. A very simple statment, and don't even try to understand why i get bad moods, cause I usually won't know, it could be that i saw something that annoyed me and i forgot about it but its still annoying me subconciesly, it may be something i know annoys me but i convinced myslef it shouldnt so i dont consider a wierd person.
Either way, they happen. Now if in a bad mood and left alone, I would most probably sit on a wall or railing somewhere quietly watching time go by for a while. Harmless.
But I obviously have freinds who care about me and come ask what's wrong. (PLease note, i do not sit quiet, so unlike myself, on purpose to attract attention) I will usually nod quietly in a sign of, leave it its nothing it will pass...Here is where It can go wrong. People who are close to me know when to back off or pursue, sometimes, especially if i know whats bothering, i would want to tell them, but automatically shrug off their first question, other times, ide really want them to shut up. It takes a lot of knowledge about me, and one needs to be very very close to me to know that its one of those times i need their questioning.
The problems arise when i want people to leave me alone, and tey come bouncing along all bouncy and happy (nothing wrong with being happy....) and sit next to me tryingto show me what a pretty and beautiful world we live in and how we shouldn't be sulking "FUCK OFF!" (...just don't try change me) you know? I don't want to be's just sometimes people have a 'talent' for saying the wrong thing at the right time. (again, im not justifying myself) or if i arrive exhausted, and people or going to start speaking about work or favours straight away...again..."FUCK OFF!" i know it's not right, and I need to chage this slowly (late New year's resolution) but until then...hopefully this blog has helped.

Here's a picture i drew two days ago. Fits rather well with the topic. Click to see larger.

One other thing ide like to point out, when I'm having a discussion with someone, (not a fight, a discussion, discussing something, casually, like...I don't know, The colour Blue, you knwo, not something too Important) and I can't explain myself, i get agitated.
My brain, like i said is cmplicated... If im thinking about 'A' my head thinks like this... "'A' automatcally means 'B' we can skip 'C' and 'D' cause there obvious, so 'B' leads to 'E' and therfore taking 'C' and 'D' into consideration we get 'F'." so ill say 'F'. in my mind it would make sense, and with enouph explaining and thinking about it, I could put out the thought process to others, but I rarely manage, and therefore get frustrated, start shouting, snapping and looking angry at the person I'm discussing with, who usually decides I'm getting too worked up about the discussion, please believe me, I'm not, it's just Irritation that you're not seeing the thought process which to me is so simple and natural.

Another point, My humour is a little (understatment) rough...

I am the kind of person who likes to make friends and likes to make new people feel comfortable when in my company and the company of my friends, and I am there fore worried about this whole "people find me rough" thing. I want everyone to know that if they need anything, I am here, the ones who know enough know, that I find it difficult to say "no" to a friend. Knowing this, please note that if i say "no, not right now, I'm a bit busy" I would be REALLY BUSY. BUt still, I want to make it clear. I don't have anything against anyone, and if sometimes i give the impression I dont like you cause of the way i joke with you and you don't like it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know it annoys you, and I am promising that I will do my best to change it. :)

From here I'de like to say a very big sorry if due to any of the above reasons I miht have offended or hurt anyone.
I hope you managed to learn abit more about how I work.
If you're still reading this, I apreciate that you really care, but pitty you for having to read all this bullcrap...tnx anyway.

gd night people


(wow thats a long one!)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


sry its a late blog...but i just got home since it turned 2008