Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year....New Bunny???


Well, it's the end of the year,
I time to look back and reflect...

It was a gd ear on the whole, I mean I can't complain i suppose, I'm still alive, and relatevely healthy.
In this year:

God is obviously still here with me. Don't plan to ever let HIm go :)
He's helped me in a lot of decissions and problems I had to face this year, and I know He will help me in 2008...

I failed 1st year at university, started it again and dropped out to follow my a change of direction, but i suppose its a gd thing, cause i finally got the guts to go after it. my spelling still sucks

Developed my art especially in portraying real things, took a step aside from cartoons for a while, as it's all important i suppose. Bunny might get a new face. lOOk below. But the cartoons are still there and still my passion. You'll see my name in some credits one day.

Well started going out with Angie :) But also got closer to some really great people, Joni, Sarah, Joe Maggi, Angelique, Pedro, Ian you are really great people. Of course made friendships grow stronger too...Matt, Drew and Dezz, will always love you both.


I'm still in filming team of course, and this year produced the Gibralter Outreach DVD alone, took a while to edit, and it still isnt in the buyers hands (sry guys been rather busy) but its all done. Also helped in the backdrop of The youth weekend and entered Website team, and ofcourse the backdrop of the Mdina Healing service, and the number of Cards ive done are uncountable...I r teh cartoonit.

Got my Driving Licence. Still no Car. Lost another camera, and got another one for Christmas...(munber 3, how long will it last?) Grew taller :) still growing, one year to go-ish.

First job Not in Catering this year, I guess that was a step forward. Answered phones all summer...quite fun.

Dislocated my shoulder doing a backdive off Louisa's boat :)

I think thats it, covered everything really.
From here I wish you all a Vry Happy New Year to you and all your families, May God trully bless you in the coming year.



I'm sick, head hurting, congested, throat pains, dizzy, and i havent checked for fever yet...hope ill be fine for tonight...


while taking a short break from studying history of Art, i was thinking...bunny, the one you all know and love, pic below, is fun and all, but if i ever decide to animate a short with him, i cant bring out much expression without a face...
so i came up with this alternative...
I mean...ok it's not BUnny, but I kinda got used to him alreeady...
I just want your opinion on the matter...
u like the new one...u prefare the old one....anything...

thanks guys


Sunday, December 30, 2007

I am Lemon

Was pissed off this morning...longish story
but lets just say im not scared of going abroad, and cant wait to do it...

gonna miss everyone, but its gonna be great

cant wait for this to come out too...
new pixar film
next summer:

Friday, December 28, 2007


If you're reading this for a happy post, you are in the wrong place.

I'm in a not very good mood this morning. Fist of all, didn't get much sleep last night, kept waking up and so on and so forth, but besides that...
I have this feeling of wanting to get away from everything, everyone that knows me, everyplace I know, every obligation I have, and just go, just go start something new, something I'll enjoy doing for the rest of my life, somewhere where no one knows me, my past, my character and starts giving first impressions again.
I just feel like I'm missing out.
I can't explain it properly in words in a complex feeling.
I mean, Here I am, studying like crazy trying to fit an A level subject into 5 months, so then I can study Art and Design in Malta so hopefully after that, I would have gathered enough cash to go study my real passion abroad, cause they don't teach it anywhere on this bloody island. And it all seems so far away, I mean I rather be working like crazy this year, and leaving next year. Dont get me wrong, I'm gonna miss al...most of you very much, but I just want to go, study, come back, and be sure of how the rest of my life is going to turn out...To be able to plan, jobs, country I'm going to live, family.
It's not easy, I'm leaping into darkness...I dropped out of Uni and I'm going for something so unsecure as this, it's not like me, never done something like this before, and I'm not used to it.
I'm breaking down.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry Christmas!!!!

A big God bless you to all, and May God trully bless you,

A BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU to Sarah G and to her parents for yesterdays , rather...this mornings breakfast, it was brilliantly organized, and the food was amazing...great atmosphere...although i couldnt feel my legs after twister lol

CONGRATS to Joni and Sarah, our brand new Fiances....not sure if its spelt right but fuck it....
you all know what i mean...anyway congrats...cant wait for the wedding...and the bachelors party ;)


thats it
gotta go for Christmas Lunch and Pressies.
GBU all



Thursday, December 20, 2007



Saturday, December 15, 2007

same old....

I'm having a bunny day.
I've just realised, I'm bored...and I don't mean bored right now, cause i have nothing to do, I mean I'm drowning in work. I 'm bored with what's going on in my life...nothing interesting, nothing new, nothing to look forward to, same old, I mean, the highlight of this week was that the new episode of Avatar came out...come on!
I don't know why.
I'm sorry for the negative post.
Off to work some more.


Friday, December 07, 2007

just a post

Hey peoples
Not much to say, been sick at home since tuesday, looking forward to comunity tonight.
While having a break from studying Art and drawing bloomin still life...joking lovin it...i ran across this animation....the music is rly nice to listen to and the animation is very accurate....there are others like it, just search animusic.

enjoy :)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Uni Drop Out

inspired by sarahs sudden blog update, i decided to follow suite.

well...loads has happened since my last update....but the most important event can be summerized in one sentence:
I am dropping out of Uni, and going into MCAST Art and Design next year.

This means ofcourse that I am doing my Art A level this year (in 5 months instead of 2yrs) with a lot of help from Dezz...(a big thankyou to her)
This is involving a lot of drawing work as i need to catch up (not complaining much) but it also includes studying History of Art in a vry vry short time :S

besides all this I need to find a job.

Also to add to the pressure, I need to get the past youth weekend DVD edited and burn all the others of outreach to give them out to the paying customers (thanks to all of you as well)

ON TOP OF THAT work from website team is increasing.....


I am thankful for this, and it's really showing, as although I am stuggling to keep above the incredable wave of work, I am in fact managing...and its showing even more because my art a level drawings are being produced, if not at the rate they're supposed to be, at least the standard is there :)


God Gives and Takes away.....

God bless you all

bubbles bubbles bubbles bubbles bubbles