Sunday, June 29, 2008

week events.

It has been a while hasn't it?

right so...A WEEK ago...

we had canoeing...however u spell the frikkin sport...
it was fun...
we collected a bit of money for outreach...
got my second sun burn this year...
and me and Matt Azz are make up a perfect team.

it was a full work out day...canoeing...playing "water polo" and finally...carrying those canoes back up that hell hill.


there are quite a few more.... I might post them on face book later.

in other news:
I filmed and edited Ciderhouse's first music video...rather proud of it myslef...although mike and Master Maggi still have to approve it...look out for it on the second program of 4given (wednesday 9th July after the evening news on NET tv)

Last night I heard BJ's went really well...prosett to all those who took part, made it possible and attended...really wish i could come...REALLY WISH i could come...but went to watch Angie's ballet show....and let me tell you...she dances was very difficult not to shout a great big "YEAH!" after her solo.

today just came back from the beack...a nice relaxed syat with Ang at the beach...first time this year she's free from sudies and rehersals...until tomorrow when she starts work. :S

tonight the parents mass thingy....

so i gtg:S

i hope to continue the story soon for all you expectant fans :)



Monday, June 16, 2008


Paper faces on parade!
Hide your face,
so the world will
never find you!
Every face a different shade!
Look around -
There's another
mask behind you!
Burning glances,
turning heads . . .
Stop and stare
at the sea of smiles
around you!
Grinning yellows,
spinning reds . . .
Take your fill -
let the spectacle
astound you


I am tired...need to sleep...

but before...

yesterday's party was Marana Tha' to go into a masquerade party full on!!
our masks kicked ass....kudos to Janson and Matt Azz for the masks they chose...
to Jonathan and Ang for making a very very cool masks.
and to all the others that wore.

we rulez.

dont have much photos....hope to get much much please :)

putting the few that i have.

x'posi joe... off



Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sleep...birthday and Fathers

Hey is 7am sunday the 15th of June 2008....i just came back from Fuego Ghadira where i was working the past two nights...this means of course, that i have not slept the last two nights, and knowing that i had filming all day yesterday, that i have not slept to make up for these 30 minutes time i would have been awake for 48 hours. two WHOLE days.i realised many things in these hours...firstly...after not sleeping the first night my body is totally confused...since it didnt have its usual sleepy time, it didnt register the begining of a new day and therefore didnt claim breakfast, or snack, or lunch or dinner, in fact the only thing i ate on the day after the first sleepness night was a bowl of rice which i forced myself to eat for matter how tired i soon as i have something to do, which involves mental and physical work my sleepiness seems to vanish...thirdly...i'm amazed to see that atm i am not exactly a big unfocused and slightly unsteady on my feet (because of parts of the brain shutting down and their jobs being taken up by other parts not used to the job) and my legs and arms are sore and tired...but I am not...wierd...ANYWAY...Happy Birthday to uhappy birthday to  uhapy birthday to Charlene!Happy birthday to you.....woooahhh...i felt myself almost pass out.but before that...A BIG HAPPY DADDYS DAY IN THE WORLD!

well gbu u all...


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

weekend events...and photos

Hey people,
been eventfull couple of days...

spent Saturday in Mellieha at Ang's flat, relaxed, swam, slept so on...a day of relaxation. you know i needed it...
went photo are a few of them...
most of them are of ang...yeah...imma insomma...sunset was nice too :)

sunday had a free day except for filming in the evening....went photo crazy again...some fun shots...

and i couldnt resisit putting this one up...sorry Ang...

heres another gorgeous one of ang...

and in the evening had a nice stay in bugibba...started off with a savoury crepe at 'La Creperie' followed by a sweet crepe from said location, followed by a good discussion, nugget and chips from mc donalds :) a gd pigging out evening all in all.

well...yesterday went editing, and again this morning...and just came back from a swim with's going to be so kind as to help me make my mask for the Masquerade party this sunday :)
Im worried I'm going to loose my eyebrows...

gbu all


ps: just finished the mask...i mean withouth the paint or holes for the eyes...A BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU to charlene for her patience...and for not laughing too hard...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Story: Part 4

Hey people.

Here's part 4 of the story.
Just to clear things out a bit...there are TWO guys...the swimmer and the grafiti artist, (just for the sake of explaining)
I'm giving them names just to take off confusion. the names mean nothing, they not refare to anyone...i asked a friend of mine for random names to be sure they have no significance with no assumtions.

hope u like it

Part 4

A small stone landed on his head. He looked up. Standing on the top of the wall he was currently using as his canvas was a figure silhouetted against the light. He smiled.
As he pulled off his gas mask and sat on the floor facing the sea, the figure lowered itself onto its hands and hung from the wall and let itself drop the two stories onto the rocks just centimeters away from him.
The figure was a girl. She was five foot something, with hair reaching down to her mid back. It was perfectly straight and was littered with ribbons and beads and plaits. She had a thin waist but relatively abundant breasts. The perfect size for her, he thought. She wore a tight brown tank-top, and army green hot-pants showing off her well formed legs. She had a round face, slightly pale but her cheeks and nose were red from the sun. She had a brown backpack over her shoulders, and a small short haired brown monkey sitting on her shoulder. It leapt off her landing on his cap and leaned over the brim looking him in the eye.
“Alex, your pest is looking at me funny.”
“It’s cause he likes you.”
“Do you blame him?”
“Max the modest!”
Max smiled “Just make sure he doesn’t crap on me.”
“Pest is perfectly potty-trained.”
Alex looked up at the wall she had just come down. The work Max was doing on it was really coming along. He really is amazing.
“You like?”
“It’s not finished; I can’t really say can I?”
“Yeah right.”
“Who’s the modest one now?”
“Sit down will you?”
She sat down, and pulled her backpack round and dropped it gently between her legs. She pulled out two beers and handed one to Max.
Click. Fizz.
“No crisps?”
She looks over at him with a bit of a frown. “I’m sorry no!”
“What? Seriously I didn’t get any.”
“I know you got them, come on, stop trying to be a pain.”
“How do you know?”
“Pest is still looking at your bag expectantly.”
She looked at the monkey who had moved down onto Max’s knee. “Traitor,” she pulled out a packet of crisps and threw it to Max.
“Cheers again,” he said opening it, “and here’s to you my friend.” He let a handful fall onto the ground in front of Pest who hopped down from his knee.
“Its horrible how all males gang up on us poor defenseless females.”
He almost choked on his beer. “Defenseless?”
“Shut up!” she said, and punched him on the arm.
Two minutes later, it had already bruised.
After the first beer, He got up to continue his wall. He never considered it being anyone else’s wall, only Alex and he ever saw it, not counting anyone off a boat, and he had been working on it for ages. So it was his wall.
Alex stayed in the shade of his wall, although a bit off to the left, to keep away from the fumes of the spray, reading a book she had brought along, while absent-mindedly throwing peanuts for Pest to catch.
They spent ages like this. Both were not exactly people who loved chatting and therefore found company in each other by just being in the same area.
He pulled away from his wall, stepping back to see the whole. She looked over as he pulled his mask off and took a sip of beer. He was not extremely built, but he was fit. His shoulder where slightly broad and his chest was nothing to look at twice. His arms and stomach where well formed though, and all in all he had a good body.
As the beer can came down he took another look at the wall and smiled.
My God! He really is gorgeous.
Alex looked down hurriedly blushing to her-self, then through another peanut to Pest, who had been waiting patiently.

***to be continued***



Sunday, June 01, 2008

events update

Hey people,

Well first off...Happy birthday to Kai

Well, me and my family moved up to Bugibba for the summer yesterday...I like it here, the place is much cooler (closer to the sea). I dunno on the whole i like this flat more.
Well...this also means getting anywhere takes at least an hour by bus, seeing as i still dont have a car of my own.
Most of the time me and my sister end up sleeping in Gzira anyway as lift are available to there but BUgibba is Very out of the way, fact slept there last night after a...shall we say...eventful evening (love you qalbi)
on the way back here this morning on the bus...i had a thought...
its a useless thought, but i like it...
you all rememeber, around grade 4, someone would ask you "what colour is the sea?" and typically "blue" and he or she will act all smug with a "no it's transparent but reflects the sky"....he, or she, was wrong. The sea is blue, it looks blue so its blue, WATER is transparent...the seas are blue, water ina glass/jar/ bucket whatever...thats transparent =) i dunno why...but i thought ide share it with you.
Also yesterday I finally opened my 5kg tub of Nutella...Bliss ^^
i guess thats it