Friday, May 30, 2008

Bad Day


not a gd day...

yesterday had annointing, went up at 3 to set up and left at 11...i was another tiring day today with the filming of the healing service and the packing up afterwards...with of course packing to go to bugibba this mornign and if i manage rush to the office for some i expecting a horrible day ahead of me...and my sat doesnt look too good either....we shall see
above all this my back started peeling and the itching it just getting even more on my nerves...

gave Kai her Birthday poster yesterday...she liked it...30 second jaw drop...

well thats about it



Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Story Part 3:

Hey guys,

here's the third part of the story...
not a very long part..but a part none the less...
im somehow writing more for girls than anyone else, as they seem to be the only ones to be reading it.
here it is

Part 3:

The sun shined off her wet skin as she climbed the ladder onto the boat. She was shivering. Her hair hung down straight and wet. The light breeze which had started around mid-morning made her skin come up in goose flesh. Her eyes shone. She had amazing big brown eyes that turned a slight shade of green when she was around the sea. He had never figured out why, but he loved it.
She rinsed herself off and walked up to him still shivering. He opened a towel and greeted her wrapping her into it, while wrapping his arms around her. He rubbed her arms trying to warm her up a bit.
“Oh come on, it’s not that cold”
“The water is fine, but the air is a bit fresh”
“But now?”
“Oh, how can I be cold in my baby’s arms?” she replied with the sweetest of smiles.
He looked down at her cuddling up into his chest wrapped in the towel finally getting warm again, and just could resist.
“You really mean that?”
“Yes, of course.”
“Ok then.” Still holding her he lifted her up and started walking to the back of the boat, which was only a foot above the water.
“Hun, No!”
“As long as your in my arms, my sweet,” and he jumped into the water still holding her.
They re-surfaced with a lot of splashing.
“You are just evil” she managed to say in between coughs and shivers.
“Here let me hug you,” he said smiling, “you’ll feel warm again.” He started moving towards her to hug her close to him but she leapt onto him pushing him under the water by his shoulders. He looked up at her from underneath her and smiling calmly held onto her ankle.
She started trashing and kicking wildly trying to free her leg. She knew he could pull her under easily but she wasn’t going to give up with out a fight. Then unexpectedly, he let go, and swam up to the surface slowly.
“There, we’re fair now, yes?”
“No, we’re not!” she replies haughtily.
“What? Why not? I pushed you in and u ducked me, but since a ducking isn’t as bad as pushing you in, I gave up the possibility of pulling you down under with me, so now we’re even.”
“No,” she said again in a stubborn babyish voice.
“Because you’re cheeky,” she said still in the same voice, she had swum over to the ladder and was ‘sitting’ on the bottom step holding on with her arms.
“Ah,” he smiled and began swimming slowly towards her, “and how can we fix that I wonder?”
“I don’t know,” she put her face into what can only be described as the ‘puppy dog expression’, she looked gorgeous.
“Will a kiss help?” he had reached the ladder now and was only inches away from her.
She smiled. He moved closer slowly, he could feel the warmth coming off her body; he placed one hand on the ladder to steady himself and the other on her cheek. He gently pulled her face closer and softly started to kiss her. She wrapped one arm around him pulling him closer to her and wrapped her legs around his waist so she didn’t need to hold on to the ladder any more. She placed the other hand onto the back of his head and slid her fingers through his hair. She got a grip on his hair without hurting him and gently pulled his head back. She smiled at him, and quietly, as if confiding a deep secret, said, “You’re still cheeky.”
“Yeah, I know, but it’s why you love me,” he answered smirking back.
She kissed him.

---to be continued---



Monday, May 26, 2008

red hot skin

Hey people,
I know I only bloged yesterday..but...I had to say...
well..first things first.
the first swim of the year went well...the sea is amazing, definitly not too cold, and this was as 8am.
anyway, after we finished filming the first program (there was a nun present we had to keep decent) me and jonathan got bugged and took off our t shirts...not a gd idea.

as you can see my back skin colour is a nice shade of red :S
It stings, burns, and feels very very tight.
and should i be worried? i think i found a blister on my back.

In the evening me and the other red skined filming person our respective better halfs and the G met at the filming office after mass and while we were loading tapes onto the computer, played a gd game of starwars monopoly....yes u heard me.
Jonathan won. I was the first to go bankrupt.

anyway....t's'about it
gbu all


Saturday, May 24, 2008


Hey Readers

(the capitol 'R' shows i respect you)

Had an afternoon of filming today, went well, although that sun is increabably hot. it went well and the program is well on its way...still loads of editing to do...
Had a meeting with the band yesterday and that went fantastically well too.
Tomorrow starting filming at 9am :S and God knows when we'll finish. Joni thinks something round 1pm, i think he's being optimistic, hopefully I'll at least start getting a bit of a tan from working in the sun though.
and tomorrow first swim for this year. The water looked so inviting this afternoon that Joni and I decided to go early (8am) to go for a swim. Please note, the only time i swam with Jonathan, i dislocated a shoulder. :D
Praying for all you people going through/ soon starting your exams.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Story: Part 2

Hey guys...
the second part of the story up.

Part 2

The alarm rang.
The figure, sleeping in the bed set at the centre of this dark room, rolled over groaning and hit the snooze button for the third time. The room fell into silence once again.
Five minutes later the annoying buzzer sound went off again.
This time the figure dragged himself out from under the light sheet that was covering him. He turned off the alarm and stood up naked. He pulled on a pair of boxers and baggy shorts and shuffled over to the window and peered through the blinds down at the beach at the bottom of the valley. It was late morning and therefore the beach was packed with people.
Bloody crowds…
The room was in a state of organized chaos, which means, that to anyone that walks into the room it will look like a complete mess, with clothes covering most flat surfaces, shoes left on the floor and empty beer cans and plates surrounding the computer’s screen and keyboard. A small desk in the corner is covered with drawing pads, pencils and markers, and scraps of paper torn out of some other source. But the owner of the room knows exactly where everything is without having to look for it for more than two seconds.
The walls are covered in drawings. There is not an area of wall without at least one sketch. The total effect is of being inside a comic artist mind. Pictures merge into one another and sometimes over lap, so you could be looking at a detailed drawing of a rose and then realize that it is covering half of an amazing drawing of a teenager in a hoodie, and suddenly you can not see the rose anymore.
He made his way out of his bedroom to the kitchen, stopping for a pee along the way. He poured himself a bowl of cereal and went and threw himself onto the sofa and turned on the TV. One hour later, deciding there was going to be nothing entertaining on, he got up and made his way back to his room, for long enough to put on a randomly picked t-shirt, a pair of old, torn in places running shoes, and a cap, and grab his backpack. It clinked as he threw it over his shoulders. Putting his mp3 player into his ears he walked out of the house.
His bike was leaning against the gate surrounding the small area of garden around the house. He unlocked the padlock wrapped the chain around the bike and took off.
He rode down to a section of the sea shore not invaded by tourists. In fact it was always empty as the only way to get to it, besides swimming three hundred meters, was to jump down a story and a half of sheer wall, and even then one would risk rolling down another two stories of steep uneven, unfriendly, rocky terrain before reaching the small stretch of rocky shore.
He climbed off his bike and chained it to a lamp post. He climbed down the wall by lowering himself hanging on his fingers and let himself fall the last few meters, landing steadying himself against the wall. He made his way down the ‘cliff’ along a path he had used many times before. Reaching the bottom he walked on to a point of flat wall. He threw down his backpack and pulled of his t-shirt. He leaned forward, opened his bag and pulled out the many spray cans and placed them against the wall out of the sun. He then pulled out a filtered gas mask and took of his cap long enough to pull it over his nose and mouth.
He had been working on this wall since the summer began. It was the largest wall he had worked on, and he was proud of the way it was turning out. Then looking up at the wall, he sighed, reached up and started spraying.

---to be continued---


Monday, May 12, 2008

Birthday meal

Hey guys,
It's That day of the week again, Monday, weekend over back to the normal routine, which for me is sitting at home looking for a job atm....but anyway..
Well yesterday went to watch Iron Man...loved it...seriously one of the best Hero films I've seen...personally the final lbattle left something to be disired but other than that. Me and Matt being real geeks, ended up thinking about what we'de put in our mechanical siut, and colour schemes...yeah we are real geeks.
Afterwards, there was a surprise meal for Matt's and Dougs birthday...Sorry doug, didnt mean to lie to you :(
it went well,

from here...a shout out to Ang, that dress is gorgeous :)...

so thanks to lou and sarah and Matt Azz, for organizing...happy birthday to the two birthdayees....

feeling slightly unwell today my head and stomach arent right...ope ot all passes soon.
Well GBU
Keep praying


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Story: Part 1

Hey people...
you all know I dont like not posting for a long time...
but most of you also know that not much is happening lately.

I'm gonna write a story, since the last one was recieved so well

and hopefully i'll continue it and post piece by piece..
i have no idea where the story is gonna go...


He woke up.
It was a summer morning like any other. He waited for the alarm to go off. It was just a formality; he always woke up at the same time. He hit the off button and put on his glasses as he got out of bed.
The room was still dark this early in the morning, but he navigated around it with the confidence of someone who grew up in this room. He pulled on his bathing-suit, grabbed a towel and lifted himself out of his bedroom windowsill. Throwing the towel around his neck, the grabbed the sill and lowered himself to full length, and let himself drop the one story.
His bare feet landed on the cold sand. Walking forward slowly his skin rising in bumps as the moist air hit him. The morning sky always amazed him, no matter how often he saw it, and today was a perfect one. There was not a cloud in the sky, and the sun, hiding just below the horizon turned the sky into a magnificent sheet of colours, ranging from red, touching the sea, to a deep purple behind him. He dropped his towel and glasses, and just as the sun began to peep over the horizon, he ran the width of the beach into the cold water. He soon was deep enough to dive forward and begin his daily morning swim. His progress left small v-shaped waves in the perfectly calm water present in the bay.
The sun gleamed off his wet well toned arms as he drifted through the water heading towards a point of land at the end of the bay. The sand beneath him gradually gave way to rock and seaweed. He passed by a couple of yachts making small waves slap silently against their hull.
He liked to swim at this time of day. The place was quiet, unusual for the summer months, where tourists and locals from all over the island swarmed the little stretch of beach. All that could be heard as he pushed his way through the water was the sound of his swim and far of behind and to the right the sounds of birds awakening with the rising of the sun.
He reached the rocky point of land and with just a pause for breath turned round and headed on back to the beach. On his way back the sound of a small motor ruined the silence for a few minutes. He sighed mentally. People who come to the bay with their boats should sleep in late, it was an unwritten rule.
He eventually got back to the shallow end and put his feet down. He stood there catching his breath relaxing in the water looking at bay. The many boats and yachts were just silhouettes against a pale yellow sky. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back letting it float, with the sun warming his face.
There then was a polite cough.
He stood up startled turning towards the beach. There was a dingy there, that wasn’t there when he had started his swim this morning. Standing by the dingy was a female figure in a loose white dress. Her hair was let wavy and hung beautifully over her shoulders. She had one hand on her hip and the other down by her side. She stood with her feet slightly apart. The general pose portraying the message “whenever you’re ready”.
He smiles and begins walking out of the water letting the water drip off him slowly.
Of course, she was on her parents’ boat since Friday, and she did mention they might spend Saturday night here.
He walked out of the water, his skin gleaming, and walked up to the figure and stopped a meter away from her.
“I think you’re holding my towel and glasses”
“Am I?” she says looking down at the object in her loose hand, “oh would you look at that.”
“Could I have them back?”
He smiled. “Because if I hug you without drying myself off first, that dress is going to turn completely transparent”
She smiled and threw the towel at him. “Come on, you’re invited for breakfast.”

--to be contined--


Friday, May 02, 2008


Hey people,
finally a proper blog.
well, I've been wanting to work on the paintball video since sunday but was waiting for Dezz's photos.
Even with them though, I only had a bit of footage to work with as I was shot out of the game only once (with 6 shots).
About the day, it was great, as i said got a bit bruised, but the red team won in the end having conquered the enemy base tree times, and shooting loads a people.
without further ado....