Tuesday, December 16, 2008

two weekends

hey people...
i appologize for the short blogs...
but i really have no time.
im uploading a video
unedited in anyway...its just perfect as it is.
its from the camping thing last weekend.

We still love her.

agrigento was fantastic, God is great, and it was a real growing experience.
these are a few photos:

Fr. Patrick and I: He's a very very nice guy full of God's joy.

Kali and Dr. John: Kali is another great man of God invited for the weekend.

Vito, Myself, John and Alesandro: very nice people, and made us feel really welcome.



karla said...

i miss your sister so much xD

ness said...

i miss u toooo..if u wer there i would have had the courage to climb that tree in ure honour :P :D