Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Carbonated Beverage

So another scholastic year has begun, and back at our beloved University of Malta not much has changed. The parking problem is still present, the chaos of Fresher’s week is still here, timetable and venue mix ups are still common occurrence.

The canteen has changed it’s look, but the caterers are the same, so not much improvement there. Either way, I was not one to be seen in the canteen often. So no real effect on me.

The Chaplaincy has given Ellie away (the pet rabbit) and filled the void with Chap (a beautiful, playful, clumsy, black puppy).

But there is one thing that has changed and I am going to complain about.

Vending Machines have changed. What do I mean? I mean that where there used to be a coffee machine, there is now only a snack machine. But that’s not the worse of it! I’m serious, it gets worse!

Half way through a double lesson, lecturers are usually humane enough to give a short break. So as usual I head out of the classroom heading to a vending machine I know is there. And indeed there was a vending machine there. But instead of a CocaCola machine, it was a Pepsi one!

You may mock or laugh but there is a difference. So when I’d been craving specifically CocaCola, and I know that there used to be a machine which when bribed will give me CocaCola, and all of a sudden I’m forced to drink, *shudder* Pepsi! I refused, I could not, I had to cope with Seven Up, and it was not satisfying at all.

I’ve been looking around campus since this horrifying event and up till now I have not found a CocaCola vending machine. I am concerned. I actually have to go off campus to buy my carbonated beverage of choice! If I’m wrong and there is somewhere, hidden in a corner, a vending machine which does not sell Pepsi, please please please tell me.

And if on the hour, at any point in time in the next year, you see me sprinting across campus with a thirsty but determined look on my face, I warn you, I’ve trained rugby.


Anonymous said...

In the meantime, people are dying of hunger in Africa....

Charlene said...

This is not a big thing, really. The Pepsi people probably marshalled their forces and complained enough that they changed. Either that or the Pepsi seller bribed someone.

Get a dry ice brick. Put it int he freezer. In the AM get a coke from the fridge, stuff it and the brick in your backpack. It will be cold when you want it. You can be cheap and protest simultaneosly.