Friday, December 01, 2006

Hey people, I just finished my sketch up's ok, quite fun creating 3d thingies on computer...
well, not much new to say since i updates yesterday... suddenly obsessed with this online game... its kinda fun...or sad...depends on your point of view...and you all know how twisted my point of view is...if you people try...i managed to get to level 5 maximum.
oh yes...yesterday, i almost passed out at rugby training :) we were doing sprints and my pressure went down....but hey...I'm the fastest guy on the team so :)
erm....lets see...nothing else...i im going home to do some work...hopefully,
and ill see you all tonight...

oh yes one more thing....i dont remember if i had told you, but my wireless at home wasn't working cause some technisian had deleated my IP address, and i was trying to re enter the nnumbers i had truied many times before, and all of a worked...apperently i had entered an 8 instead of a 7 at one point in a whole bunch of numbers and it was the right one.,... now tell u know anyopne luckier?

well im off


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