Monday, July 07, 2008

Burgers and Pirouettes

Hey people...

Starting off with a big big thank you to Karl for his organizational skills for the BBQ on Saturday evening.

It was great great fun....
but I'm sure the best was when we started dancing to the kick ass sound system of the bbq next to us...and congratulations of Ian for is Animators skills...people we dont know started joining us and copying funness all round...
most of the photos are up on facebook...for those of you cool enough to have it :P
Im putting a few up here.

Moving on...left ghadira at 2am and spent the whole of sunday lazing about. until the evening when Angie and I went to Valletta to watch the "Ballet National de Marseille", me wierd...I really enjoyed it...I mean really did, They put on quite a great show. outreach meeting in the evening...thats all i got planned.
Good luck to all the New teachers venturing out there of luck :)


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^KaI^ said...

i thikn d best photo should be of mike with van holding on to him...but thats just makes me laugh so much xD