Friday, July 04, 2008

TEFL people

Wow...what a day...

today i finished my TEFL course...
was a fun course all in all....
ok...yesterday was up till 5.30 am finishing the assignment but i suppose u could say its my fault.

any after we finished a few of us...(not the traitors) went off to celebrate at Golden bay.

The hot sun, the cool sea, the warm...burning ish...sand....and a camera.
it was fantastic fun.
I am really amazed at how well we all got on...
we only met each other three weeks ago and we really clicked. are some photos...sry nikki couldnt resist:

I really really found great unexpected friends in their, and i thank you for making the past three weeks that much more smiley :) I hope to keep in contact with all of you...we'll go swimming again soon for sure ok?

anyway...tonight staying home :(
but i suppose i need to recover my energy...would still have liked something relaxed to do in Bugibba but c'est la vie.

tomorrow bbq at and such laterz

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Anonymous said...

Im not a traitor :( I really wanted to come... but I had planned a bbq with my friends much before we planned the beach thing... im rly sorry... if you're going to plan something again, send me a msg... this is my mob number: 99225559 or talk tome msn...
tc :)

i'm David hudson btw... or sammy as you like to call me XP