Monday, September 01, 2008

the two hundredth blog

hey people,
i am pleased to announce I have reached my 200th blog...
and to celebrate this great event,
I have compliled a short fun random video.

hopes you like it...
and as always I appreciate your comments.


Jennifer said...

sim, this video is really cool :) it really brings out the joy of true friendships :)

well done!

GBU ;)


Paula said...

heyyyyy XD ......okii so ...prosit coz u really brought out the randomness xD.....You should do this more often ta ..coming to think of it **Paula looks up and thinks**................anywayzzzz byebye tc Gb ^^ ^^ ^^

Paula xD

Sarah said...

loool .... yeah i think the best word that describes us is def. RANDOM!!! Good times man i cnt believe u have those videos ....hehe as usual u never seem to displease us! Great job simon! ;)

loool *sings* i will dance i will sing la la la la la

Tata Gbu tc

Martine said...

woohoo!!! it rocks man!!!
And the oscar goes to....... SIMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlene said...

lol ila sim its great!! lol ur videos always make me laugh!! and about well thats exactly wat we are hehe

Keep it up dude!! we want more!! we want more!! hehe

Tc dude Gb =)

Anonymous said...

do u realise that most of this film features my home? XD drive bedroom...and d cars d morning paper and d balconies...DATA PROTECTION :P XD

Simon said...

now now don't make people jealous