Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hey People
the weather is cool, the skies have opened and the winds are blowing
I'm Happy.


been a while since my last blog, but still
been to Gozo again for the healing service there...
oner thing that really struck me:
Guys, we are constantly being watched and giving our example.
Mike, Matt and I were sharing a flat and on our way down to the healing service, the owner or maid or something, stopped us and asked us "Intom ghandkom xi Healing Service iz-Zebbug illejla?" :O
how did this person know who we are?
so people
we are giving examples and evengelizing by how we live everyday!

while in Gozo,
Matts mac entertained us with the photo taking thingy...
here are my 4 favourite:

i like the last one :)

then this morning went to get new ID

the photos went from shoulder-lenght hair to shaved :D

and now....



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Zoe said...

I didn't know if i should ans on my blog coz u might not have seen it. Yes my life is in God's hands but what i meant was that i want people to back off and mind their own business to what I do. you see..the truth? I strted going to pv and one night unfortunatly i drank too much but it only happened that one time and since then...I'm a zibla according to some people. people that don't come to pv have never seen me there, and if you ask the friends that come with me, after that one night i drink only WATER in pv now.. so that's the whole story and that's why i said MY life. meaning not theirs but yes God's life

Gbu x