Friday, April 24, 2009

computer crazy

i just wanted to talk about the book promotions Chiara is doing in schools....they are really fun.
I'm really enjoying it...
it's like being a celebrity

the presentations are well thought out by chiara and when i get a chance to speak i love it too....
favourit question concerning me till now is "where did oyu find him?"
i laughed

after there is a book signing for people who decided to buy it..
which is crazy
im telling you...they swarm the table....
i feel good about myself


get your copy.....
soon available in leading book stores


MINA said...

love it!
when does it come out?
I actually want to buy it ..

Krissie said...

Ello poppet...I send you virtual hug congratulations. Yes I do. I am very very excited to see the artwork :) don't forget to email me some!
What weapons did you want again? Bow and...? Yes, I am that intent on not studying. I know I know. Tomorrow. I'll at least think about starting.
I think I have found my favourite episode of 8/10c (I am not sure whether thank you for the obsession or not). It's when Sean Lock goes on about the Cat full of secrets. Sheer comedic brilliance.
Don't forget to act mysterious at the signings...the middle school girls would love that :)

Krissie said...

Oh, and one more thing: read my blog.

Rachie said...

I want it now! *childish huff*

Matt said...

I still love those knees...

...oh oh, unrelated to the blog per se but krissie's comment reminded me... sean lock live, not all that brilliant. I think he's better on 8oo10c, plus he used the disabled deer joke again O.o


mc said...

i read it already :P well done sim gr8 illustrations

marie claire