Monday, August 31, 2009

end of August

i just had a fantastic 48 hour...

Saturday morning and afternoon was working counting stuff, helping Ang's dad with their stock taking...not the most fun pass time in the world, but it has that mindlessness to it that gives your brain a rest. i fell off a ladder at a point and ended up hanging from my left arm (ouch) but it was fun.
Then a rush for a rest and shower, and a faster rush to Sliema to get on the Atlantis for the "Walk the Plank" boat party.
I really enjoyed it, all of it, the company was good, the band did a great job in leading us into worship out there in the middle of St. Paul's Bay.
on our way back had a great tour of the grand harbour by night....i really want to know more about this great historical area of our island.
to Sunday.
mass in the morning, followed by the usual Sunday Cappuccino and doughnut. then a very nice BBQ at my nannu's flat over looking the sea and St. Paul's islands.
then down to the bognor (i grew up in this place :) ) for a one day billiard tournament, along with a nice amount o' beer. i lost horribly, but it was fun hanging our with my dad and some friends i hadn't seen in a while.
home to change, and back down for a one day dodgeball and the other 5 players on my team met randomly and by total coincidence to play..totally unplanned... and we got to the semi-final... :)
it's a great game, love it, want to keep playing when they organize it.
problem... during the last match took a ball to the finger, and right now, my left index finger is swelled uncomfortably, can't bend it, and can't put any force onto it... hope i'll be able to play bass soon. didn't go check it, i'm assuming it's fine and there's nothing seriously wrong with it.
then a relaxed few hours at steve's house (thanks steve and family) and home to rest my aching body.
woke up this morning with my muscles swearing at me in the own painful language.
should go edit today...and rehersals in the evening...

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MINA said...

finally catching up with the internet world!
Dodgeball... what fun.. I can imagine you playing it with that grin on your face... hahaha