Thursday, August 06, 2009

see you in a bit

i keep thinking i have to blog i have to blog, but i never find the time to just sit down and type,
so what better time to do it than the chaos that comes over a house just before someone goes abroad?
of course
my sister and i, along with Angie, G, and Bernice, leave for Barcelona this morning, have to be at the airport in an hour.
well the planning of this trip, was a nightmare, so many things went wrong, or where a hassle, but we got through until this wonderful day.
i'de ask you all to pray for my sister who is not in the best of health.

just before we come back, the majority of you leave for SS, and not know if i'll have internet access (eve is staying on the island) i don't know if i'll be able to tell you bon voyage at a later date, so "bon voyage" to all of you, have a great time....

speaking of great times... intercession for uni yesterday was incredible.... loved every moment of it.

i have to go dad is getting a tad hissy.
so see you in a week, or two weeks, depending on who you are.
Xmun's about to hit Barcelona.


MINA said...

see you in 2 weeks, thanks for the bon voyage :)

karla said...

enjoy every minute of u!
missing u already ><
c u in 2 weeks =D

Matt said...

Remember Sim, leave none alive. All of them. Got it? XD