Tuesday, January 12, 2010

last bow

damn damn damn:
23:51 on january the 12th

my birthday begins in 9...8 minutes

just wanted to say a big thank you to all those who helped me grow spiritually and emotionally throughout this 21st year of my life.

i grew physically as well but can't really thank anyone for that

7 minutes

i want to mention so many people who loved me and cared for me and showed it in their own way since this time last year, but i'll end up leaving someone out so i'll refrain from specific names.
but u know who you are and i thank you and love you all.

6 minutes

a special mention to my family: parents and sister who although we have our ups and downs.. well you're the best.

5 minutes... shit shit shit

my brothers and sisters from community and y4j, the ones who know me well enough to know when im in a bad mood, why and how to deal with me, a big hug and thank you for this year too.

4 minutes
everyone who helped me mature enough to study seriously and get me to second year,
here i have to mention Fr. Mike, jes, veve, Martine, brother Karl, mina and everyone at Chaplaincy... sorry if i missed anyone.... time is running out...

2 minutes

last but not least, far from it, i want to thank God for another year with which to grow, closer to Him and others,
another year in which i discovered more of myself and the talents He gave me
another year in which i hope i did His work, and I give Him all the glory.

and with a few seconds to spare
i take a last bow as a 21 year old



nessa said...

nicely done... applause :)

MINA said...


Simon said...

you're welcome :P xD very you i must admit xD i feel like im invading your privacy xD
kai <3