Sunday, January 31, 2010

excitement: 0

i have abandoned you a bit lately.
not much going on with me,
studying and thinking about my next project, which is going to drive me crazy. if i manage to finish it in time.
but im having a problem lately
im in a real passive mood, i cant get passionate or excited about anything. and im not only talking about things i have to do like studying and so on,
but even things i love are difficult to get into lately. drawing, reading, writing, filming, nothing, music, anything i cant seem to get excited about anything.
i hope this mood passes soon, cause well, im going to be very busy soon and i need to want to do things for them to get done well and in time.
thats about it.


Matt said...

ehe :)

whichwaydidshego said...

Been there. Hope you find something that inspires you to passion again soon. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

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