Saturday, February 27, 2010

What chord?!

bing tic tic tic bing tic tic tic bing tic tic tic bing tic tic tic

As you can imagine, I'm sitting here at rehearsals.
It's quite an experience.
First of all, Joe's living room is littered with people slumped on practically every available flat surface, and what's not covered by human body is covered by bags wires laptops and other miscellaneous equipment.
I'm on a chair in the middle of the room, to my left there's is Mike, with his mac and youtube and the mixer, next to him the giant screen followed my Martina and Charlene falling asleep on an arm chair holding her guitar. Matt is standing tying to pass on a message about a song to the rest of us. Martha is on the next sofa leaning back and playing violin. On my right Kirsten, Kristie and Mykel take up another sofa as they 'sing' and Ian is next to them with his bass.
Behind me Joe and Vanessa are behind the Titanic and next to them, Luca and Paul on the drums. In one living room!
We've been here a while and our attention is diminishing. Tempers are not rising yet, thank God, but keep us here for another three hours and my bass will have to be confiscated by the police as a murder weapon.
It's not that anyone is annoying anyone else, it's just tiring.
Put any group of people, as close as they maybe, in a room, planning and practicing something for a number of hours and people will get on other peoples nerves.
Also, an adults attention span is, in optimum conditions, one hour, and let's face it, from the people mentioned above, I'd only classify maybe three of them as adults, the rest of us are just, well legally adults, mentally we're maybe 12.
I mean, both Joe and Matt have shouted at us. Joe more than once. We have it on camera too :) I think without the girls offering to make us tea or coffee once in a while, I'd have stormed out ages ago. Well maybe not stormed out, but argued for sure.
Oh! Glorious words! Mike just said "Ejja guys, we're not gonna bother with the metronome."
Another thing that's worrying me is that I have no idea if come lenten talks I'm going to be able to remember any of the songs we went over here. Don't get me wrong, the time spent here helped me immensely, learning different styles and methods and music dynamics is more clear to me now.
All in all I think rehearsing music with a bunch of talented people, all doing it for God is a wonderful and fun way to spend a Saturday morning and early afternoon. Having to do it under pressure makes it a bit stressful, but still a great experience. I would suggest we keep doing it, but I think Mrs. Angelique Maggi would look at me badly if I did. And then Joe might shout at me... Again!


Ang. said...

Sim, I don't mind the Saturday mornings and early afternoons - I'm being honest :)

karla said...

i pitty mrs.maggi xD

Matt said...

Stop chatterrrrriiinnnnggggggg XD