Monday, February 15, 2010

i hope to keep this going

dear all,
what a weekend! the praise, the talks, the TALENT SHOW, the bed with matt, the roof, the nights of no sleep. great great great, it's always sad to go home from them though. but thats the way things are.
went to watch Valentine's day for Pau's birthday... it was a typical chick flick where Jamie and I could practically predict what was going to happen next, except for two surprises at the end which shocked me pleasantly.
i also sat on Kai during the intermission which shocked her.
back to uni now, (i write as i sit in Sociology and listen to pointless bla bla bla) i still have to start work on my oil painting, ill start that tomorrow.

there's a person i want to mention, but i won't.
a person who is going to a tough time. and i want this person to know that s/he doesn't deserve this, and that i'm praying for him/ her and i'm here if help is needed.

moving on!
i got's me skull candies.
i played a five stringer for the first time.
i made a stop motion video for the first time: see it here
and made another video that i didnt exactly finish yet, and can't exactly publish.

(side note: Schinas just messaged to tell me to stop writing my blog and pay attention)

don't think i have much else to say,
i feel quite out of everything atm. it's not a sense of not belonging, thats not it, it's a sense of not being part of. there is a difference. in the first, i feel like the people i'm with rather not want me there. that is not the case. it's a feeling of me not feeling the same connection, the same goal, the same vision of those around me. so yeah.... i hope it passes soon.

(side note: a student just flirted in a sad, weird way with our lecturer... gah)

question to all of you:
Us human beings complicate our lives needlessly. Why?

my answer would be "cause we're human" *sigh*
well i'm out.


Bahsheep said...

I think the difference is a subtle hint. Pray about it (:

spellingqueen81 said...

Wicked awesome video!

Steve Diacono said...

My theory.... We complicate life because we can't accept that it is easy =)

well done on the vid and the 5 stringer XD