Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ta Pinu

Hey people,
OK well, I am going to give an account of our weekend...funness
Well, Saturday morning, bright and early I made my way to Cirkewwa to get the boat to Gozo where I was to meet Pedro, Jonathan and Sarah, I met Joe Angelique and the Pauls instead, well, while the others went to have a bit of breakfast I went with Joe and co. to ta Pinu to get started on the setting up. The setting up went smoothly until 12.15 when we had to leave cause they had to close the church.
So we took the opportunity to go for lunch. Well with Jonny, Me, Mig, Ian, Karl and Sarah in one mini van, Pedro and Nicky in a van and Lawerence and George in an other. We had some fun off-roading through one of the many valleys that litter our sister island. Sarah screaming everytime a puddle of mud approaches...anyway...we finally got there and had a nice hearty meal, and it's back to Ta Pinu to continue setting up.
Oh. Please note, the filming team where trying out filming and editing on the spot by use of a mixer, I think we did exceptionally well, and a BIG BIG congrats, welcome, and thankyou to Nicky, for being a great Rigger, we worked him hard for his first time.
Ok, healing service passed and time to pack up, it went relatevely smoothly too. except, after everyone left, it was just joe and Angelique in the big van, me and Pedro in His, JOnny and Sarah in the mini van, and Godwin and wife in their car, I realised the side door of the big van was left open and no one noticed. well we inform Joe who got out to close it, but didnt manage, eventually it took the five guys, pushing and rpocking the van pushing one of the panels in to manage. all this in the rain.
ok...off the smugglers to eat. then everyone had to lerave all of a sudden as we recieved information that a massive storm was coming. Sure enough, with the lightening flashing non stop, and the rain coming down forming a thick curtain of water everyone started running to their vehicles. Me Jonny Sarah Pedro and Ian where in Pedros van, we got in and started off towardfs Xlendi.
We got to the road leading down into a Valley. It was a river. so after a bit of contemplation we decide to find a quiet road and wait for a bit.
well...there in the rain, Sarah decides to pluck up the courage and say "come on guys, lets pray for it to stop", less than 5 seconds later JOnny goes "itfi il magna Ped, se' indumu hawn"
I could not stop laughing.
After a while i suggest a song: after much complaining from Pedro (my singing leaves much to be desired) I started the song, I only got past the first sentence "Let it rain..." "NO!"
Eventually we decide to go see how the situation had changed...it hadn't so we park the van in a road over looking the valley. After a while JOnny, Pedro and myself decide to walk further along a road to see how the situation was further down, 2 minutes walk and suddenly the lights in the road go out. I stop dead leaving Pedro walking into me. we decide to go back.
Well after sitting in the dark, rain , and lightening, we finally get the chance to try again.
Good News, we made it to our flat
which was without electricity.
well sitting their in the dark soon sent Pedro and Jonny off to sleepy land, leaving Ian, Sarah and myself to entertain ourselves...don't get ahead of me people...
we decided to call the enemalta gozo branch, who informed us that the electricity problem was coming form Malta and should be fixed in the next ten to fifteen minutes, well we waited for 20 minutes while chatting and laughing, and trying not to go towards the far corner where water was coming in and slowly turning the room into a pool. We then called again, and he said exactly the same thing.
So we figured, lets try and see what the problem is from malta, so Sarah calls up the directory service "Hello, could you give me the number of Enemalta in Malta please" gah...duh...well we called, "good morning.."
he says that the problem is serious and they are still waiting for permission to try switch the electricity on again.
two minutes later the lights come back on...CELEBRATION!!
We call the enemalta gozo branch again to thank them and congratulate them for their superb service.
"min liema naha qed iccempel?" the guy asks
"em...ok...ghax ghawnhekk ghadna bla dawl"
laughs, the enemalta branch was still without electricity while we had.

we eventually get to bed around 4am.

next morning, the rain had stopped but was replaced by strong winds.
The five of us in the flat skip breakfast (we woke up at 11) and met Joe and Angelique for lunch, it was very nice.
after lunch, the rain had started again, its off to the boat and back to Malta. Of course after a bit of a hassle to get the van in...

a good weekend all in all
what made it really amazing are the five people I spent most of my time with, may God trully Bles you


PS Yesterday went to Zmerc with the same people from Gozo plus Stephan to surprise Pedro for his 24th Birthday, was really fun, really love you guys, honestly, you are all a blessing to me. Pedro was really surprised and I'm happy he enjoyed it, He really deserved it, He's a great friend and a great Man of God
God Bless you buddy!


Sarah said...

SIMON!!!! I miss you all.... lets go back!!! I hada such a great weekend. I will update my blog with my side of the story asap but assignments have to come first!! One thing though... YOU FORGOT FRANKY!!! He was our companion all through Sunday and you forgot him!! :)

Anonymous said...

...due to repeated former ORDERS to comment...i decided to comply..so here is what you demanded of me (lol):

Yes Sim...it must have been a very interesting weekend as u well described in ur "essay" which as i recall is longer than requested at intermediate level (lol) however i must add that my weekend varied slightly...

i did not come into contact with a single molecule of H2O which fell directly from the celestial space above us, as i was clad in clothes, cooped up on a sofa, covered in layers of sheets, eating pizza, and watching the Harry potter series as well as V for vendetta all alone at home.

(yes u can pity me for a change lol...i remind u...i was sick)

I must say V for Vendetta served as a very inspirational device to me...LOL

I think i have quite fulfilled your demands now as to the content of this useless text which i was ordered..i repeat again...ORDERED to write. (LOFL)

Tidings of Sheer Joy,

Marquita said...

(On Dezzi's comment) And I thought only science people wrote very long sentences with uselessly complicated English...

Anonymous said...

...well i did have Biology and Art Alevel...which only leads you to becoming a crazy designer ;)
tc pupa