Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Hey people,
I know it's been a while, but with moving back to Gzira for the winter, starting uni again, and re starting rugby I've been rather busy. Well, just to let you know, my computer fucked up, gone completely, trying to fix it, but not sure it will survive, this you might realise is a big problem considering all the work i've got to do on it for my course. besides that I've got all the work Community asks me to do on computer which i am having to go down to Matt's house to do (thanks to him)
I just came back from Valletta too, i went for about 15 useless minutes as, the lectuyrer didnt specify enough which details we have to do. and soon im meeting mike mark dezz and lou here in uni to hang out a bit.
nothing planned for tonight, except to go to Angie's for a bit. Tomorrow got a long day of lectures finishing at 4pm, starting at 8am. gah.
thursday got annointing and the healing service in ta Pinu on sat

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Anonymous said...

no u meant to say "im meeting lou dezz mike drew lara sarah andie...;) twas gr8 actually tnx guys...m'hawnx bhalkom!

Dezz ;)