Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Conference review

Hey People,
well, it was a great weekend!
Some of the talks were great, the praise was amazing and the filming went really well, proset to Jon, Nicky, and Godwin and of course to the Accedemy for the music.
Really, I would only change a few thing in the whole conference, and they're minor things.
Great Annual conference.
It was also a boost to my self asteem, as I found it easy to make new freinds throughout these three days, and I am really gonna miss all of them until I get to see them again.

Not much time to write a more detailed post about the evnts, would love to, I mean the praise session on Sunday alone is enouph to fill a post. A quick show of how good it was: During filming, the camera men mmiss out completely on the spiritual ide of things, and yet, during Sundays Praise, I was filming, singing at the top of my lungs, and crying for a whole hour. REALLY AMAZING!

well....just one more thing to say:
As I said earlier, next Friday I'm going to start taking orders of the Outreach DVD. Due to some problems we had last year, I'm only taking orders upon payment. So...the price of the Outreach DVD alone is lm3.50. If you order the coming youth weekend DVD with it, It's lm5 for both. (The Weekend DVD, thing, still has to be confirmed)

Well thats about it my Happy people.



^KaI^ said...

ballet?? y ballet?? and wats up with yey:S??

Simon said...

well...y not ballet?
and yey...happy....u know?