Thursday, November 01, 2007


Hey People,
not feeling well today.
woke up with a bad head and throat ache.
Well, Dezz, came over to get me the photoshop cd, since i had lost the program wen my laptop decided to fuck up.
Well, my mum came home in a mood, and she started bugging me with the "you have to decide what you're gonna do with your life" bull crap.
Picture me with my massive haedache and a nagging parent.
she didnt get the hint though, and got me thinking,
I'de love to go into MCAST and do graphical design, but I don't know which year of the course I will go into and I can't take another year without stipend, let alone another 5.
please pray for me



Anonymous said...

Sim,...bugger d fact dat ive been tellin u for d past 2years dat ur cut out doesnt mean architecture might not b guud 4 u..!

but anyway i personally believe...(true my design experience) dat u should ALWAYS do d course u love doing...its useless trying to do something u cant give 2 shits about cos ull b an unhappy worker all ur life...

However in NO WAY do i want to influence u on wot course to just saying dat wotever u do in life u must have a passion 4it. Thats all. lol

If u need more info however, tell me and ill contact administration...

Get well soon

Matt said...

You see dez, comments like that DO NOT help ;P

Ajma Sim, i sympathize. I spent all of first year not knowing if i really want to do this course, and only now am i sort of settling down. (this only cause i know that proper medicine starts next year, now if i dont like THAT, then i'll have problems).

The graphics thing is really tempting, really, it is, i know.. like a lot... hehe. At the end of the day you have to look at the big picture. You might love graphics, but maybe if you took it as actual WORK it might take all the fun out of it. Or maybe not, i dont know. These are just things that i ask myself all the time... Really sim the only difference between our situations regarding choices is that i got to 2nd year, so i know exactly what you mean.

If you ever wanna talk, ;)


ps. i'll take both dvd's if you make them :D

^KaI^ said...

hey sim..well i cant give u gud advice like dez or matt cos well im young and inexperienced in these things..u know? but all i can say which might help is im praying for u *blush* *smile*

Anonymous said...

doing something u love but earning no money = worthless.

doing something u hate and earning loads of money = sadness.

doing someting you like and earning decent money = success.

Go for someting u like and can earn u some money, because its useless doing someting passionately and not earning anything. ull hear ppl telling u that money wont bring u happiness...theyre rite. however, money will bring u food, water, electricity, clothes, a house, a car, fuel etc....get my point? ;)

Dont stress too much dude. ur still quite young...just tink about it, consider it well and take the decision without looking back. Good luck dude and God Bless.