Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just a story

Hey people,
I have nothing much to say. Nothing at all really except Proset to Joe, Stephan and Janson for their playing at Tarxien this morning.
and i suppose a thanks to kai...through whom all the y4j pl end up on my boring blog:)

I'm in a writing mood so here goeas a short story...Understand if you dnt bother reading it, I kinda like it.
Here goes:

At last, sundown. He liked night. So many shadows. He pulled on his black hoodie and stepped out into the cloudy night. As he looked up into the skies the first raindrop fell from the infinity above him. It began to drizzle. And the drizzle quickly turned into heavy rainfall. He pulled up his hood. He smiled.
He stepped out into the rain and started walking. He walked in long steady strides, covering the ground quickly. His footsteps where light though and barely made a sound as he walked over the now wet pavement.
He kept to the shadows and kept his head tilted as to not let any light reflect off his glasses.
He liked nights like this, walking alone in the road. He didn't mind the rain and enjoyed the sound of it hitting the tarmac.
He heard footsteps approaching, and flattened himself against the wall. The hoodie the stance and the shadows made him blend in. He almost turned invisible, you could only see him if you knew exactly where to look. I t was a talent he had discovered early in life. If he didn't want to be seen he simply faded into the background.
A man holding an umbrella came round the corner and walked passed him without noticing him. The umbrella passed inches from his face.

"Careful with that thing"

The man turned startled. He looked around still not seeing anyone and walked off again at a quickened pace, with glances over his shoulder. He turned the next corner.
The sound of footsteps speeded up as they faded into the distance turning into a run.
The hooded figure smiled.
He detached himself from the wall and walked on.
He didn't know why he liked not being seen. He just did it because he was good at it, and always felt good when he managed so succesfully.
He reached the end of the road he was striding along and came to the side of a busy main road.
On the other side of this road was a wall, aboout a story andf a half high, with no openings. It was just a wall seperating the small 'town' beyond it from the busy road.
The road wasn't as busy as a usual night, most probably because it led to an area of the island that floods easily, and the rain had been pouring heavily for the past ten mintes.

A middle aged man driving home late from work, tired and irritated at the weather was driving along the mainroad, knowing the risk, but knowing it was the only way home for him. He was startled when a shadowy figure bound across the three lane road and leapt planting a foot against the wall, then leapt off that foot bringing his arms up and over the top of the wall. The driver had to assume the shadow pulled himself up because he suddenly realised he was not looking out the windscreen anymore, and turned his head just in time to brake as the car infront of him had slowed due to traffic. When he looked through his rear view mirror there was no one near or on the wall.

The hooded figure landed on the side of the wall away from the main road in a crouch, scaring a cat who was using the wall as a bit of shelter. The cat sprinted away into an alley, scaring other cats therin. When the noise of miawing and scrambling paws had died down, and only the sound of rain was heard again, he crossed the small road into one of the streets it gave in to.
The road was deserted. So he took the liberty of walking in the middle of the road.
The street lights, where far in between, casting long shadows. His shadow danced across the road as he passed under them.
Half way down the road he turned to his right, and without any effort jumped a gate into one of the front 'gardens' lining the street.
He walked up to the doorway, dropped something, rang the doorbell, and ran off round the house.

The girl got off the sofa as the doorbell rang. She did this reluctantly as she had gotten comfortable with a blanket around her and the heater on. She got to the door and looked out through the peep hole. There was no one there. She was about to go back to the living room when something in the bottom of the visible area through the peep hole caught her eye.
She opened the door a fraction to be able to see better. She smiled and stepped out onto her porch. She bent down and picked up the rose and envelope lying there. She looked around trying to see any shape in the shadow.
The envelope held a single piece of paper, on it:

Just to say that...

Suddenly from behind a voice she knew and loved said "I love you", followed by, "I hope you don't mind, I took a beer from the fridge."
She smiled.

Well hope you liked it


Charlene said...

Oh how sweet...its great Sim! as i just told you...I love your writing skils...and ur descriptive writng...should write a book someday.

well done..u managed to relax me for a couple of minutes..and that's saying something at the moment! hehe

nice sim keep it up!!

tc Gbu

^KaI^ said...

as a reply to charlene's *cough*wheels*cough* :P hehe i liked it sim..its very u :) tc and God bless :)

H1llz said...

Hello! ^^ I'm one of those people that randomly reads ur blog every now and again but is always too lazy to comment hehe 0=) Wanted to say I really loved reading this, the descriptions were fantastic so it really pulls you into the story, and it was a sweet touch the way the protagonist fades into the background. The ending was adorable, I literally smiled and went 'awwww' :] Keep up the blogging and great writing! God bless!

* Paula * said...

hey...xD i really like it kept me hooked to see what's gonna happen ..didn't know you write so well :)...and i liked it even more because you included the word (paws)hehe that's a bonus!!...Keep it up.GB *hug* xD

Sarah said...


I loved it sim is what so adorable XD! i can so imagine u doing that! lool *wink* *wink* (psss ang :P)

The descriptions really put u in the story! Youve got talent dude! Keep up the good work ;)

*big hug*



Rachie said...

mmm I like it way more than the previously mentioned *cough* =] yeah.. u have many little stalker monkeys xD