Sunday, April 13, 2008

news of sunny skies.

Hey people
beena while without blogging i know.
wasnt in the mood much
im in a better mood this morning...dunno why really, but i am, so smile for me:)
in other news, Happy Birthday to Doreen...made a pretty party including kick ass card for her yesterday.
I think i've finally found my favourite picture style, it takes a while to draw pics in it, but the final effect is cool.
oh yeah repainted my bedroom wall, so to start a new pic on it, its gonna be more of a mix of random pics in a nice continious thingy, wich also leaves me with the possibility of letting people sign or write somewhere on the wall....
dnt tell my mum, but it might go on to the other three available walls, and the cieling too, i mean y not? right? (note to self: remember to make sure fan is switched off)
erm, i promised someone im not gonna make a fuss about this, so ill say it simple and plain. Me and Ang are going out again.
thats all im gonna say *smiles broadly and bounces on the spot*


its hot...

reading alot lately

thats it i think....

so hugs and smiles all round.



ian-z- said...

aw xm,

tal-genn man niktiblek xi haga mal-hajt kieku :-P kuntent ghalikom. Keep close to Jesus.


Sarah said...





Im sooooo ecstatic! :) *smiles, no wait, jumps oh and screams* Ah simon! Happy to see you happy again... dunno what wrong with me think my sugar intake must be higher than usual! Anywhossee!! HAPPPYYYY :D Gbu ! Take cares


Anonymous said...

...WOOT! =)=)=)...WOOT again! =)=)=) hihi happy 4u dudu!

tc hav a brill day!
God bless you!
Dez =)

Matt said...

Women are so weird...