Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dgroup retreat (+video)

Hey people,

well, spent today making the video on the retreat our d-group had last weekend.

It was fun as you will see, but more importantly we all learnt alot.
What was amazing was that as a group we had discussed what we wished to discuss and hear talks about during the tree days, and, well how i imagine it, God just looked at our list smiled, and with repect threw it into the bin, cause whatever we planned was nothing like what we heard. I say this was amzing cause what we heard was exactly what we needed to hear.
An excersise I really enjoyed was the talks we prepared for each other. I was very happy with how much work we each put into them, and I can say I learnt a lot from every single talk I heard. Proset guys.
The praise and worship sessions where amazing, we found this little room at the place we where staying decorated really nice and perfect for a small group of people to spend the time praising. Proset to Matt, Mike and Ian who lead us through the sessions.
Thanks to Fr. Marco who gave us two amazing talks and celebrated mass for us.
Another important outcome was that we all learnt to live together and work together, so, although Mig always cooked, there was always someone different to help him, and some people to clear up after.
The fun we had living there was amazing...please note: not a single drop of u will see.
Just a note to most of you really...the names in the begining are names we came up with for each other while there...most of them have actions which fit the name. Plus you will realise they're basically wierd way of saying our real names, except drews...but ill leave the story of how that came about up to him if he wants to share it.

well here it is....ope u like it

Gbu people

comments pls and new favourite newest photo


^KaI^ said...

i like ur new fave photo n d video is funny and yet amazing..cos it shows how u can still hv fun n be in tuned with God :) hehe..happy u guys had a gr8 time God bless ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. I`m glad to be the 1st one to comment about this video ;) Your groups seems a very nice one. Youths with Jesus in Center of their lifes. Keep it up guys.

Xmunson, well done also for this Video :)

God Bless you ALL...

ian-z- said...

tal-genn man!! I'm glad God used us all throughout this weekend! Well done for video! Take care! God bless :-)

Rachie said...

hey, first ever comment on ur blog XD *even though I've been peeking at it for a while*

The video is awesome, and Beethoven's 5th makes it all the more enjoyable!

God Bless,

Sarah said...

aahhh guys its hilarious nd amazng sim loved the ending and the bit of znah playing the guitar while sleeping! Guys Keep it up i encourage you all to keep going brothers! Your love for Christ is amazing!

Prosit Once again Simon For ur Amazing Talent!

God Bless You

Sarah AKA G!

Matt said...

Haha, brilliant!! I laughed so much that day, and shopping was an experience in itself. Was an amazing time and hopefully just a prelude of things to come.

Good job xmunson XD

mike_BM said...

as matt said .. ' a prelude of things to come ' ;)

Anonymous said...

OH Xmunson
'a prelude of things to come' we have no doubt :)

its memories like these that we will pass on comrade :)
HIS LOVE for us & His Love In us

Magagg ;p