Sunday, August 31, 2008

the three hills

Hey people.
Right yesterday 'morning' me, ang and my sister dearest went up to gozo to meet Matt and mike who are having a boy date /weekend thingy until today afternoon.
we got there around 11ish and after waiting in the hot blistering sun they picked us up.

we then made our way through the gozitan curse they call roads to arkadia to do a bit of shopping...the only purchas was a game for mike. it is rather cool, as u can imagine its all he did all day, so obviously we got to watch him 'abit'.
but its

being in gozo ude imagine we went round different beaches and so on...

we entered the flat and only came out to go buy mc donalds...we are the sad
but i got a hair cut and saw a bit of the Matrix (which Ang described as "a bit mind thingy") again so I'm not complaining:)

it was fun and relaxing so yeah.
today going to a family meal thingy so...whatever...and in the evning...still nothing.
next blog will be special

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