Monday, July 20, 2009

weekend, fun-filled weekend

i'll admit, the blog seems to reduce in frequency of updates when summer is here...
but like i had said, i will try my best to update.
and after a fantastic weekend like the one which has just ended ten hours ago, I must.

friday, wonderful friday!
a hard working week came to end,
after a brief but fun stop at mustard seed,
the night at bernice we did spend.

basically just a group of friends chillaxin' in bernice's garden. the theme was around the world, with ian obviously looking the most unusual. this of course didnt stop him going to buy the pizza. oh and what a pizza, the pizza for God....that thing was massive...mmmmm
thanks Ber....very very very fun relaxed night....and bob, bib, wit, and what...we owned you.

saturday, relaxed saturday,
a day at the beach you did bring,
then was a night at the G's house,
with wine and a murderous thing.

so random meeting at exiles during the day and sarah's house at night, bbq, wine, beer, and of course werewolf. now imagine, semi darkness, me using all the narrative skills i possess, and of course the control needed over the players for the game to work well, and very helpful classical music, that somehow knew all the cues, in the background. epic-ness.
thanks G for the hospitality.
thanks Godwin for the wine and your cooking services.

Sunday, glorious sunday
God's given day of rest,
bass, beer, and lunch with ian all day
and a film that our bladder control did test.

So ian came by late morning and we started on our crash course bass lesson, i mean it, we went through so much stuff, ian is a great teacher and i thank him from here. I'm happy, i really feel i improved, and ian says he say improvement from the morning till the evening. there was a pause for lunch, beer, custard, and a nice chat and the bass continued. while ian went to mass, plans were made, and it was off to the cinema with steve and luca to watch the hangover.
hilarious film...
really funny,
really enjoyed it.
special thanks to ian. love you dude

monday, dreaded monday,
people view you with distaste,
yet i smile as i wake with no work,
but must try hard, my time not to waste.

at nsts in gzira, teachers of the teen students don't work on mondays, which i think is very very brilliant, still got things to do though, a few posters and designs, and a meeting with joe at 8.30...if anyone can offer a lift.... :P
well, i go breakfast.



Jossph said...
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Gypsy girl said...

Just to show that I still read your blogs (:

Nessa said...

love it ^^

znah said...

love u too sim :D

karla said...

wen i got to saturday i realised that u were imitating ur book xD
and what a gud job u did :P

Bernie said...

Welcome ;-)) Thanks for being there!!