Wednesday, July 29, 2009


it's sad to think that my much awaited for and highly praised 300 video, celebrating my 300th blog, was posted a mere 8 blogs ago, and yet, you all know how long ago that was. it's sad, that blogs take a bit of a rest in summer, but it's understandable. Most of us are busy working and if we're not, we all have things to do outside.
but like i said in the beginning of this season, i try my best to keep it going, even if it's at a much slower pace. hopefully, unlike in the previous years, people will blow the dust of their own blogs and re-start posting.
although we all are very busy, there is not much to talk about, (also, i know that long blogs will discourage readers)
but i must say:
  1. I am now a part of Marana Tha' worship team, playing the bass, and basically a substitute for Ian when he can't. although I must admit, I suspect Joe expects me to start training my voice too :S but i'm very happy and grateful for this opportunity to 1st Praise God in a new way (new for me) and second to learn rmy instrument more.
  2. Work is going well, enjoying teaching. well, not really, but it's a very ok job, and the pay makes it better.
  3. Barcelona in about a week, ish. I have to say I'm looking forward to it greatly...just gimme a camera....although, i'm a bit scared of the four girls and me situation.
  4. Matt and Mike come back soon, gonna be with them for a maximum of five days (including days working and setting up for the healing service) before there's another 2 weeks apart....:(
  5. The Mdina healing service is this Saturday...must say, I'm looking forward to it, i really am.
  6. alot of art work going on at home atm...really very little time for me to do what i want at all...
well, i think thats it....
a quick update and i'm sure i left many things out....
but its nearly 2 am and i have to wake up for a physio appointment tomorrow and a lot of errands in Valletta after....

God bless

i really want to start writing again....


Steve Diacono said...

Then start

karla said...

congrats about worship team (:
im debating whether to come to the HS..might just come help set up.
i fixed ur braclete ^^
and tnx for d comment (: