Saturday, July 11, 2009

worse blog ever

Thought Photoshop to Krissie's mum
Mtv was fantastic...BEP made the show... especially when they stopped a fight from on stage.
...Lady Gaga rode on stage on a Vespa!

Mustard Seed was fun.
Missing Matt and Mike.
I really have nothing else to say.
wow...this is a pathetic excuse for a blog post.

erm...start work on Monday and I'm not looking forward to that at all...
Sunglasses at night tonight, still need to find sunglasses.

finished Wolves of the Calla yesterday and must say I really enjoyed it.

Shoulder is getting better...just uncomfortable some times and i can't do big fast movements.



Chrissy said...

my sunglasses are cooler than yours =D

Achie said...

Nah chris, his are invisible XD