Monday, April 19, 2010

Cardboard and flattened flowers

Yesterday was the day the past weeks of rehearsals have lead up to. All the sacrifices, pains, injuries, exhaustion lead to the three minutes spent on the stage yesterday at about 4.45 ish.

But I don’t want to spend long talking about the dance itself. That went well, no one made mistakes, I was told it looked good and organized. I am happy about the result.

Also, we were live on NET during the dance, and we did it in front of approximately 14,000 people, not counting TV. I danced! From all things I danced in front of such a large crowd. But that was fine.

The day as a whole was just epic.

Firstly being in front of the VIP barrier for the first time as apposed to stuck behind it, is an awesome feeling. Being in a cut off section, having a chair, just knowing I was taking part, was such an amazing feeling. Showing the cards and passes to get into places, just really, really amazing. Just being part of it. And Congrats to everyone that took part, speakers, dancers, and bands.

Next, I want to thank all the people not involved who came to cheer and give support, Bettina, Jamie, Ursula, Martha, Martina, Esther, Erica, and so many more. I want to say a special thank you to my mum, who managed to get to the front of the crowd and stood their beginning to end. I would have given anything to give her a seat, but she stayed and saw it all. Smiles

The feeling backstage before going on.


I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous. It was only for a few seconds, I promise, but in those few seconds, I thought I was going to throw up.

It is a real shame that nearly all the people left after the pope left. The people after where just as amazing as the people before where. The hardcore people who stayed there until the very end enjoyed the last great acts, and even got to storm the stage to the last song of Cedarhouse. That was fun.

And the chairs. Enough said on that.

It was a great day. Opinions on the organization of the event are going to be kept to myself to keep the blog a positive one. But let’s just say I would have done it differently, but then again, what do I know?


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