Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Dragon Craving

Walking out of a film at the cinema, I find myself walking around and acting slightly different to my normal self, especially if it was a great film. Why? Because I’m acting a little like the characters from that film.

An example of this happened maybe two weeks ago when four of us walked out of Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’. We walked up to the car speaking in the odd accent walking in a funny stride and gesticulating rather oddly and extravagantly. Basically, we were acting like Johnny Depp as the ‘Mad Hatter’.

And who, all those years ago, walked out of ‘The Matrix’ not imagining himself dodging bullets and running up walls and jumping buildings? Or tell me if anyone walked out of "Ironman" without thinking up the design of his or her own suit? It’s just the way the brain works. We see something we like, or find cool, and we try to assimilate.

Of course there’s a negative side effect to watching epic films and wanting to be alike. And that is of course when the action or thing done in the film (or animated feature film) is not possible in real life.

Walking out of “How to train your dragon” (from the creators of Shrek, yes Dreamworks are impressing me)last Friday, I was all excited and hyper and full of energy, until, while walking to the car it hit me, I will never own a dragon and definitely never fly one. It’s a very sad moment.

It’s the same feeling one gets when waking up from a fantastic dream and lying in bed remembering it, and then all of a sudden, realizing it wasn’t real, “Damn so I’m not going out with…” one would say.

But back to the dragon.

The film was amazing, the dragon was cool and cute, the actions and thoughts behind them where amazing. Something which really excited me is when Hiccup started making discoveries about dragons. I mean it was exciting! And everyone in the cinema wanted a dragon at some point during the film, I’m sure of it.

But we get used to the disappointment that our lives are not as cool and interesting as those on the big screen.

We find our own alternatives. For example: like I told Matt after the realization of the possibility of owning a dragon are zero, the next best thing is a motorbike. Think about, for those who have watched the film, you still bank to turn, you still control the ‘gears’ with your feet, you still stir with your hands, and the chances of you loosing a limb while riding it are about the same.


Charlene said...

I like thinking about things I would like to own but will never own because they aren't possible to own or too much trouble to own.

A toll bridge for example. I' not a troll but I'd love to go out to the little booth and collect the money; review and analyze the automatic pay records and add up all that money knowing that every person using my bridge is paying me!

MINA said...

I want a dragon.

karla said...

i like the new set up of the blog (:
a bike is not the same..it doesnt fly and it wont try protecting you if you fly off it because you hit something :P

Bahsheep said...

That limb comment highly amused me.

I have to say, toothless could easily have been based on Tommy in every respect except the flying/fire-breathing part.

Anonymous said...

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Matt said...

That's why they invented videogames.