Thursday, April 22, 2010

Risking a Coma

It amazes me, it really does.

How am I able to stare and think of nothing for hours? I’m not saying a lecture going on, and I’m in a world of my own, thinking about this, imagining that, or remembering the other. No, that’s fine, that’s normal, I am speaking about, sitting in lecture after lecture, staring at a random spot, and not thinking.

I only realize it has happened when I look at the clock and realize 20, 30, 50 minutes have gone by, and I have no idea what has happened in them.

I look around at the people around me who look just as dead.

I begin to think that maybe I had fallen asleep. So I lean over to the person sitting next to me and ask, but no, I’ve been awake, or seemed to be awake.

So either I learnt how to sleep with my eyes open, or I manage to totally blank my mind. But I do not recall the waking up suddenly feeling, so I must have been awake.

But let’s think about it.

So I empty my mind during a boring, pointless lecture and the time seems to fly by faster than I can conceive, or I try and find something to do and every minute stretches out to seem an hour long. And don’t look at me badly saying I should be paying attention. Most lecturers just repeat themselves or try to teach us something which is common sense to a 5 year old, and they give us the notes anyway. “So don’t go to the lecture and do something useful with your time,” I hear some of the more liberal thinking readers say.

Well, damn lecturers take attendance, so that’s out of the question, and the mood for doing something productive dies as soon as my foot touches the inside of a lecture room. Not to mention the feeling of walking into a thick soup of 2nd hand air.

So the only choice I have is go through an instance of nothingness, risking going so deep into nothing that I’ll fall into a coma, or go through 60 years of mind numbing boringness and come out of that insane.

I could write more blogs in these lectures, but come on, I have barely 5 readers ( I know of) as it is, imagine if I update much more regularly. Plus, I will not be able to come up with enough interesting content. And the same drowsy feeling which stops me working effects my writing too.

So, after considering all things carefully.

And after seeing the pros and cons of all results.

I’m risking the coma.


mc said...

hey..i read...every time u update :P


Tina said...'d be surprised how many more ppl than you think read it :p
hug :)

MINA said...


alison [= said...

I always read your updates ^^

Bahsheep said...

and now you have five comments from readers who don't comment. Chin up!

Also, most air is billion hand :P

Alec said...

lol i never imagined a blog could actually be interesting.... well it actually is. LOL i loved the ending.... im risking the coma.... youve inspired me to actually do something during a boring math lesson -.- XD KEEP IT UP....

Sharday Cage said...

I look back at all the lectures I endured in school and for the life of me I can't remember one but somehow the posters on the wall you remember to the T. I enjoy your writing style...

Anonymous said...

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