Thursday, March 22, 2007

ah..the relaxedness

Hey people,
It was a great day today...
I know it can sometimes be boring relating the days events, but today was a great day...
started at uni...lunch at Lo Spontino, met matt, allan and lee and went to have a drink at Meet and Eat. Then Dezz arrived and we went to mass at uni.
After that off to JC to pick up Louisa and off for a drive.
the mood was great, the drive was fun, even though the weather wasnt the best.
well we ended up in Naxar and after a nice warm drink at Dezz's house (WHERE'S DA FISH? LOL) we wnt for a walk to a place known as 'the top of the world' piggy back rides practically all the way up.
relaxed under some trees there, and eventually headed back, and got to dezz's home just as t started raining again...
more relaxedness.... atm is so good...

love the three of u matt, lou and dezz



Matt said...

Ah, such is youth!! lol Yup, great day, we're getting good at not working arent we hehe


Carl said...

I want some lovin too hehehe. I know where top of the world is. Not a good place to get drunk believe me!!! If you go again climb into the army baracks its quite cool down there :)

Chris said...

Ah, summer approaches. Hey at least we'll be done by June :D

Anonymous said...

Hehe hey Sim...yeah twas a guud one dat day!beautiful!

tnx guys 4 comin!
i miss Dls like bugger!!
Dezz ;)